What do you believe are the most honorable professions?

Reply Mon 22 Oct, 2018 12:42 pm
I dunno, holding the profession of Saudi anti-dissent operative to the same level of honor as that of a grade school teacher doesn't jibe. Sure, a practitioner of the former could be an otherwise upstanding pillar of society who murders for a living and a practitioner of the latter might be a child molester. The fault in honorability lies in the profession in the first instance, if murder is accepted to be dishonorable. The fault lies on the individual in the second instance, not the profession, unless teaching children is accepted to be dishonorable.
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Reply Sun 11 Jul, 2021 01:27 pm
I worked as a high school teacher. I thought about the good of my students. I worked on social issues, addressing the needs of a mix of social levels in a large district. I thought about education, and fairness and I did extra work to meet the intellectual and sometimes emotional needs of students in my classes

1. Max, I thank you for your service. Smile
2. I appreciate teachers.
3. Especially the teachers who love to teach and actually care about the students.
4. Once again, I thank you for your service Max.
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