confused, can you help me out please?

Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2018 10:50 pm
What is this passage of the legion handbook talking about please!!?

And the chapter goes like,

"Although the prince of all the
heavenly court, St. Michael is the
most zealous in honouring Mary and
causing her to be honoured, while
he waits always in expectation that
he may have the honour to go at her
bidding to render service to some
one of her servants." (St. Augustine)
St. Michael has always been the
patron of the chosen people, first of
the Old Law and then of the New. He
remains the loyal defender of the
Church, but his guardianship of the
Jews did not lapse because they
turned away. Rather it was
intensified because of their need
and because they are the blood-
kindred of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
The Legion serves under St. Michael.
Under his inspiration it must strive
lovingly towards the restoration of
that people with whom the Lord
made an everlasting covenant of
The feast of the "commander of the
army of the Lord" (Josh 5:14) occurs
on 29 September....

"What is the chapter really saying ?"

Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2018 09:36 am
What does this thread have to do with skip tracing, relationships, puzzles, etc...? You shouldn't intentionally tag threads erroneously as if to create clickbait for future thread visitors.

Leaving the screen capture here in case you finally remove these misleading tags. I'd report your thread but since you really new to the forum.... Please keep an eye out on the appropriateness of your thread tags.
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