How do I get a guy?

Reply Wed 20 Jun, 2018 01:44 pm
Hello I'm a bicurious or I think I might be all the way gay! I say this because all I can think about is men. I've been getting aroused by guys since I was little! I would get a hard on when a male friend spent the night at my house. I've never been with a man! I started dating girls thinking it was just a phase. Now the urges are back! I went to pick something up at Walmart and the guy who help me was gay! He was very good looking and I had to sit in some chairs they had because I got s hard on for him I even wet myself! I wanted to ask how do I seduce him or other guys! Do i ask if he's single or tell him I think he's cute! If he says no how can i seduce other guys! If I'm at guys house and find him attractive do I sit close to him or flirt! Should I wear skimpy clothing and sit next to him And slowly take take my shoes and socks off while wearing short and put my legs on the couch so maybe he'll think I'm sexy! If I sleep over and we share the couch or bet shoul I just sleep in my underwear and while he's sleeping slowly wrAp myself around him! Please help I'm new at this and and really horny for a guy to do me for the first time! I like getting it anally! I've never had the real thing but I stick buttblugs in my butt and I've never felt pleasure like that before! So I'm guessing it would be better with a real man! Please give me advice someone!
Reply Wed 20 Jun, 2018 04:05 pm
How did you get girls to date? I get the feeling it wasn't skimpy wrapping around, etc.

Try that with guys.
Reply Wed 20 Jun, 2018 09:59 pm
I wasn't good with the girls neither!
Reply Thu 21 Jun, 2018 06:49 am
Either way, how about, oh, I don't know, asking someone out? You know, like respecting them and not just playing pretend middle school touch me-don't touch me games?
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Reply Fri 22 Jun, 2018 05:49 am
How do you seduce a guy?

Well, first of all stop seeing every guy as a sex object. You seem overly sexually stimulated and are acting desperate and reckless. What’s up with that?

Slow down.

Here’s how it’s done:
Meet and Be a friend.
Spend time with that person.
Develop a closeness that leads to intimacy.
Sexual relationship develops.
Continue friendship/love and mutual respect.
Reply Sun 24 Jun, 2018 10:01 pm
You're right
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