Suppressing your sexual orientation - What are the psychological consiquences of this?

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I am hoping to get oppinions and discussion from psychologists, and especially forensic psychologists about what you believe would be the psychological consiquences, as well as risk of developing criminal/offending behavior under the following circumstances.
It would be great if other studies could be referred to in your answer too.

Hypothetical Circumstance/Situation:
A law has been passed criminalizing sex between man and women. Now the only acceptible form of sex with others is with someone of the same sex as you.
For homosexuals, this law does not impede their desire for sex with people of the same sex, but for straight people, now they must suppress their urge to have sex with people of the opposite sex.
Many people turn to pornography depicting the act, however this is quickly illegalized, as is depicts an obcene act.
In desparation, people turn to expressing their sexuality through art, and writing. Stories and animated fictional movies are made about sex between man and women, and straight people consume this in the privacy of their own home and masturbate to it in an attempt to fullfill their sexual desires.
The government then criminalizes the mere expression of such an act in fictional form, making it illegal to write or draw anything that depicts sex between man and women.
There are now little to no forms of expression in which a straight person can express their sexuality or fullfill the urge their sexual orientation draws them to.
Questions regarding the above hypothetical circumstances:
1. How would this effect the individual psychologically?
2. Would the above situation lead to increased risk of crimes such as rape?
3. Would it make a person more likely to become dissociative and/or more likely to become violent or agressive in an unnacceptable manner toward others?
4. Would you consider the above circumstances as being a form of cruelty?
5. If a debate was had about weather viewing/producting fictional depictions of sex between man and woman was likely to either encourage the act, or reduce the "urge" to persue the act, What would be your argument?
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