What should I do with my sensitive girl friend?

Reply Mon 13 Feb, 2017 08:48 am
Ok tonight I made an ex joke to my girl out of nowhere. So my girl's ex's name is "Eden". I made fun of it " Garden of Eden" if you're familiar of it it's in the Bible. The name is just too funny for a dude to not make fun of. Also, he was a douche for cheating on her with her bestfriend and choosing her bestfriend over her cause hes more into the bestfriend and i dont get the **** why he didnt date the bestfriend in the first place if he's more into the bestfriend. It irritates me to think about it, that he did hurt my girl that way, cause my girl admitted to me that she hurt her feelungs for that douche and cried while drinking vodka overnight i was there cause she was talking to me while she was drunk not personally but via text. But still, you can feel her pain that she was hurting cause she was saying that she really liked that douchebag and i don't understand why some women would date that kind of men, that is you know, shitheads. I don't know why they can't see through that some men are just full of **** and they deserve so much better than to be treated like crap. I really like this girl tho, we're not official or anything but she is very special to me and she said I am too for her. So ya, I joke about it sometimes but tonight she just got mad at me for it, calling me annoyingly immature because of it. Cause i was bringing up the past and making a joke out of it. I just don't understand cause I thought they weren't that serious cause she told me so, that they just dated for a couple of months so they weren't official or serious at all. But I don't get why she was suddenly mad at me about it, about a stupid ex joke. So I said:

Me: "I'd rather go in a garden this valentines day"
Her: "Ohhhh garden agaiiiiiiiiiiiiin, idk if ur obsessed wth garden or what"
Me: "Ya I am, garden of weed, is that bad?"
Her: "Oh im obsessed with u tho, is that bad?"
Me: "Like when u were obsessed with a garden bfore? Orrr?"
Her: "im never obsessed wt a garden, why are u making up stories?"
Me: "oh really, I thought a garden hurt ur feelungs once, ahhh 8("
Her: "ok i dont want to talk to u anymore, ur annoying pfft"
Me: " ok my bad, told u i was annoying"
Her: " you are and sometimes u dont know what ur saying anymore, cause its not funny"

And so on, ofcourse i wanted to explain my side so i kept replying to her arguments or what she says and she got mad about it like she told me: " i don't want to talk to you today."
So i don't know what should I do? Why is she acting like that? Why does it sound like she is hurting still? Cause I thought exes or past arent suppose to bother u anymore unless there is still something there. And yes, I did apologize right after she got mad. Help.
Reply Mon 13 Feb, 2017 09:28 am
I hope I'm not the only one who has trouble following your post. Best I can tell, your GF has an ex BF named Eden. You spend a lot of time telling us how terrible he is because he did your girl wrong when the two of them were dating. So you made a joke somewhere along the way about Eden and the garden of Eden. I'm not sure what you find so funny in that and obviously your GF doesn't find much funny in it either. Yet you bring it back up. So she got mad at you. And you are confused. Do I have that right? BTW, how old are the two of you?

Why is she acting like that?
Maybe because you are a douche and keep bringing up a joke you made up about one of her exes. Maybe she does not appreciate you trying to make fun of someone else. Ex or not, she has a past with the guy. And you are acting like a child and making fun of someone. Maybe you need to grow up just a bit before trying to have any kind of serious relationship with someone.

So i don't know what should I do?
You have apologized, which is all you can do. Maybe talk to her and tell her you realize you were being immature in making fun of this guy's name. Let her know you won't do that again because you care for her and never want her to be ashamed of the way you act and talk. That might be a start.

Good luck.
Reply Mon 13 Feb, 2017 10:03 am
Uhhh they weren't really official but yeah they were dating for 3 months ig. Oh yeah, he is terrible for doing that breaking friendships cause he thinks he can own everything he likes. Yeah I made the garden joke cause I thought it would be funny and it wouldn't make her feel that way cause I thought they weren't that "serious" so yeah if I had known that she would feel like that I wouldn't have said it cause in the previous jokes I made she wasn't that mad just today. She's not my gf just my girl space friend heheh. I'm 20, she's 19.

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But I thought it wouldn't affect her that much since she told me they weren't official/serious. So I presumed that it wouldn't be a big deal at all. But ig i was wrong and I feel awful about it now. I just wanted her to know that it's ok to laugh about stupid mistakes we make from the past that it's better to just laugh about it than think of it sadly. I am not sure if I am not growing up maybe it's just me, that it's just in me to be annoying I think my mind is just that evil.

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I appreciate your advice really. Yeah, maybe I'll just give her some space. Ahhh I messed up this time didn't I? Thank you anyway. Danke!
Reply Mon 13 Feb, 2017 11:22 am
I just assumed she was your GF because you referred to her as "my girl." Just give her some time to cool down and then let her know you really did not mean to offend her with your jokes about the ex's name.
Reply Mon 13 Feb, 2017 12:13 pm
Ahh yeah, she my girl but not exactly my gf. Yeah, will do that, I hope she didn't took it that hard. Danke schön!
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