I have a massive crush on this girl in my high school, I want to spend time with her during the Summ

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Hello, I am an eleventh grade high school student, and I am here to ask a question on how I can talk, and hang out with a girl that I really like, during the summer, and the future. I am a seventeen year old, I am Hispanic\Latino, 5'7, brown skin, dark hair, dark eyes, very skinny, I have been wearing glasses for a year and a half now, I am not a very shy person, but I have never really had friends in my life, very few friends, I have had crushes on girls in school, since I was very young, since I was six or seven, I've always lived in the same place, but the crush I have on this girl is bigger than any of my other crushes.I just met her a few months ago, when the school year started, I have only one class with her, I saw here before, but was not interested, anyway I barely saw her before we spoke. She is Hispanic\Latina, pale skin, brown hair, brown eyes, 4'10, she is also skinny, has glasses, we are both in the same grade, we are both American born(I'm pretty sure she was born in the U.S.) I did not have a crush on her until about six months ago, she came from a different middle school which is also in the city where I reside, and go to school. She has several friends, almost every time I see her she is talking to someone, many times more than one person, I see her with mostly boys, maybe 7 out of 10 of the times I see her she is with boys, she talks to the students who are in the creative arts of the school, such as the students who play instruments, or act, but she is not part of the programs, she also speaks to the intelligent students. She is very nice, she almost always smiles, she smiles with almost everyone, the class I have with her is English, which is a small class, only about thirteen students(I have another class with about forty students) our class only has five girls, and the rest are boys, several of the boys are friends with her. Our teacher has a habit of making us work in groups every week, and sometimes I am in a group with her, I remember the first time I talked to her it was in a group assignment, our group went of topic talking about religion, and how her and this other student in our group were talking about how they are not very religious, and one of the boys was religious, and how she and the other guy did not believe in some things, I then got into the conversation, saying that I also did not believe some things in my religion. I then spoke to her several times while we had group assignments, I was never shy or intimidated, I can maintain eye contact with almost anyone, she seems shy very few times, since she is mostly talking to people, I remember I would go of topic many times when I spoke to her, which I do with many people, we spoke about what teachers we had in the past, and other topics, I remember not having a crush on her at all the first few times we spoke, I always thought she was attractive, other boys think so too, but I am mostly attracted to girls that I bond with, I could tell she enjoyed talking to me, since she is nice, then I remember all of a sudden, I had a huge crush on her, I remember not being able to stop staring at her, I made it obvious that I was staring at her, after that I still talked to her few times but I never flirt, I remember asking her random questions, then I remember missing her some weekends, waiting for school to start so I can see her, on the days that I don't have class with her I almost never see her, about a month ago I was talking to her after school, on school grounds for a few minutes after school ended, since we both live close to the school, we talked about random things, I honestly felt nervous, since I am Anxious, I've been anxious ever since I was young, I know what things she likes, some she told me, some I heard. I've seen her walk with this 12th grade male student who is probably close to her, which one day without looking for her Instagram(which at the time I was beginning to use it) I found it since she folwes, something school related, and I did not really view the posts, but recently she was tagged on a post from that dude, who is a 12th grader, which was at prom, the dude also posted photos where he was with other students both boys and girls, if she likes her, I don't blame her at all, the guy is very attractive, blue eyes, light hair, and athletic, he is shorter than me, but yeah I think he is kinda popular, so I have not really spoke to her in the past few weeks. There is this dude in our class(religious guy) who is maybe in to her, we all sit close to the teacher, and they still talk to each other, the dude was my friend since middle school, we were never close, but yeah I don't dislike him. Around this time, this dude who went to my middle school, who is close to her came in the classroom, and I saw him walking towards me, and he asked me if he could ask me a question, I was a decent mood, I know he was going to ask me something out of the ordinary, since he hardly ever talked to me, I calmly said sure, he then asked me if I liked the girl, and normally would of told him the truth, but I said no, he probably didn't believe me, I then told him, that I think she is very nice, and then he said I understand, I never had a problem with telling other guys what girls I liked, but I didn't want to tell him the truth, I now wish I could have said more, and I want to know how long he wanted to ask me if I like her. We only have two weeks left of school, and I don't know what to ask her, I normally spend my summers watching a lot of football(soccer), and "exercising," I have recently gotten my first job, which I will continue during the summer, but I don't know what to tell or ask her, her birthday is coming soon, another thing to add is that, very few boys flirt with her,but yeah guys thank you for reading, answer if you want, what should I do I really like her, and I never thought of nothing sexual with her, I just love being with her, wish me luck, and thank you very much.

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Your town has coffee shops, yes?

Then say to her, "Hi Marisol (or whatever her name is), do you want to get a coffee?"

And go. And have a great time. Don't overthink it.

You can do this. I swear you can. And you don't have to know the outcome before you ask. It doesn't have to be a sure thing. You'll be okay with a risk.

No risk, no reward.

Go get 'er, tiger.
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She likes coffee, and sweets, yes, I should try, thank you very much.
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