Gay girl dating married straight man

Reply Wed 8 Aug, 2018 09:20 pm

Where else are we going to know bedroom decor such as Egyptian cotton sheets, fuzzy rugs and glow in the dark book cases are sold? And the pink stiletto heels from cj's post? Must haves in the repertoire of the All Things Naughty list.


I think not.
Reply Wed 8 Aug, 2018 09:27 pm
I almost started to giggle, you know how us gals are ☘️
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Reply Sun 2 Sep, 2018 01:23 pm
it sounds like a nice fantasy that you may never really want to act on. She is obviously confused, and doing anything sexual with her may be traumatizing. It wont feel so good after the fact. Also, you're coworkers so if things go wrong, you cant easily avoid eachother.
Keep it cool, don't be a fool
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