Classmate's Sexuality Problems

Reply Fri 6 Jul, 2018 04:03 pm
I like someone from our school which definitely I can smell him gay/bi. He hangs out with me but only if I have a girl companion. I'm actually an open gay and I'm the first gay to be their classmate. Another time made him fishy, I caught him several times staring at me on oral recitations or it's just me assuming. I really don't know what is he interested on. Well, he dated girls a lot and he has this homophobic cousin which teases him gay which is I don't know why. I feel like he's being caught up in a great sexuality mess. Another problem, he's the school president. I really have simple crush on him but I only want to help him know what's his true sexuality is. So, I had an this report about Same Sex Marriage to orient other sexualities. I really want to do this to open up their minds for gay people. But, should I continue to discuss deeper about sexuality? I might confuse them, especially him
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His sexuality and his problems (if any are related to this) are not your concern. You cannot appoint yourself as his 'fixer'. He will figure out his sexuality, if he hasn't already, without your help.
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Reply Sat 7 Jul, 2018 03:28 pm
Agree with Jespah.

Excepting "their minds" , " confuse them" .. "especially him"...

We have the right to be who we want and that includes our sexuality. It's evident that the human race is coming around to accept this as well, naturally not all, but it's nice to know that we as people can simply be people.

As such, why do you believe that you have the right, to push sexuality onto all people around you? You are whom you are and that's perfect. It sounds as if you need more acceptance from people and your thoughts there, is to discuss it and try to get others to open up and say they are gay. I think that is a wrong move personally.

Just simply love yourself for who you are and be you.

Let others be who they want if there is someone else out there amongst your inner circle or outer circle that also is Gay, they will let you know when they are ready .

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