Pregnancy Scare. Please help! :(

Reply Wed 6 Sep, 2017 09:09 pm
So I'm 16 and I'm having a bad scare. This is going to sound dumb, trust me, but I can't help it. So basically like 3-4 weeks ago I put my hand deep down there. Before that I wet my hands and cleaned them swiftly with a bathroom rag. Since like two weeks ago I've been having many symptoms of "it" which freak me out. I've never had intercourse or been with a guy like that, so yeah I know it sounds dumb but I can't shake the feelings. I got my "period" like 9 days ago and I put it in quotation marks because it was very light and on and off. On like the third day (it lasted 4-5 days) it was a little bit heavier but then at the end of that day it was light again. Usually my period are pretty long like 5-7 days and heavy. So that really freaked me out and I feel like it might be spotting. I still have brown discharge and like colored stains to my underwear even though it's been about four days since it ended. Symptoms-wise, I'm getting many headaches, stomach aches, intense back pain, nausea, moodiness, emotional-ness, frequent urination and boob swelling. My boobs have gotten bigger which is normal during my period but not after so it is scaring me since it isn't a symptom for much other stuff. I've told my mom about my sickness but I haven't mentioned the P word. I went to the doctor like last week for symptoms and he didn't do much. I basically told him I felt sick and the stuff but he said it was probably stress since I just started school. I've had scares before and some symptoms were cuz of stress but this one feels different because of the period thing and the boobs and back pain. I know it's dumb, but I feel like maybe someone did "something" in my house and some of it went on the rag I used to clean my fingers or if somehow some got in "there" but idk. Another thing scaring me is that I took a homemade test with baking soda and peed in it, and it fizzled. When it's negative it shouldn't apparently. This was like one or two days before the "period." I'm really hoping I somehow did it wrong or maybe I read it wrong but yea. It's a big factor in why I'm worried. Sorry it's so long but I'm really worried and stressed out by it. I've lost my appetite a lot too. I hope this information helps and you can explain reasons why I might have all these symptoms or why it's happening. Also why I have these symptoms after my period ended. Again, I know it's dumb, but I'm a very worrisome person and would appreciate kind and helpful answers. Thank you.
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Reply Thu 7 Sep, 2017 06:46 am
No sperm, no pregnancy. Full stop.

Periods are weird. Sometimes they're heavy. Sometimes they're light. Sometimes they're early. Sometimes they're late. Sometimes they're horribly painful. Sometimes they're not.

Seriously, universe, you could have picked a MUCH better way to tell human women if we are pregnant or not.

So - as your doctor said (I'm no doctor), it's probably stress. The school year is starting and life is changing and that can be stressful. Backache, etc. could be from a ton of things. Hell, you can get a backache from sleeping wrong. As for breast pain, you can get it with weight gain (such as water weight - are you eating a lot of salty foods and not drinking a lot of water? That can give you water weight gain).

You could be coming down with a cold, too, which could explain some of how you're feeling, or even the flu, which would explain the nausea. Nausea can also happen if you get panic attacks.

As for the homemade pregnancy test thing, it's utterly, 100% bogus. It's rather similar to the known reaction between baking soda and vinegar.

The reaction happens because vinegar is acidic (pH of 2.4 or so). Your urine falls within the range of 5.5-7 pH or so.

Baking soda + any acid = that exact same reaction.

So all it means is that your urine is slightly acidic. Which falls within normal.

BTW, the baking soda + urine test is allegedly to predict the gender of a baby. See: http://forums.webmd.com/3/urology/forum/297

This is the problem with these kinds of bogus 'tests'. No one on the internet can get their stories straight.

Please stop cherry picking medical advice from over the internet - including my answer, I might add. Talk to your doctor if you are still concerned.
Reply Thu 7 Sep, 2017 06:39 pm
Thank you. That helped ease me. In regards to the breast pain, it isn't much of pain but more like they are just swollen and feel much bigger than normal. I actually have lost like 6 pounds recently and my average weight is about 88 pounds so I'm a fairly skinny person. I do eat salt and I haven't drank much water lately so it's a possibility. I don't really feel like I'm having a cold, more like just the same way you feel during your period.
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