confused.not sure what to do

Reply Fri 16 Feb, 2018 03:10 am
hi all
i met a guy off an online app..last week we seemed to hit it off ok online..
we agreed to meet up for coffee..ended up chatting for just over an hour and a half ..
well it ended with him saying he was tired(exams week) and that we should go and maybe meet up again..i agreed ..we started walking to the bus..
i asked him if it was ok if i kissed him..he said NO...
so i said ok (i mean not much i can say right? )
we get to the bus he gives me a hug(i'm guessing only cuz he didn't kiss me maybe felt bad idk)
ok so i head home happy thinking things are ok(though the thought of the NO has now got me thinking)
anyways i get home text him thank him for coming out to meet me..
and i said i was sorry if i wasn't what he was expecting.(thinking maybe that why no kiss)
he said oh don't say that you seem very nice..
and says he was happy to meet me..
ok great sounds good to me im happy thinking ya he likes me
but since that "date" if i message him today i will get a reply tomorrow at some point...
seems distant since we met...
then the possible reason why shows it face....
we talk i found out he has next week off school.
so i say "cool so maybe i can see you LOTS next week"
he says "will be more time to "hangout" "
i ask why hang out not date?
he says cuz he dont know me well going on dates might be to fast?
umm isn't that the point of dating? i mean getting to know one another..?
he says he spends a "fair amount of time" getting to know a guy before starting something.(how much is a fair amount of time?)
i let him know i'm cool with that its all good..
i just wanted to know if he feels anything for me..i mean if hes asking me to stop my love life(not much of one) and "wait" for him then i want to be at least a little bit confident we will date at some point..
(is this to much for me to ask?)

so like i said i'm confused not sure if what is bothering me about this is writing here or not...
but i do know i really like him and its very much seems like he doesnt like me...
or maybe this is all a good sign idk

what are you thought on this...

confused guy 38

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Reply Fri 16 Feb, 2018 03:03 pm
Expecting too much, too soon.

Once with a person is not enough time to get to know someone, much less kiss them.

Slow down.
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Reply Fri 16 Feb, 2018 03:20 pm
You're being pretty damn pushy
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