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Wed 23 Jan, 2019 07:28 pm - So I already submit my FAFSA and CSS Profile and on both I indicated that I do not work and get income. However, I kind of realized that I am a peer tutor for my school and I get paid for that. I... (view)
Tue 1 Jan, 2019 04:59 pm - I decided to apply to Pitzer College in California which is a test-optional school. However, I sent in my SAT score yesterday (December 31st). I'm not exactly sure when Pitzer needs test... (view)
Tue 2 Oct, 2018 11:42 pm - I'm a senior and it's college application season. I have to submit stuff soon but I'm very undecided about what I want to major in. Like I'm interested in science for sure but... (view)
Tue 6 Mar, 2018 09:41 pm - So I'm a junior and it's about that time that I start thinking more seriously about college and applying to internships and scholarships. I recently applied to one but I didn't get... (view)
Sun 28 Jan, 2018 02:58 pm - Okay so I have this mole on my nose which I really don't like. It is slightly raised and so two days ago I was tired of it and tried to cut it off. (Dumb, I know.) It started bleeding and so I... (view)
Thu 28 Sep, 2017 08:58 pm - I made one a while ago but they said it was probably due to the stress of starting school. I doubt my mom would want to take me again because she always thinks it''s stress. Do you think... (view)
Thu 28 Sep, 2017 07:40 am - So recently I've been feeling pretty sick and tired. My period is late, my breasts are sore, loss of appetite, I've thrown up, I constantly feel the need to throw up throughout the day,... (view)
Mon 11 Sep, 2017 08:37 pm - I'm 16 and so recently I have been having to go to the bathroom and pee a lot as well as I have swollen boobs (they don't hurt, they are just swollen). I had my "period" like... (view)
Thu 7 Sep, 2017 06:39 pm - Thank you. That helped ease me. In regards to the breast pain, it isn't much of pain but more like they are just swollen and feel much bigger than normal. I actually have lost like 6 pounds... (view)
Wed 6 Sep, 2017 09:09 pm - So I'm 16 and I'm having a bad scare. This is going to sound dumb, trust me, but I can't help it. So basically like 3-4 weeks ago I put my hand deep down there. Before that I wet my... (view)
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