Strange child support situation

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My ex relinquished his parental rights back in 2004, right before being sent off to prison. When he got out several years later, he started paying child support. He continued to do this right up until around 2014, when he discovered on the states (Oklahoma) online court dockets that our two children had their names changed. However, we have never seen a dime of the money. My now spouse and I decided at the time we didn't want the money of a convicted sex offender, and we just wanted to cut all those ties. However, years later, I realize it's my KIDS money, and not mine. My question is: Who could he have possibly been sending payments too, and after all this time, could my adult son and still minor daughter have some sort of claim on it?
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If he's paying child support, and it's not to your or your kids together, then there are only a few reasons for that:
  1. He's pocketing the cash.
  2. It's a lie that he paid anything to anyone (almost identical to #1 but without writing a bogus check first).
  3. He's sending money somewhere else.
And if it's #3, maybe there are other children in the picture.

Talk to your lawyer - I assume, hope you have one? - as it's probably going to be that you have no claim to child support, seeing as parental rights were extinguished. Then the "child support" is more like a gift, and you'd have no right to demand such.

But TALK TO YOUR LAWYER, as I may be wrong and certainly it's your lawyer's job to research such things.
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Reply Thu 5 Apr, 2018 08:29 pm
Generally speaking, when parental rights are relinquished, child support obligations stop.

How do you know he paid child support when he got out of prison? He would have payments to the state to pay for his own incarceration . That’s probably what he paid.

But check with a lawyer.
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