fighting child support

Reply Sun 19 Jul, 2015 05:23 am
Hello fellow victims of the "axis of evil" (local, state, and federal united states government).

I've decided to live my life as a true american, awake as they say. It has come to my attention that my child support (just like every one elses) has interest. it does not go to your children! it goes in the pocket of uncle scam and his band of thieves. YEP! not only do the scum steal your money but they also pocket it. And if you dont pay the protection racket? you go to jail and or prison! Ever try to get a passport?

So i live my life a little different now, maybe it can help you, or you can help me with advice.

I no longer purchase any thing in america if i dont have to, i certainly dont buy new on this poisoned soil either, every cent you pay has a tax, that tax helps support more terrorist training camps (police academys'), more terrorist strongholds (courts), more terrorist (cops) on the streets, and kidnapping/detainment camps (jail/prison) Every thing you buy here funds the axis of evil. stop buying american! its not made here any way, just get it from the source at HALF the price. Either way your going to fund communism, and when is the last time a commie, or any one other than a member of the united states government has kidnapped and held you against your will at a terrorist detainment center? wash your hands of microsoft and intel, go linux and arm! its the future any way (be careful not to buy from an american allie, like utilite, an israely manufacturer). the cancer that starts in washington d.c and poisons every inch of this beautiful country feeds on our wallet, stop feeding the monster!

i'm looking for some advice as well, i've figured out how to make sure 90% of the money i spend goes directly to a rival super power or a fellow american citizen. Food is the problem, where can you order or purchase food that is not directly controlled by the federal government (your thinking this isnt safe? GMO corn caused rats and mice to go sterile by the 3rd to 4th generation and die off, total extinction in a lab, the same GMO (they got caught) in can corn an tortilla shells). farmers markets and the like are what im looking for as well. mail order, with competative pricing. A good example would be walmart, you can go there and buy a new t.v for $250.00, the same tv you can order directly from an asian country for $100.00 w/free shipping, shipping time of 1 to 2 months is a pain, but it's no where near as bad as giving some one money to buy a cage to lock you in for years.

I've paid at the ticket, paid at the court, gone to and paid at jail, paid at the child support, paid the interest scam....

Any other advice is welcome as well (unless your a flag waiving zombie)

There's no need for talk of armed resistance, thats common sense, unfortunately the commies arent handing out nukes, if that were the case washington would already be a radioactive wasteland, and america would be known as and not called "the land of the free". I personally believe that at least 7 out of 10 victims of financial terrorist attacks would glady hand deliver it... God knows we could certainly use another McVeigh! on that note, any one remember the picture of the fireman carrying the hurt child out of the murra building? look it up! that child died, and its a shame, that child died because the mother wanted more child support, dumped her child off at daycare to go press for MORE child support because she didnt feel she was making enough < edited > pension. She should have been the one to die, not the child.... The only good thing we victims have to look forward to is the end, no civilization on this planet has lasted forever, and being the victim, we know who the oppressors are, on that great day, across this country true americans will drag the enemy of freedom and liberty from there homes to a suitable telephone pole and a rope.

For now, we can only fight a war of attrition. Make no mistake about it! f you owe one cent to child support, YOU are in a war! a war against your pursuit of freedom, liberty, happiness.
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Reply Sat 23 Jul, 2016 12:46 pm
@dale humphrey,
Dude! I have some advice for you. Just pay your ******* child support, and get on with your life. If I understand you correctly, you went to jail and you are now giving away money to beat the system? That doesn't make any sense, you can't beat the system.

You are just hurting yourself (and your child if that matters to you).

I pay my child support. I did go to court to get it lowered, a process that is a bit frustrating but ultimately fair I think. I have never been to jail, I don't wake up angry every day and my kids are doing great.

I don't get what you are winning here.

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