Lesbian bed death

Reply Sun 3 Dec, 2017 03:03 pm
My question to everyone is how can I spice up my love life with my partner? We've been dating for 3 years now and have barely had sex the past year. Now we've had a lot of issues this past year, lies, cheating, miscommunications. We fight frequently, and its always bad. I believe the reason for the tension is boring sex or therefore lack of. There are also some deeper issues as to why I believe we dont have sex as often which is we were recently separated (because I cheated) and she starting seeing a man right after. What really got to me is that she didn't know this man and had unprotected sex with him for months. For the longest time I couldn't see past that when we were about to have sex and now that I have I'm wondering is there something wrong with her? Or am I really over it? Help please !! I've approached her with this conversation many times, all she says is that the sex is boring now. I dont understand how when I'm doing the same thing as in the beginning so now I feel as if its jus because she wants a man.. Or wat a man possesses?
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Reply Sun 3 Dec, 2017 03:06 pm
I must say the question is rather more prosaic than the thread title might suggest.
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Reply Sun 3 Dec, 2017 07:09 pm
Don't know a whole lot about lesbians but if sex is the only reason for the relationship then maybe it's best to just let it go. Find another with whom you can connect on a deeper level and who you don't want to cheat on. Good luck.
Reply Mon 4 Dec, 2017 08:13 am
We have an amazing connection, a beautiful bond. That is why we choose to stay together, its just the sex is almost non existent and when we do I feel like she isn't interested
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Reply Mon 4 Dec, 2017 01:46 pm
You say you have a great "bond" - yet you have frequent fights, cheat on each other, and there's non-existence sex, (with her being very distracted or disinterested) plus - she's with other people?

This love affair is over.

Now you are just friends. Separate and see if she misses you.

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Reply Wed 27 Jun, 2018 03:54 pm
A lot of issues that need to be solved, but there goes a closed door for you when she choosed to cheat you back and didn’t try to confront the issues and solved it.
Its better for you let it go and have a break for yourself.
Maybe she will realised she misses you..or maybe not.
Maybe you’ll find a better clarity in your relationship. Either to fought for it or to simply let it and find your happiness.
Reply Fri 31 Jan, 2020 08:14 am
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Reply Sun 16 Feb, 2020 01:53 pm
Firstly if things were good then why did you cheat in the first place. Ahe went with a man so is it not possible shes Bi and wants to be with a man as opposed to a woman. You may be better as friends rather than in a rship which is how ita coming across. This is not a relationship it's a bit of a mess.
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