Ex contacted me after six months, what to do

Reply Mon 13 Nov, 2017 10:31 pm
I agree with skipping this birthday weekend. It’s too much too soon. I also agree you should go into it as friends with potential oneday, if it happens it happens; if it doesn’t you already know you’ve lived without him once and you can do it again if you need to.

I would still go on dates though, you don’t have to marry them, but feeling desired and that you’ve options will take the pressure off.
Reply Tue 14 Nov, 2017 05:26 pm
@Caramelpopcorn ,
Lol the birthday weekend has already been and gone Smile

I did see him, both days but didn’t go any further than a couple of kisses and a few hugs.

Still talking, still friends, don’t really know how it’ll progress or if it even will. I did go on another date with someone else last week (who seems to be ultrakeen to keep seeing me) but felt nothing inside, still hung up on the ex.

Keep thinking to just give up on him but then he rings me again or something. Never pushing for anything physical, but of course I still get the butterflies just talking to him. And yet feel like our lives have gone such different directions. I dunno.
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