Help me figure out motorcycles!

Reply Thu 14 Sep, 2017 09:05 pm
I plan on getting a motorcycle but kinda on the smaller end because I'm not very tall. (I used to ride dirt bikes when I was young so I know a little) I'm only 18 and if I'm going to get one, I really want to buy one that I'll use a long time, that is good in all categories. I really want something that I can ride at least a few times a week and have a passenger but at the same time a little sporty (definitely not a moped style). Once I get comfortable with it I want to be able to have most of the freedoms that come with a "full sized" motorcycle. I prob won't be able to get exactly what's on my list but if I'm going to spend $4,000 on a bike, I want to make sure I have no regrets about my choice. I really wanted something that wasn't strictly just for flat street. I've done some research and kind of settled on the 2018 Grom by Honda, it's 124 cc and 230 lbs.
I also saw the Groms competitor, Suzuki GW250Z (248 cc) but I didn't do as much research on that one yet.
My question is, do you have any advice or ideas on what I should get or be looking at? Also how much am I looking at spending and for what (after I buy the initial bike), like insurance, maintenance and equipment? And just anything else you think I should know since I'm pretty new to motorcycles.
Reply Fri 15 Sep, 2017 06:55 am
I don't know if you're in the US or if you're male or female. But if you're in the US and you're 18 and are riding a motorcycle, expect your insurance premiums to be through the roof. You may be able to cut at least some of this by taking defensive driving classes or the like. Start with your parents' auto insurance company if you don't have any insurance of your own yet. You do not need to buy from them; just get the lay of the land to figure out how much they charge (so you'll have a benchmark to compare other companies' offers to) and whether you can cut costs with defensive driving classes or the like. They might be more specifically motorcycle safety classes. Never mind if you can teach the class; take it anyway if it'll cut your premiums.
Reply Fri 15 Sep, 2017 08:34 am
I do live in the US and I'm female. I was planning on staying with my moms insurance (for a while at least) but just paying her. I'll defiantly look into the classes to see if they will help.
Reply Fri 15 Sep, 2017 08:44 am
Definitely talk with your mom before you do anything because her premiums may go up as well (not just for you as a driver, but even for her).
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