Sexual harrasment as a form of gay bullying

Reply Sun 23 Dec, 2018 02:25 pm
Has anyone ever experienced this?

To elaborate, I'm referring to when straight guys grab onto your sides, try messaging your shoulders, or make sexually explicit remarks towards you for no apparent reason other than, what I assume is, to be a dick. All of the above have been done to me buy one person in particular.

The reason I'm asking is because I'm not sure if I'm being bullied or am having advances made towards me. My guess is the former, but the guy doing this is so ******* queer (queer as in both weird and gay) about the way he does it I'm not sure. It leaves me feeling far more confused than targeted.

What is most confusing to me is the fact that he does the same to his friends, but I don't ******* know the guy at all. Is this his way of trying to become friends or something?

Guys, I'm really confused. From what I've gathered from his personal beliefs, he isn't homophobic. One of his friends is gay, so I don't see why he'd target me for my sexuality. However, his family isn't the same. There's reason for him to want to hide this hypothetical side of himself.

So does he want me to suck his dick, or is he being an ass? I hate that I actually feel the need to ask this. This feels like it should be clear cut and dry, but I think the circumstances under which this is happening are abnormal to most, and that's really complicating my judgement. Also he's hot, so my hormones have obviously chosen the side that favors a possibility of getting off.

And just to clarify, this isn't affecting me in any negative way. Honestly, if he's trying to be a dick he's completely failing.

Any sage advice is more than welcomed.
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Reply Sun 23 Dec, 2018 04:17 pm
Until you get to know this person, you are not going to know how he feels about you. Don’t assume anything right now.

If you feel bullied, then call him out on that, because it’s unacceptable.

Your headline is strongly worded, so be sure you aren’t giving mixed signals and he’ thinks you are flirting. If you feel that he is flirting, then you can react in a way that shows a response - either way you want it to be.

It sounds like you really don’t know and (like you said) your hormones are reacting more than anything, so step back and look at his behavior more. He could just be a tease for everyone, or he’s trying to get your attention, immature as it is.

Reply Sun 23 Dec, 2018 05:04 pm
This seems like some sane advice. I really have no interest in the dude, so I don't plan on inquiring much into his life. It'll be up to him.

Guess I'll have to accept the fact that I'll probably never know \_😕_/
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Reply Sun 23 Dec, 2018 05:38 pm
Well sure you’re gonna know! Time reveals all.

If this escalates into harassment, be sure to confront it.

Guys mess around and put friends in headlocks or punch them, and/or say raunchy things to each other all the time. But if you feel bullied, speak up.
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