The relation between Jeremiah and rhetorical strategies

Reply Thu 15 Sep, 2016 12:11 pm
Basically I want to know why there is a relation between Jeremiah and rhetorical strategies, and what is this rhetoric about. Was what he said considered a mind-manipulated strategy? Is it something about people should go on the correct way but they didn't? Also, an example is highly appreciated.

One of my classmates took Trump as an example, he said Trump claimed that if people vote him, they can get USA a way better, but if people don't vote him, they will be on a wrong way, and finally they will choose to be back to the correct one. (not sure if he said like this)
Anyway, my classmate expressed that Trump kinda used Jeremiah way to speak to people, but I don't understand why. (Becuase I don't understand what this kind rhetoric means.)

I will be really grateful if someone can explain me the whole thing Smile
Reply Thu 15 Sep, 2016 01:12 pm
In what language are you studying the works attributed to Jeremiah?

Inclusio, a rhetorical device found in the Hebrew language Book of Jeremiah, for example, doesn't work in most English translations, although it can be discerned in interlinear ones.

Chiasmus, the repetition of words, phrases, ideas, etc. certainly is involved in both the Book of Jeremiah's and Trump's rhetoric. Preachers tend to use this kind of device.
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