What is my sexuality

Reply Sat 1 Apr, 2017 02:50 pm
I am a guy (22) and I am confused about myself. So here is my situation. This describes pretty much everything I feel.

I am attracted to girls! Whenever I see a beautiful or a hot girl, I just keep staring at the beauty. I get the urge to go talk to her, go kiss her and also have intentions to marry one. But I never get turned on when I see a women naked. Also, women breasts do not turn me on.

I am not attracted to boys. I have so many friends who are boys and I hang out with them so many times. I never feel romantic or even sexually attracted to when I am beside another guy. The thought of kissing a guy feels just gross. But here is the catch. I crave a penis. I have this urge to suck one and also nearly every time fantasize about taking one in my hole. I want to be dominated by a penis. It is a thought that turns me on really fast.

So if you mix the two of the above, it explains my sexual fantasies that I have. I fantasize about having a vagina where beautiful girls with penis (not transsexuals) dominate me completely.

Can someone provide me with some help.
Is anyone of you out there having the same kind of thing that I have?

Also that, like 3 years ago, I was 'completely' straight. Then I faced some events of minor trauma and then was the time my sexuality was changed. Are the two related?
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Reply Sat 1 Apr, 2017 09:02 pm
Well first it might be wise to get professional help about the trauma. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with how you feel but it might be confusing you so you have these feelings out of fear of certain intimacy.

I don't think it's really possible to find what you are looking for unless;

Find a girl who's into dominating a guy.
She uses a strap on, on you.
She keeps her top on.

To be honest you are barking up a rare tree with that but not an impossible one.
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Mark Steven
Reply Mon 4 Dec, 2017 04:41 pm
I love and adore women, I find the female body super attractive and arousing.
However, I also find myself craving penis. I acted on it when I was a teenager and performed oral sex on my friend. Afterwards, I felt incredible shame. It took me almost 10 years to try sex with a male again but when I did I felt an amazing sense of freedom. I've since had a dozen or so sexual experiences with men (and hundreds with women) but they have all been awesome. I've even had the good fortune to have sex with a couple of beautiful pre-op transsexuals, an MFM threesome, a couple of FMF threesomes, and a couple of MFMF foursomes. I even tried kissing a gay man once and it was highly arousing. They were all beautiful, sensual, sexual people from all walks of life and all races, religions and colors.

My advice to you is don't rush to label yourself. You'll find your way just as I did. Enjoy the ride.
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Reply Sun 17 Dec, 2017 12:49 pm
I have the need to view other men's penises to admire the beauty in them. I also like to suck on one but do not seek them out to do so. I don't have any desire to do topping or bottoming either.
My bi experiences are all within a MMF or a MFM threesome situation usually with my wife. What I enjoy best is the cleaning of both of them after they have orgasmed together. Sometimes I will lick each in prep for the main event as well.
I know that I don't fit the usual Bi sexual stereo type but I think that is what I am.
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Reply Sun 17 Feb, 2019 07:05 pm
I dunno what the trauma is but if you have strong second-thoughts about acting out with other men then don't! You already have trauma from whatever incident happened and you definitely don't need another one! Especially if you're going to be a bottom.

I acted out physically with other boys (like a bottom) when I was really young and "seduced" an older almost intra-puberty boy to "top" me, so when I acted out with men years later I was pretty comfortable with what I was willing to do and did it confidently. But, that doesn't mean I didn't (and still don't) have moments of feeling degraded, having moments of emptyness, and feeling disgusted with myself for letting (random) men **** me. And its nothing against them, its a total me thing.

So yeah, sex with other men is definitely fun but it does have its drawbacks. I never suffered trauma so I kinda know how to manage those moments of weariness, but for someone like you I would wait until you're really really ready to stick another guy's cock in your mouth!

(Also keep in mind that not a lot of girls like bi (bottom-like) guys, so you'll also have to deal with keeping it a secret or being open about it if you get into a relationship with a girl).
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