Should I try and see what happens or do I let it go? Thoughts!

Reply Tue 11 Jul, 2017 10:21 am
So at the end of last year, I was hanging out with my (70 year old- looking like 50 aunt) LOLLL, and we went to pick up her granddaughter, but before we went to ta gas station and cafe, a very nice spot which happened to be in front of her granddaughters school, and there was a guy which was really nice and my aunt started talking to him, I dont remember him physically speaking, but I can recall he was nice, he happened to be the owner of the place and was young, he was being very sweet (like trying to be social and have a conversation with me), the point is that at that moment I was not living here in the states but abroad.

I also had a boyfriend at that time, but now I am permanently leaving here, my aunt has gone back to that place a couple of times and saw the guy again, and they started talking and he asked her, if I lived abroad due to the fact that if I had a boyfriend or husband over there, and inspite her knowing I had a bf she replied to him:'' no she is single'' (she knew my relationship was a waste of time and was not working, which I was aware of as well)she told me that he seems like a very nice,sweet well put together guy and that he is a good catch, and now that I am hereI am curious to see what he is up to, cause he was in fact very sweet the first time I went to his gas station cafe, perhaps I am being naive or too dreamy, but hey you never know, maybe I catch up again and we can exchange numbers and see where it goes that is if he does not have a GIRLFRIEND OR MARRIED(I cannot believe things are to good to be true) maybe he is neither. my aunt told me the he was ’‘single’’. maybe he is not anymore, I dont know.

Should I go with her again to the cafe, buy something and see if he is there maybe start a conversation with him, what should I do? maybe he is worth it, you never know!.
Reply Tue 11 Jul, 2017 10:39 am
It's no big deal. Drop by, say hi, have something at the cafe.

He might be there, he might still be interested, you might be interested.

He might not be there, he might have moved on with his life, you might not find him appealing on second glance.

Ít's not a big deal. Relax and drop by.
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Reply Tue 11 Jul, 2017 05:05 pm
Instinct is all that one has to go by with a virtually standing start, it`s very little, but yes, it is worth carefully and methodically following up. Your Aunt`s having good instinct too is obviously a plus. It`s statistically highly unlikely that he`ll fulfill sufficient of your expectations, and not everybody are even that which they portray themselves to be. He might even be a psychopath, for instance, they are the very best at false portrayal. Due to this fact, this fact alone, very few of us think that we know one.
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