I fear my boyfriend is bisexual. What are your thoughts?

Reply Mon 9 Sep, 2019 12:47 am
To all you well intentioned freaks out there, just simply arranging a threesome is not always the answer for everyone.

I'm a bi man, my wife is straight. The few times we've tried another man, she was totally unprepared to see two men, live and in person, especially her husband.

I found that, honestly, I didn't want her there. Not because I don'tlove and enjoy her, but because for me, there's no DESIRE to be with more than one person at a time. So many partners treat being bi as a kink or as a way of facilitating three-(or more)-somes. It's a sexual identity, It doesn't necessarily translate to promiscuity, or having lower standards.

I get something different from men and women. My wife gives me the love and security and acceptance that I need, and I return the same to her. She's accepted as difficult a situation as she's ever had, took a leap of faith, and agreed I should have a "side-dish", within discreet reason. She's my partner, #1, and my best friend. I'm always home when she gets home from work, and I never stay out all night.

My "side-dish" I see 2-3x a week. He gives me the rough & gruff, more physical kind of pleasure that I' need. It IS gay, totally gay sex. There's fondness between us, maybe a tentative friendship, but it's far from love or wsnting to spend a lifetime together.

Again, everyone is different. But to reduce it to the level of a bad porn movie plot is kind of deneaning.
Reply Thu 29 Oct, 2020 01:16 am
I get where you are coming from rudenlude,

For us there is no way we are not always together when anything happens with other people.
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