Account #1 Frozen, Now Account #2 Also Frozen - Can't Find a Reason

Reply Sun 8 Oct, 2017 11:16 pm
I had a FB account and all was well until one day FB decided I needed to pass a security check. All I had to do was enter the security code they would text to my cell phone. I received the code and entered it ... code was WRONG! So I tried again, same result. I made sure I was copying and pasting lest I accidentally type the code wrong. Same result. I tried changing my password and was actually able to do so, but again I had the same security code issue [It's a hell of a note that FB would let me change my password but wouldn't let me access the account, isn't it?]. Still, it was always the same thing: I'd receive the security code and it was always wrong.

I was advised to leave the account alone for a week, so I did and when I tried again, I had the same result. My wife said my account had disappeared from her list of friends, so in desperation I started a new account. Until today all was okay with the new account (other than losing everything in the old account). However, FB has continued to send me e-mail notifications of things posted by friends who were in the OLD account but weren't yet friended in the new account, which led to my second downfall.

I made the mistake of trying to log in using the link in one of these e-mails. Not only did it not work, but this time when it got to the screen where it's supposed to ask if I want them to text or e-mail the security code, it won't even do that. Instead it says my account isn't even eligible to receive a security code and won't do anything -- the choices aren't even shown. And I recognize that this account is the "new" account anyway. So, now I'm effectively locked out of TWO FB accounts and yet I still have to put up with the *&^%$ notifications! So, I still have to put up with the notifications for an account I can't access and I can't turn them off, either, because to do that I'd have to log into FB! God, right now I hate FB soooooooo much!

Before the latest lockout, I tried asking for help on the FB help forums; however I never got any reply. Now that avenue is gone as well, because you have to log in to FB in order to get FB help!

I find no evidence that anything has been hacked. Nobody is reporting any weird posts from me. It's all just related to the fact that FB sent the wrong confirmation codes.
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Reply Mon 9 Oct, 2017 06:16 am
Did you ever find out why you had to pass a security test?

Are you trying to run a business using FB?
Reply Mon 9 Oct, 2017 02:50 pm
No, and no. I don't even have a business.
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