Need Help With My Emotionally Unstable Girl Friend Please

Reply Mon 5 Dec, 2016 09:22 pm
Hello i'm AXL 22 years old,started dating a 19 yo gurl for about 2 months.

There was this random person bothering her at the Road i helped her we quickly escalated got her number Facebook etc and started talking.

It was basically a 10/10 gurl shared my music interests everything,she was really Sexual at first then tomorrow she would tell me I'm not a bitch i don't want you to think that i am,i told her i accept you the way you are.

We went out head sex everything was going just fine,she told me i can't really live without you i need you your so sweet stuff like that.

She was suffering from low self esteem and Depression and has signs of Bipolar,studies Psychology it's her first year at uni.

So here is where things start to go downhill,she started going cold on me we always talked things over and i was really straight with her asked her what was wrong did i do something wrong,she goes like i just don't really feel like talking with people much lately it's not you.

At first i was looking at the Positive aspects didn't really make it a big of a deal she would be same sweet show the same Emotional Validation just keep the convo's shorter.

As time went out she started decreasing them and i asked her a few times all i got was It's not true that i don't wanna talk to you,i been talking a lot to people lately it's not just you know.

Then she started pulling back emotionally,she also pmed my mom she knows her we were really serious with this gurl telling her i LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

Anyways after this she removed all the Emotional Validation and would keep the convo's max 1-2 texts daily and it really got me pissed so i decided to have a serious Conversation with her.

I pmed her asking her if she feels the same things she feelt before i keept pressuring she goes like''It's not true that i don't wanna talk to you''I told her to answer the question that is being asked she goes like''I don't know can't we just change the Topic??

Then i keept asking if i did something wrong she goes like no i don't know what to say i don't have anything to say.

She also keept telling me guys stare at her etc.

So basically i see here lack of interest i tried to bring old Memories she does not care,she tells me all the right words and acts the opposite way leaves me hanging without an answer,never initiates the convo first does not care it's like i'm talking to this total stranger that Scares me does not respect me talks with sarcasm and i keep asking myself what i did wrong i can't really find anything.

It's really strange how can people change this fast and not care.

She has all the signs of Bipolar doe i'm not really sure:Very sexual kisses girls acts like a Bisexual talks with a lot of people,addictive to drinks,would do drugs no problem if offered very suicidal suffered from Depression,gets turned on fast and turned off.

I just can't really believe what i'm going through right now the last message of me was like''Until you start being yourself and want to have something with me or go out peace up''

I went on NO CONTACT for my own Sanity she put me through hell it's been a month nothing from her,shes enjoying everything on her Facebook posting pictures i didn't like any of her pictures or stuff went full NC.

She would also overthink every little stuff being afraid that i might cheat on her and cry on the phone,i would chill her down tell her that i really love you the most on the world,And in the last convo she told me i should not be overthinking stuff it's not good for you!Imagine she tried to make me look Crazy,she is nice to every second person on facebook just sees me as her personal enemy and the guy that hurt her or the boring guy,i'm really hopeless

Here is when things gets Really Strange she knows i'm really close with my mom i didn't react anything to her posts or something,yesternight she Blocked my mom on Facebook and didn't block me,i think she is trying to get a Reaction from me i'm not really sure.

So the question is should i initiate Contact with her after 30 days and try to talk things out??Or maybe wait for some more i'm not really sure if she is ever going to pm me i'm really lost??

Sorry for keeping it so long,i'm just so much in pain it's my first post i don't know where to get help.
Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2016 02:01 am
That's a slippery situation. You should try to convince her to seek counseling. My ex was constantly depressed, suicidal, acting bipolar, etc. I was the factor that made those things to away, apparently, but since I'm in the military and have to travel a lot, I couldn't do much besides send her money and suggest that she seek counseling. And it was just like her to have too much pride to seek counseling, she said I was the only thing that would make her feel better. I tried to keep it going and continuously talked her out of suicide pretty much every day and night for at least six months. We eventually broke up because the distance and the arguing was hurting us both.

So, my answer is, yeah, try to talk to her again. If it doesn't work out, there isn't much you can do besides let her go.
Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2016 05:37 am
Stalking her FB page does not mean full-on no contact.

No contact means no contact. Not just not talking, but not peeking, either.

Who the hell cares who she blocks? Block her and be done with this drama.
Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2016 06:16 am
@Skeleton ,
Thank you for your answer brother,it means a lot.
Well i'm not sure if i really should pm her,it has been a month nothing from her
she is being all lovey dovey with other people enjoying all her time and seeing me as her enemy and it's melting me up a lot i did nothing to her just gave her unconditional love and this is what i get in return she would do the same at first then put me on a Bracket of Unrequited love telling me she does not know.
Gives me no Respect never gets out if invited tries to find excuses,keeps 1-2 texts daily i cant escalate with her thats the main point.
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Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2016 06:18 am
Will try my best brother,even doe i loved her so much she was the sweetest person when i first meet her.
She changed to a Revolution of 180 degree total stranger and does not care.
I just hope one day the people that she is flirting all over the place will make her feel the same things i'm feeling right now.
Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2016 07:03 am
Do yourself a favor and study up on bipolar disease. She is a classic example. Consider yourself lucky that you dodge this bullet. Run run run.
Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2016 07:40 am
Thank you for your reply man it means a lot!
Well my moms a Psychiatrist.
The gurl told me she suffered from a Deep Depression i head no idea that she might have head Bipolar,once i head a convo with my Mom and she related from her signs:
1.Very sexual probably at Manic phase.
2.Then after a few days crashes on Depression phase crying with no reason,trying to commit suicide and stuff like that for any little reason,once her cat was about to die she tried to commit suicide called me at 5am.
3.Afraid and thinks does not deserve anything,thinks good things last a little,always scared or afraid of being cheated telling me all the males are the same they use Females only for Sexual Pleasure.
4.After that she goes lovey-dovey with strangers and starts probably cheating on me,after i try to get the Truth she starts Lying and Manipulating telling all the right words acting the opposite way and trying to make me look Stupid.
5.Would try any new things drugs alchool,everytime she gets out she gets drunk or drinks till she is passed out.
6.When i tried to convince her 5 times in total to tell me what was up she escaped from the convos telling me nothing is up trying to make me look stupid,everytime i tried to got answer and asked she tried to Ruin my Dignity and enjoyed every second of it cuz she saw me Suffer.
I don't really know if she is Bipolar but from the info's that i have read in internet and my moms guidance she shows some RED FLAGS and Serious SIGNS of BPD.
I don't really know is it worth it to pm her again and give it another shot,i tried 5 times to talk to her all i got was It's not true that i don't wanna talk to you and escaping the convos.
If i pm her the power will turn to her again and she will again start playing without giving a specific answer i guess,she sees me as her Personal enemy loves all the other people,and made me Ditch her so in this case I'm the ENEMY and Shes the VICTIM.
If i pm her she is basically going to answer me with 99.9%sure,you ditched me it's your fault and telling me she does not know about her feelings.
I heard also when they Crash they return back lying and telling to their boyfriends that they are fine they did a mistake bla bla bla they miss him and want to get back together.
But this one is a bit different she is straightly ignoring and moving on i guess did not contact me.
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Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2016 02:44 pm
Why are you so fascinated with her - like a moth to a flame?

These kinds of women are very seductive and exciting to be around. But they can be exhausting, too.

Study Marilyn Monroe and her husbands.

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Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2016 06:08 pm
I'm not sure how all this involvements was created over a mere month. You met her 2 months ago and she's blocked you for one of them.

I guess that's a lifetime for some 19 or 22 year olds, but really, you barely know her.

I'd advise against convincing yourself you love her, and realize you need to put distance between the 2 of you.

After so short a time there is no obligation or commitment. You yourself said you were only dating.
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Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2016 11:40 pm
I’m sorry about your situation -- I can understand the roller coaster of emotions you must be feeling. I feel the question you should be asking is are you willing to accept this girl just the way she is -- the good, the bad, and the ugly? That said, at 22 and 19 years of age, you both are still very young with a whole life ahead of you. I would suggest that you focus on your studies for now and make the best of every creative opportunity that is available to you. Take care!
Reply Wed 7 Dec, 2016 05:38 pm
Firstly I wanna thank you for your kind Reply!
I study Physical Therapy it's my last year i got just 2 Exams left finishing it with a Record time.
I really loved the gurl more then anything in the world i even told her i accept you the way you are i will fight for you to the end,it has been a month nothing from her and i still have strong feelings for her like in the first days i'm not sure if she ever feels anything after all the time.
It has been a hell ride all tho's emotional roller coasters,thinking if i did something wrong getting no answer for it no interest at all it really hurt me bad.
I'm going to break the NC and try it for the last time lets see what she will respond and how she has been for the last time ever i promised this to myself.
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Reply Thu 8 Dec, 2016 12:16 pm
tbh, the loss of interest, hot cold, you sound like a reboud guy to her. The flowery phase where she felt special and the endorphin high ended, then she didnt feel the spark. I wouldnt take it personally, it sounds like she has some demons in the closet and would rather try on a new pair of shoes than talk about it if you know what I mean. Let her be and move on, you will be much better off without this mess
Reply Thu 8 Dec, 2016 03:21 pm
Your absolutely right man,i'm trying my best to let her go it ain't easy going to try my best at least to keep my Dignity and Sanity.

I really get it doe,on her lifetime she was Neglected by her parents they don't really respect her privacy,she hates her parents little brother and sister she hates kids in general,all of the people probably considered her as dirt or a sexual object in her whole lifetime,so i came in i showed her whats true love which it might have fascinated her the first 2 months she was deeply in love with me then she went back on her old self i guess or one of the Druggy bitches that she talks made her go nutz and she does not care goes crazy sexual with people,she even when we started talking told me all i care is Character and lots of guys use girls just for fun and ditch them and i proved her wrong.

I just don't really get it after all tho's words after all the promises i made which i proved every each of them to her , how can someone change this fast and not care that's what kills me from the inside,she was every second afraid that i'm going to leave her and now does not care.

And all i asked from her was an explanation and she goes like:It's not true that i don't wanna talk to you answers the parts of the message that she likes and ignores the ones that she does not like.

Then when i pressured her asking about the emotions she goes like:Can't we just talk normal without questions?

Then i pressure her a bit more she goes like:You did nothing wrong,i don't know what to say , i don't have anything to say.

Then when i ask her if she found someone else she quickly pm's with:No i'm not in love with anyone.

I don't really know brother it's like everytime i asked in total of 5 times with long texts i got the same answer which is no answer at all,leaves you hanging without showing any interest if your alive no emotional validation no going out no nothing.

But she never told me NO a simple no i don't love you that's all i think she thought she could keep me hanging in case it does not work with god knows how many people she flirts.

I just feel sorry for her and i still feel for her they are going to use her burn her and play with her emotions and ditch her,she is very young and has uncontrolable sexual urges which people will use it against her,but she sees me as her personal enemy and i cant do anything to change it, and leave her WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND I GUESS.
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