Homosexual Marriage defeated by WIDE Margins

Reply Wed 10 Nov, 2004 04:08 pm
cannistershot wrote:
ehBeth wrote:
What the he!! is "wordly"?

Is it a typo for something, or a term meaning something? Sorry canshot, but I really don't know what you mean. And I don't want to assume/presume an interpretation.

Thank you Beth, you are one of the few. Worldly is being out in the world, free of restraint, or religion, living by few or no rules etc. IMO

ok, so it was a typo.

Interesting perception of worldly as well.
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Reply Wed 10 Nov, 2004 04:14 pm
"Worldly" is a term commonly used by the Jehovah's Witnesses that I know to describe someone who doesn't follow the strict path laid out by said religion.

Is that accurate in this case?

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Reply Thu 2 Dec, 2004 02:27 pm
According to the bible, women should be socially isolated while menstruating and parents should kill there children if they whorship any other God other than the Christian God. Also, according to the bible, men should not sleep with other men as if they are a women. Perhaps all of these things were meant to be taken literally in a historical context. Centuries ago, when Christanity was forming as a religion, the need to reproduce (so that there are more christians...hence, Christians would have more power to protect themselves against oppression) Stating that the bible says it's against the word of God, well....you're either going to have to face the fact that certain aspects of the bible were written in a historical context, or you will have to kill your children if they decide to whorshop another god or gods....(and not be christian).

Actually, I think for some reason, people who are against same sex marriage are scared. Very scared. I'm sorry my desire to have a normal life scares all of you. Yes, I am gay, and I have tried numerous times to be with men, but it just doesnt work. For me, the emotional aspect isn't there with men. I never knew what a crush was until I admitted to myself about my feelings. And I found out, oh...that makes me gay. I'm actually pretty lucky, because it wasn't as hard for me to admit it to myself. I have a friend who is going through a really hard time, because he'd rather be with a women (since it's normal and socially acceptable) but has no feelings for them. Somtimes he gets really depressed over it and wishes that he could be "normal". Actually, me too. It would make life easier if I could be straight, but I have tried so many times and it doesnt work. It's not somthing we choose. (nor is being straight somthing you choose, for that matter. MAybe that scares you too? Knowing that you could have been gay instead of straight?)
I am not even Christian, actually. To be honest, I have trouble believing in a religion that is so intolerant of others. I dont think it has to be that way. I dont think that that means Christanity at its core is false, but some of the people are misguided and scared. (some churches, believe it or not, accept homosexual peoples). It's very likely that this fear of homosexuality is also at the core of the whole Priest scandal. Imagine this: You are homosexual. No matter how much you try to be with and like people of the opposite sex, it doesnt work. You may try even for years and years. Your faith tells you that you are going to hell. That you are going against God's will. To make up for it, you try to reform yourself and become a priest. You repress your feelings entirely. Total repression. (or if you don't believe in that, then total denial. You may have homosexual thought, but within a fraction of a second after first expereincing it, you deny it, rationalize it away. But, after years of repressing/denying it, finally your feelings burst out. ANd you do somthing that is very very wrong, you become almost impulsive because you have repressed/denied your feelings for so long. You hurt another human being, rape them. Men are stronger than boys, so boys are the easiet and most likely target. You tarnish the church, you ruin your congregation, and now you KNOW you are going to hell (even non-christian relgions would say you'd go to hell for that). But they were trying to be a good Christian....a priest in fact. While that doesnt make such actions right (molesting or hurting a child is NEVER EVER right.) the fact is, it only occured because you repressed or denied it. Refused to admit to yourself that you are attracted to people of the same sex and its not somthing you can control. TO deny it furthur risks a sort of, eventual erruption of emotions and feelings. So I suggest, seriously, honestly.... be tolerant of homosexual people in your church.... and you'd prevent this sort of thing from happening. People don't choose to be gay. I know I never did. It just is. People just are. Just like some people are black, some are white, others have brown or blond or black hair. If Jesus teaches compassion, then express that compassion. If you want to walk to the other side of the street whenever you see a gay couple holding hands...if you dont want to be friends with us, or be near us, thats fine. There are plenty of people in this world who accept us for who we are. But just please don't deny us the chance to be ourselves. (in which an amendment to the consitution would do)We are just like you, except that we have crushes and fall in love with people of the same sex. That is all. Please be compassionate. Please be understanding.
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the prince
Reply Fri 3 Dec, 2004 02:22 am
Well said SAB
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Reply Fri 3 Dec, 2004 07:55 am
Most people who voted against homosexual marriage were not voicing a vote against the lifestyle. I know I do not care how one lives their lives. Nor do I believe ANYONE should be discriminated against. Therefore I would favor civil unions to provide the same financial benefits for homosexuals as for hetrosexuals.

However, I would be AGAINST homosexual marriage. There are certain traditions that lay at the foundation of any civilization. One of them I believe is to maintain MARRIAGE as a UNION between ONE man and ONE woman. This tradition must remain a in order to promote procreation and a continuance of society. The Mormans had a difficult time joining this union until they changed their traditions to adopt to the American Way.

The fact that most homosexuals will regard the above statement as homophobic demonstrates a narrowmind approach to the real issue which is NOT marriage, but the benefits provided.
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Reply Fri 3 Dec, 2004 08:59 am
SAB - just to let you know it is not Christianity that are intolerant or non-accepting of homosexuals, but many Christian Churches. There are some Christian Churches that not only accept homosexuals, but have homosexual ministers.
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