Identifying Evil and The Dead

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October 23, 2018

Identifying Evil and The Dead - Ver 008


This piece is not for children or mentally or emotionally fragile adults.

To make this piece acceptable for the public, the writer has removed one paragraph -- which would be indiscreet as it's too depressing -- regarding 'the sins of the fathers', an Old Testament concept; one paragraph remains regarding this concept and sexual abuse; and there are many other things that due to compassion I could not say.

'Spiritual death' means the death of the Spirit while a person is still physically alive and breathing. There are many references to 'the dead' (i.e. 'spiritually dead') in this piece; those unnamed people spoken of here have no hope of self-redemption, as they have taken 'The Fall' and are subject to eternal damnation. I call the dead 'harmed ones', a term that reminds one that they are victims of bad karma -- the greatest victims there are, actually.

Note that the judgment of eternal damnation and spiritual death is issued by Nature as a function of a self-damned one's own Conscience -- i.e. from within a sinner's own nature! The only judge that can properly and unbiasedly judge and sentence a sinner is their own Conscience. I call this awesome judgment of Nature 'Self-administered Divine retribution'.



~ is a non-Christian adherent of Christ's Wisdom, an inclusive pantheistic lapsarian Number philosopher that chooses mental freedom as distinct from the mental slavery of the sophists and professed philosophers;

~ was compelled by experiences with the dead to become an authority on evil and the spiritually dead, who are blameless victims of bad karma compelled to do evil;

~ discovered a secret knowledge the public will never be ready for which is 'hidden in plain sight' in the teachings of Hinduism.



A blog author -- who I call 'Mr. B' -- supports the 'nonconformist view' that people are basically good and should be trusted more. The blog entry was based on a statement made by a teacher to his child: 'Strangers are bad'.

All people are basically good, but not in the way Mr. B thinks, who underestimates the awful reality of prevalent evil. In the many 'bad' it is mostly their evil that is in control of them, not their inner goodness, which is basically powerless, like a tiny voice they never or rarely hear.

Mr. B seems to delight in encouraging his kids to 'get all warm and fuzzy' with folks on the net, a questionable thing. Mr. B seems to support 'good people's rights' to influence or be entertained by his kids. In my view Mr. B is either naive (or something), and his motivation is suspicious. In the properly paranoid atmosphere these days, no one really has any 'rights to others' of any age. Rights must be earned by those who are thoroughly tested over time -- including those closest. Mr. B is using his kids to make a point; but his point doesn't make sense. I'm using Mr. B to make a point, but my point makes sense.

We are given skepticism, analysis, mistrust and suspicion for a good reason -- to be able to mentally examine the dishonorable, who are often skilled in power games and mind control. A loving father will not put their kids -- sacred innocent beings -- on the 'virtual firing line' of the net. The point of this is not to slander Mr. B -- who may just be obtuse -- but to encourage you to use your minds and Superconscious to bring clarity out of the prevalent confusion.

When Christ said 'I judge no man' he meant he didn't judge anyone harshly. We do naturally make some kind of judgment regarding people and things. The important thing is not to speak about another with any intent to harm or condemn, because the negative karmic backlash for such is commensurate with any sinful or harmful intent. If one spits into the wind, one can get a faceful of spit is an apt metaphor regarding the danger of speaking of, about or against evil antagonistically or vengefully. I am satisfied that I have spoken of Mr. B directly but dispassionately. Many are unconscious of what they say and do. To be harsh with Mr. B would be as silly as rebuking a 6-month-old baby for unconsciously spitting peas in one's face.

As one is or potentially should be a spiritual human being, if one doesn't have a spiritual concept perhaps as basic as the very fine Golden Rule, one's unconsciousness of spiritual basics and what one really is effectively equates with one's failure to be a human being. A real human being is a being of high status whose status is not merely inherent or 'a given', but must be earned and proven. Those who appear to be human beings are not necessarily such, and with this I introduce the matter of 'the dead' or 'harmed ones', of whom much discussion follows.

Because of the ones who are 'bad', strangers should not be trusted until they are no longer strangers, and preferably more than one person has had a chance to 'drink them in'. Those best called upon to assess strangers are those who have a natural capacity to intuit evil via their solar plexus, known as 'getting a hunch'. Some children have more of that capacity than adults, as illustrated by the Mother Goose rhyme:

I do not like you Mr. Fell;
Why I don't I cannot tell;
I do not like you Mr. Fell.

(The word 'fell' means sinister or cruel.)

All people are good 'deep down', meaning in their spiritual essence comprised of Spirit (Superego or True Self) and Conscience. We are all pure, positive, perfect and sinless there in our Superconscious Spirit, above the Consciousness of mind, a negative channel through which the Spirit expresses anywhere from well to hardly at all. The latter is where the 'bad' folks come in and the 'good' are tested. The mind (ego or 'evil self'), being negative by nature, is subject to all manner of delusion, misconception, and egoistic rubbish, and when our naturally good and moral inner being doesn't manifest we have perversity of all kinds -- cruelty, sex abuse, etc.

Our good True Self is our figurative 'angel on the right shoulder', and the figurative 'devil on our left shoulder' is our mind, ego or false self. Our 'devil' effectively supports the evil sayings 'Just do it' or the hippies' 'If it feels good, do it'. Murder feels good to those who delight in it, but....

It is only in the mind that evil is going on and from which sins are now being committed worldwide at an increasing rate with the passage of time and the degeneration of mind due to the absence of the potential protection of our Superego and spiritual concept. Most of us don't realize what we are -- spiritual beings -- and the bad karma of this produces an uncountable number of the spiritually dead who, like the 'first fallen angels', Adam and Eve, are condemned by Nature to a miserable, loveless life; this bad karma has always been the price for that storied teenage couple's sin, which was loveless lust, and who figurate billions of people. If you are a 'good', prudent, spiritually alive person, what you are is your greatest treasure and protection. Love, Understanding and Forgiveness are the essentials of real survival for 'the good' or 'the living'.


Three parts of our nature work together to warn us of good or evil thoughts within or without, and to issue 'the penalty', which is discussed below:

1) THE FIFTH CHAKRA. The fifth chakra (the cervical or throat chakra called visshuda), connected with the 'fiveish' powers of perception, analysis, and intuition of the abstract or unseen realms. People with the 'five' quality can spot evil or pretense faster than anyone else.

2) THE SOLAR PLEXUS. The solar plexus, our fourth or abdominal brain, seat of emotion, and energy source located just behind the stomach. The solar plexus or 'seat of emotion' is the source of 'fiveish' people's psychic hunches; it can detect evil within us or in others; it feels all of our emotions, and can sense others' emotions.


Our Conscience monitors all our chakras or centres of consciousness for good or evil thoughts or emotions, and issues either good or bad feelings through our solar plexus depending on what it finds in us, and in accordance with the cause-and-effect Law of Karma -- we do or think good, we feel good; we do or think evil, we feel bad. These 'mental signals' are issued by the Conscience, but their emotions are expressed and felt as they are expressed through either the solar plexus or the cerebrum. The Conscience signals expressed through the solar plexus are quite emotionally dramatic; the signals expressed through the cerebrum are more subtle and dispassionate.


Our Conscience can take complete control of the body through the solar plexus and give us and others quite dramatic warnings regarding our own evil or the evil it witnesses around us, through tears, weeping or vomiting; in addition to those displays of its sadness, it also compels dramatic displays of joy. Our Conscience only compels us to emote, not speak. If we speak, it's only after the Conscience's dramatic control of our body and emotions is over. This awesome phenomenon manifesting in another -- if they have a fully operational Conscience -- takes complete control of them through their solar plexus in order to warn us of one of the following:

1) Any foolish or evil intentions or thoughts we have toward or about them (that we may just be unconscious of). My wife's Superconscious issued this type of 'Conscience-solar plexus warning' to me a couple of times, in the form of a rare 'gas phenomenon' or attack of burping. Neither of us knew why it was happening as it originated above our minds' Consciousness, but later I realized it was because of dumb things I said.

2) Their condonation of an evil conspiracy against us. In this 'Conscience-solar plexus warning', the confessor is not the main conspirator, but will typically cry or weep uncontrollably as their Conscience detects the 'sadness' of their involvement in a conspiracy involving deception, secrecy, exploitation and the cruelty of that regarding an abused lover that is blind to the main conspirator. This type includes the 'weeping warning', which I witnessed once; it's one of the most dramatic things I've ever seen.


A related but different type of warning is the 'Conscience-cerebrum warning', which is more subtle and easier to miss, as the solar plexus's dramatic control of the whole body and its rawer emotions is not involved. In this warning, the cerebrum, a brain in the forepart of the head which governs movements of the eyelids, face, mouth, tongue, ear, neck, hand foot, etc. is involved in translating signals from the Conscience. This 'Conscience-cerebrum warning', in my experience, took the form of a worried facial expression or sad look of someone with questionable intentions towards me who was aware of them and the sin involved. This harmed one had acting ability, and may have had some control of her solar plexus without realizing it.


Our Conscience also has the merciless and inhuman duty (*1) of issuing the penalty of spiritual death and eternal damnation to a serious sinner, something like a spiritual short circuit that ruins the sinner for life. This 'failure event' is Nature's way of rejecting and punishing evildoers; i.e. those who are failing to fulfill their potential as a spiritual being, which we all should be, but are not because of our evil and ignorance.

(*1) We are human, but our Conscience is not, as it is an impersonal and inhuman part of us that operates according to Nature and the specific laws of our nature that are beyond our control. Automatic rewards and punishments are issued by the Conscience that are entirely separate from our human nature and completely free of any human mercy or forgiveness. Things are much worse than that seeming but justified severity of impersonal Nature, but I must protect you from the full awful truth. The level of our bad karma as a race is mind boggling.


To increase one's capacity to sense evil in others (or in one's own mind), one may do breathing exercises like yoga's pranayama to build up the solar plexus body battery with pranic energy; as a minimum, deep locked breathing at regular intervals can help increase one's 'sensitivity to evil influence'. Breathing exercises should only be done when one is positive and happy, and for the breathing to be effective at all, one must not be using any kind of substances, which dull the sensitivity of all four of our brains.

Besides 'evil detection', breathing helps the solar plexus do its work of energizing and regulating our organs, heart rate, digestive functions, etc. The solar plexus or abdominal brain never rests even when we're asleep. Before birth the solar plexus is our primary brain; some babies born without a skull brain are otherwise perfect, and sometimes live for some time afterward. With skull brain damage we can survive, but solar plexus damage is fatal. A heavy enough punch or a knife thrust to the solar plexus as in hara-kiri can kill instantly.


As the dead are key to the subject of evil, here I relate my experience, observations and advice regarding them, whom I term 'harmed ones' or 'the harmed', as they are tragic victims of bad karma. Identifying the dead can be difficult. Having psychic qualities helps, especially the 5 quality, which is connected with both the fifth chakra and the solar plexus. The 2, 6, 7 and 9 qualities also confer psychic sensitivity. An analytical, logical, dispassionate and intuitive mind not easily influenced through the emotions and desires is required for a good 'evil detective', to allow a little facetiousness. Last but not least is the Conscience -- both of 'the detective' and 'the suspects'. If you ever ID one of the harmed, keep your thoughts to yourself; say nothing to them about what you know; they need your kind forgiveness....

The harmed are not all dangerous perverts, but all 'hands on perverts' are the dead. Some have damned themselves with loveless lust, violence, deception, etc. If you find yourself married to a harmed one, God help you; though they may know how to appear to be kind and loving, they are soulless and never to be trusted. If you're a 'good' person, the marriage is doomed; the living and the dead cannot last together. Beware the dead; they are the 'wolves in sheep's clothing' who delight in abusing others.

Harmed ones seek worldly power to compensate for their lovelessness. They are often intelligent, charming and attractive, but they have a 'black hole where their heart should be'. I have loved 3 of the 'nicer' harmed ones and married 2 of them, completely blind to them and ignoring the signs of lovelessness that they did show. After my second wife, with a cute daughter involved, my suffering and my soul compelled me to search out why the ostensibly wonderful ladies I loved were turning out to be tragic figurative 'demons from hell'. Four years later, after finding my truly 'good' wife now, I had an epiphany and became an 'instant' authority on the dead. Now I write solely for the sake of Love and compassion for other 'good' people.

I was shocked by the sad confessions that one of my beloved harmed ones made to me. The confessions of the dead are proof of their status. One must respect these sacred confessions of the harmed and keep them confidential; they only give them to one that they know loves them, and they are proof of the good and pure nature of the Conscience in them and all of us. I love all of my beloved harmed ladies still, because love is forever, but I can't have any contact with them. The harmed don't know that love is eternal, and are the ones who say 'I don't love you any more'; actually, they never loved you and never could have; they sense this and their Conscience causes them to cry; and it breaks one's heart to witness their hopeless tears.

Once one separates from a harmed one, one must generally never see or speak to them again -- not out of bitterness, but because doing so is unwise to say the least. The dead, trouble personified, are major games players.

If a child is involved and the dead take custody, that might seem to be a karmic nightmare, but it isn't and it should not be resisted. As Christ said, 'Resist not evil'. This outcome is not as bad as you might think, even if you know you're a better example to the child; it's actually for the best that the child be with the harmed one. If the harmed one is a physical or sexual child abuser, you might be compelled to get the child away from them somehow...but you shouldn't take the child yourself.

I'm not telling you why you should just peacefully let go, but you should. All I can say is it's connected with 'the sins of the fathers', but I'm not talking about your sin, if you're the father or the mother; and in taking the child you'll be 'interfering with Nature' and will thus run into karmic problems, all the while probably thinking you're doing the right thing. Your first priority is your own happiness, and you musn't have contact with the custodial parent anyway. Just go, and be thankful if you got away with your sanity intact. Best to avoid contact with the child because they are with a harmed one. Trust me and don't ask how I know this, but the child will not be a 'good' person, and its dead parent will almost invariably brainwash the child against you anyway.

If after all that, you also say 'I don't love you any more' to the custodial parent, then the moral status of both of you is the same, and you have been deceiving yourself you're a 'good' person, and your separation is due to ego or the 'evil self'.

The dead must be left to their misery and failure, and are not worthy of the love of the living; however, they do 'catch' the living who are blind to them. The dead can only 'steal' the love of others; they cannot earn love with the virtues of real Love and Honesty simply because they lack those virtues. Harmed ones frequently dream about the love which Nature denies them and which is the price they pay for their sin. The world's bad karma, however, is responsible for their weakness, not they, who are the karmic victims. For our collective sin over the ages, Nature deems us all responsible and accountable for the fate of the dead who can never know Life, Love and happiness, and never had a chance to. To me, this sad karmic truth is the ultimate horror.

If jealousy is a weakness, the dead can be quite dangerous to the living who know real love; they can go to great lengths to try and destroy others' happiness with slander etc. The dead, or permanent residents of hell on earth, are portrayed in Christ's fictional crucifixion as the two solders who gambled over his clothes. Christ admonished the others to 'Forgive them, for they know not what they do'.


1) THE TROUBLED. Some Biblical references to 'the dead' are regarding troubled 'good' people ('the dead' who I do not speak of in this piece) who have not damned themselves with sin, and can still redeem ('raise' or 'resurrect') themselves or be 'born again' (spiritual birth, however...) -- meaning they can become Spiritually Conscious or godly through the sacred Word or Logos, terms which are synonymous with Christ, the figurative 'Son of God', or any other 'wise' one who shares the Word or Logos. John 5.25 speaks of these troubled ones: 'the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live'. The troubled are also referred to in Matthew 11.5: 'the dead are raised up'. In John 5.29 they are 'they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life'; and in Acts 24.15 they are 'the just'. In Matthew 14.2, Herod introduces the 'born again' John the Baptist with: 'This is John the Baptist; he is risen from the dead; and therefore mighty works do shew forth themselves in him'.

2) THE HARMED or DAMNED. Some Biblical references to 'the dead' refer to the eternally damned spiritually dead I speak of in this piece who have no hope of redemption. John 5.29 refers to these in 'they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation'. In Acts 24.15 they are 'the unjust'. Proverbs 9.18 also refers to the damned.


The unreality of evil has no place in the Divine plan, but in our hell on earth it is very real, and every one of us is subject to its bad karma to some degree, with our own evil or that of others. 'Good' people 'take the rap' or come under suspicion; it's all part of the karmic price for prevalent evil. The 'good' are tested, which can be good for them....

Fear no one, that won't help, but trust no one too soon. Many are too weak to trust themselves. One of the most tragic things I've ever come across (in a YouTube documentary) is a mother -- a victim of sexual abuse as a child -- who was afraid she might also abuse her kids, and who didn't feel comfortable being alone with them. This phenomenon is part of a curse called 'the sins of the fathers' in the Old Testament; though I know the awful process involved I cannot detail it, and neither could the Bible's writers.

If you think things are bad, you have no idea just how bad. It's shocking and beyond belief, but it's real. If you are a responsible and sufficiently dispassionate person, parent or not, who typically cannot discuss the subject of perversity with anyone due to the insane level of fear surrounding it -- you should at least bravely watch one of the 'no comment' sexual abuse documentaries on YouTube, and be thankful if you've never been one of the victims.... To be blind to evil is also evil. Such blindness brings a serious karmic punishment.

Lastly, remember the dead are compelled to do what they do; none of them ever wanted to be evil; and they were all innocent little babies. Whoever has been abused by the harmed ones should forgive them for their own peace of mind. The harmed suffer terribly, and it's not for us to punish them; that should be left to God: 'Vengeance is mine saith the Lord'.

The justice and penal authorities don't realize that the truly dangerous dead they deal with can never be 'rehabilitated'; they are permanently ruined with no hope of any change, which is literally impossible for them. That doesn't mean they don't deserve kindness and respect, they do.... But 'the dilemma of handling the dangerous dead' is the lot of folks who don't really know what they're up against.... The sadness and traumatization of prison officials who have executed innocent prisoners and are paying the price for breaking the commandment 'Thou shalt not kill' is something I do talk about.

If you made it this far I congratulate you.
Please feel free to comment on anything in this piece. Thank you.

Truth and Love, Luxin.

'A single atom of the love of God in a heart is worth more than a hundred thousand paradises'. (Bayazid al-Bistami).
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Reply Mon 22 Oct, 2018 09:43 pm
Friend of the Devil
Reply Mon 22 Oct, 2018 11:44 pm
Reply Tue 23 Oct, 2018 01:40 am
There is no evil n all that kind of bad spirit until we consider them so think good and stay away from this kind of evil mindset
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Reply Tue 23 Oct, 2018 02:37 am
Sounds like the premise behind a low budget horror flick.
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Reply Tue 23 Oct, 2018 06:43 am
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Reply Tue 23 Oct, 2018 06:55 am
Luxin wrote:

October 23, 2018

Evil and The Dead

Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy
Yes! Sam Raimi reboots the Evil Dead franchise into a spaghetti western/zombie hybrid new subgenre!
Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy Surprised Very Happy
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Reply Wed 24 Oct, 2018 12:19 pm
Responses to everyone October 25, 2018. Thank you!

edgarblythe, Right on, Durango! 'Friends of the devil' have been friends of mine and my greatest teachers.

glitterbag, I totally agree.

Rmadankar, Yup, I understand.

izzythepush, the real thing is true horror. No movie can ever match it.

jespah, thank you.

tsarstepan, hehe, allrighty. Sounds better than 'Nude Nuns with Big Guns', anyway.

The dead are good deep down, as we all are; they just have serious trouble accessing that good; you need to mentally and silently forgive them for that.

The dead find their match in other dead, with confrontation, vindictiveness and war.

If you're 'good', stay away from the dead; if you can't stay away, pretend to be one of them and cover any fear, show them love for the beauty they have, then get away as soon as you can without attracting their attention. Looking like a 'badass' helps; I used that for 40 years; they can be fooled. A 'good' person's greatest weapon is Love and seeing the good in others -- loving others and seeing the good in them both inspires them and protects you from the evil in them (and yourself). Know the evil is there, just behave like it doesn't exist. Evil does not theoretically exist because it's just an absence of good. It's not evil so much that harms one, but reacting to it with fear and worry. Disregard the evil and see the good, but never kid yourself the evil is not there.

My favorite book hero is Jack Reacher, one of the dead called an 'avenging angel' (don't tell Lee Child). Some of them are amazing forces of nature, and one can't help loving them; but things don't go well for them. An avenging angel in high white boots once came out of nowhere to rescue me from a doper who had me in a headlock.

'There's nothing to fear but fear itself'.
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