Gay girl dating married straight man

Reply Wed 8 Aug, 2018 09:20 pm

Where else are we going to know bedroom decor such as Egyptian cotton sheets, fuzzy rugs and glow in the dark book cases are sold? And the pink stiletto heels from cj's post? Must haves in the repertoire of the All Things Naughty list.


I think not.
Reply Wed 8 Aug, 2018 09:27 pm
I almost started to giggle, you know how us gals are ☘️
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Reply Sun 2 Sep, 2018 01:23 pm
it sounds like a nice fantasy that you may never really want to act on. She is obviously confused, and doing anything sexual with her may be traumatizing. It wont feel so good after the fact. Also, you're coworkers so if things go wrong, you cant easily avoid eachother.
Keep it cool, don't be a fool
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Reply Wed 8 May, 2019 12:46 pm
People actually assume that being friendly is flirting, sorry to say but she's just being friendly if it was anything else it would have happened already. Maybe you are unhappy in your marriage but an affair isn't going to fix it and your it going to make a lesbian straight. You say your looking at her Facebook and thinking her parents are strict then may be she's younger than your letting on ???and maybe your stalking her and building up some kind of middle aged fantasy. A ❤ from a 26 year old I would say more in the age 18 bracket and her doing this and drawing flowers is a little immature for someone who is 26. So you need to step back and leave the heck alone in all honesty.
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Reply Sun 26 Jul, 2020 05:20 am
My first serious adult girlfriend was a lesbian a few years older than myself. But there were valid reasons for this. Firstly we lived in an uber rural area and there was no way she could 'come out' in those days.

We were well matched in socio economic and intellectual terms .... plus importantly I am Asexual and have zero need for being tactile or requiring coitus. What I am is a BDSM Alpha and she was a BDSM submissive ... So we worked as a couple for very definite reasons at that time. It could never last and it was about 18 months before we both got caught up with other life, university etc etc.

What does any 25 yr old female see in any 55yr old married man? One has to assume you are not super rich nor socially/business/ people connected nor powerful in any way ..... So that is the only real reasons out of the picture.

Do yourself a truly vast favour and get away from the human hand grenade which that young lady represents ..... Or you will most likely be spending your retirement divorced and eating cat food in a homeless shelter.

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