Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Thu 7 Dec, 2017 08:51 pm

I have quite a few questions about technics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). And mirroring is one of them. I found an interesting article about the relevant scientific research, and I attached the excerpt at the end of this post for your review if anyone are interested in.

I was trying to mirror some fellow customers whom I encountered in a restaurant, but I didn't feel any rapport at all, and there was not obviously perceptable interaction between us. Yes, they didn't consciously realise I was mirroring them.

How can I do if I can put myself in the same wavelength with people I am mirroring? I know pacing the breathes, behaviour, but my approach seemed not to be able to work at all. Was there any wrong step of my approach?


Monkey See, Monkey Do

In 1996, an Italian neuroscience research team led by Giacomo Rizzolatti and Vittorio Gallese was studying grasping behaviors in monkeys. They attached electrodes to the monkeys’ brains to observe precisely which neurons fired when a monkey grabbed a raisin with its hand. The research was routine: monkey grasped, specific neurons fired.

Then, during a break, one of the researchers hungrily reached out for a raisin. His fellow researchers coincidentally noticed something extraordinary on the monitor: neurons in the monkey’s brain fired– the exact same neurons that had fired earlier when the monkey grasped a raisin itself!

Source of Quote: Mirror Mirror
Emotion in the Consulting Room is More Contagious Than We Thought

Author: Babette Rothschild
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Fri 8 Dec, 2017 02:46 am
Surveys in the academic community have shown NLP to be widely discredited among scientists. Among the reasons for considering NLP a pseudoscience are that evidence in favor of it is limited to anecdotes and personal testimony, that it is not informed by scientific understanding of neuroscience and linguistics, and that the name "neuro-linguistic programming" uses jargon words to impress readers and obfuscate ideas, whereas NLP itself does not relate any phenomena to neural structures and has nothing in common with linguistics or programming. In fact, in education, NLP has been used as a key example of pseudoscience.
Fri 8 Dec, 2017 03:05 am
Yeah, lotta pseudo-science running around, eh?

I only subscribe to tried and true scientific disciplines like phrenology and astrology.
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Wed 20 Dec, 2017 07:59 pm
Thank you for your comment that allows me to have more options. Seriously I always welcome different opinions. Actually, I learnt this opinion many years ago too from Wikipedia, which claims NLP is pseudopsychology that blocked me to learn what NLP is.

I would like to share a story you might hear about. A professor went to a Zen master and asked what on earth Zen is. The Zen practicer just picked up a tea pot and keep pouring the tea into a cup. The professor exclaimed, "Please stop, the tea is overflowing". The Zen master said, "If you don't empty your teacup, how shall I tell you what Zen is."

I assume in my life, in your life, there are many people including authorities, professionals, experts who told us what are true or false. They might be correct, and they might be wrong until we found them ourselves.

Here Dalai Lama is virtually politically demonised, but I've decided to empty my teacup to learn who he is on my own via reading at least a book of his in the future.

I have been indoctrinated with atheism, and thought I was atheist. But now, I would just claim myself an agnotic before I am able to find and identify evidences or scientists present more potent evidences to claim what they found.

Go back to NLP, I would like to learn what specifical pseudopsychology is about NL is, instead of anyone defines or labels it. On the contratry, the tools of NLP are on the basis of the theotires of many well-acclaimed international psychologists, psychotherapists, linguists from Gregory Bateson, Friz Pearl, Virginia Satir, Noam Chomsky, Milton Ericson, etc.. I will be all ear if anyone can specifically point them out.
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