You need a license to watch TV in UK?!

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Walter Hinteler
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I'd nearly forgotten this topic, but three weeks ago, in Switzerland ...
Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a proposal that would have cut taxpayer funding to public broadcasters, after a campaign that stirred debate about the media's role in fostering national unity.

The "No Billag" initiative -- a reference to the Billag firm that collects the media licensing fee -- divided Switzerland on political and generational lines.

But 71 percent voted "no" to the proposals, according to official results published by the Swiss news agency ATS.

Rejection of the initiative was "a strong sign for the public service and for private regional radio and television," said the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) director Gilles Marchand.He said note had been taken of criticism of SBC and announced an efficiency drive and 100 million franc ($106 million) investment from next year.

No Billag's backers, led by the youth wing of the libertarian Free Democratic Party (PLR), sought to portray the SBC as an unfairly dominant and outdated relic.

Switzerland's largest party, the nationalist and anti-migrant Swiss Peoples Party (SVP/UDC), had also thrown its support behind the initiative. SBC, which received about 1.2 billion Swiss francs from the licence fee last year -- or three quarters of its budget -- delivers news in the country's four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch.

Many credit it for guaranteeing that all Swiss residents receive information of crucial public interest in all four languages, along with a range of opinion and analysis.
The Local

In the Netherlands, the fee was abolished - but the income tax was increased instead.
And opposite what the the wikipedia report >Television licence<, in East Belgian (the German Community) you still have to pay for the BRF radio and tv programs: like in The Netherlands via extra taxes, because it's now an agency of the German Community's government
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Laughed my ass off. Thanks.
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One of the best things to watch from the UK is this kid on youtube.com, he's a 20 year old blacksmith that has been working his craft since he was 12. He quit school at the age of 16 and started his own business. If you like the enthusiasm in youth, check out Alec Steele.
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I do not know if its changed but at least in England they did not censor the hell out of things. There used to be a "watershed" which afterwards programmes came on that had more of an adult content. They used to have tv detector vans that would drive around & could detect who was watching tv without a licence & then sting you with a fine.
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