Learning German

Reply Thu 30 Nov, 2017 10:51 am
You don't have to answer ALL of these questions, but I would appreciate it if you answer some of them or just a little of them at least.

How do I study German? Should I actually study German? Am I smart enough to study German? Am I good enough? What's a good reason to study German? What's a bad one? If I am going to learn German, should I go to Germany to study when I am in college or after college? How do I not let myself get discouraged and unmotivated and give up again? How do I let myself be myself without other people butting in and ruining my ability to learn or want to learn? How did you study a language (any method is okay)? Can someone with Asperger's syndrome study a language? What are the benefits to studying a language, any language?

I have an interest in German speaking countries (Austria, Switzerland, Germany). I like the cultures and somewhat the people, and I want to travel to one of these countries one day. There are friends that I have that speak mostly German and a little/passable English too.

I also want to go to Japan and study Japanese as well. I was actually more interested in Japan and it was the first country I loved. I'm still wanting to and trying to study it for fun so I can travel and understand my favorite music (and new friends if I make any). The same for German.
Reply Thu 30 Nov, 2017 10:54 am
Have you studied any languages in school?

If you are interested in starting to learn new languages I recommend duolingo. The lessons are online and free and quite good.
Reply Wed 24 Jan, 2018 07:29 am
Yes, really good.
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