Gungasnake's "Evolution is Bunk" Digression

Reply Sun 19 Dec, 2004 07:02 am
the image resolution on the MArs imagery is about 1 meter, so the interpolation software tries to satisfy patterning, which, in this case , is to search for Martian structural geology.
Ill be careful not to chuck too many pearls in front of you gunga,

im going to continue my request for creation evidence that is done with as much rigor and oversite as mainstream science. Ill bet you cant find me even one measly item. Your position of belief is built upon a fairy tale that is made up for the intellectually lazy.
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Reply Sun 19 Dec, 2004 07:14 am
farmerman, got any 6-legged double-headed lambs to send me? I heard they exist...and originated on Mars. The ancient Martian civilization raised them, and they also had 7 horns, claws, and could climb trees. I also hear they were a delicacy. If you find any, I'll buy some from you. I could charge my clients a bundle.
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Reply Sun 19 Dec, 2004 07:42 am
Ill check around. Coupla really weird martians stopped over the other week and wanted to do some anal probing so we let em in the barn.
I said to em
"Whatyou martians want? why you botherin us"

You know what they said?

"ABout tree fitty"

It was that damn loch ness monster dressed up like a martian
"I aint given you no tree fitty" I said 'get your ass outta here you ole Loch Ness monster"

always askin for damn tree fitty
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Reply Sun 19 Dec, 2004 07:47 am
tree fitty whole lot better'n lebben sebndyfibe.
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Reply Sun 19 Dec, 2004 01:43 pm
Sorry, Gungasnake, but the 'box' just looks like a crystalline mineral to me.
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