Married, long distance, paying for sex?

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Yes I agree with you
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Rudpolph wrote:

Hi - I'm a married man. I love my wife whole heartedly and care about her very much. We are in a long distance relationship. I would never cheat on her and have told her this. However its been a long time since I have had sex I must admit Ive been tempted to pay for sex as an interim solution to being alone. I said Id never cheat, but cheating to me isnt just sex its emotional involvement, there is no emotion in a deal with a prostitute to me, its like masturbating but with another person. imho. However Ive ultimately decided against this, although I could keep it secret, she'd never know, etc, I doubt my wife would share my feelings on the subject. Please - What are your thoughts on paying for sex whilst married, but alone?

What ever you do with her permission is cool, no one else has a say....please tell me that you understand this!
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