Reply Mon 3 May, 2010 02:30 pm
Frankly, I don’t believe anything that comes out of his queer
I’ll tell you what you can do " get the **** outta here!
I may be a punk, but you’re nothing but a worm
A jelly-brained cockmaster sucking on my sperm
My lines ain’t sunk, they’re rising to the top
I’m gettin’ chips everyday, and they’re lined up with the gwap
I got a bunch of troops lined up on the spot
When I give the shout, they cock the glocks and fire ‘til you’re shot
You claim you’re a “mahnster”, but you’re just a ******* mutt
You ******* slut, get off my butt, you cothermucking futt
Motherfucking runt, God, you suck just like a lollipop
Comin’ at me with those raps, I should really **** you up
What the ****’s that stuff you’re puffing on? That blue omega drug?
Those kind of fumes will mess you up - you’re an abuser, ain’t you, huh?
You’re a user and a loser guzzling booze from day ‘til dusk
And you’ve turned into a drunk because that booze has ate you up
Yeah, I’m a clown that’ll tickle your bitch
It’s only when you’re not around that I tickle her ****
Plus I make her get aroused then I’m lickin’ her tits
And I turn the bitch out when I finger her clit
Make her suck on this chow when I linger it quick
Make the mother say “Ow!” when I slip in the dick
I rock that motherfucking cow while she’s singing a hymn
Finally I bust proud and let it rip on her lips
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Reply Mon 3 May, 2010 05:00 pm
beware the animals been unleashed yh no time to stare
no time to spare, otherwise a pointless war ,these are signs of blair
at night i dare, creep through the mist and ignite a flair
i still wont be in your sight, not the slightest glare
pull the thing from my underwear but do i dare?
nah its not my dick its another peice i wear
so do beware, coz when the peice sprays it will hit you from your J's to hair
leave you squared on the pavement, your lifes done I SWEAR!
any last words? nah **** it....what a waste of air!!!

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Reply Tue 4 May, 2010 09:49 am
get high , get fucked up , get the whats wut ,
huh, another emcee , drippin vemon , mines halluc UH genic
genetics mixed with pen tips ,medically fixed with ten hits
confetti blitz false friendships, bloody trenches an lovely stenches
with ya volcano ass on the benches keepin it warm
i aint keeping it norm,
bleepin it my words never worn parental discretion
you wanna censor the war on the mentals progression
tensor the gore , an band aid the media
instrumentals so suggesting
the soul just sing's
operation freedom an the truth syrum reality juice
spread to through the youth by a group
so fly they flew the coup
jumped off the spaceship in a black suit
got the whole universe doin a verse
needed a great motivator Hip-Hop Wahoo it works **** works
press n ship shirts , do ya best till it hurts
then smoke zest relax the stress then get first
not gonna try for second within a fraction of the first atoms smackin
battle back then , battle in the air he aires carries results bolt emcees like zues
mics the truth
super it's time for a change like the booth
its time for your military's to regroup
I lead troops feed troops
the knowledge it takes for ya 3rd eye to see through
oo woohooo
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Reply Thu 6 May, 2010 07:18 am
You dissed me cuz ya heard i was leaving....Lmfao coward kid...I'll b back fo ya
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Reply Thu 6 May, 2010 09:33 am
Lil 16yr check:i like your flow,punches and your metas,Damn i'm good at telling lies/you so bald a person can see what is on your mind/my spit will make you evict even but not soon/cuz you a lil mass of insanity dressed up to look like a prune/and ya must be very clever cuz your brains have never been used/'lil 16' with the nonsense that you talk,you should be called the wizard of ooze/Haha/you dead and we could never replace you,we don't know what you are/you look stonier than a biblical executioner/support your Local Search and Rescue Unit-get lost/you so ugly that your mother had to feed you with a sling-shot/i should've stopped on my first verse cuz already you fucked/i'll hitcha with a cup,but you wont tell the cops you got MUGGED/you must be related to amphibeans cuz you have the voice of a frog/your armpits so hairy it looks like you got Don King in a headlock/just cuz ya head is pointed,it doesn't mean you're sharp/if this was a perfume factory you'd be a confused fart/you like a Boy Scout with a hormone imbalance/i'll have you looking fo ya ruler to measure how long you slept/ya words suit your character,they're meaningless/you're like a christmas tie:loud and useless/i've had a perfectly wonderfull evening but this wasn't it/the last time i say a mouth like yours,it had a hook in it(biter)Haha/man are you always this stupid or you making a special effort today/your breath stinks,everytime you yawn you teeth move side ways/you have more wrinkles than an elephant scrotum/you have such a strikin face,tell me how many times were you struck/this will make you change ya mind but still work any better/if crap was music you'd be an orchestra/you've reached rock bottom and now show signs of starting to dig/Yeah/your teeth reminds of charcoal/your head's so small,you use a tea bag as a pillow/lil 16yr if you wish to have 17 get outta here/and obvious ya have an open mind,cuz i can feel the draft from here/you are an enchanting toad of a man/did i mention that kick in the groin you'll receive if you reply me again/i'd rather be going through painful surgery than have to spend my 17 minutes on you/he you had to tax your brains,please don't charge more than a cent/hahaha kid
Reply Thu 6 May, 2010 09:49 am
Last line my spellin mstake i meant,(if you had to tax ya brains,plz don't charge more than a cent)
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Reply Thu 6 May, 2010 04:27 pm
the slightest gleam, ill leave you with a horristically frightening dream
ignite a beam, shoot shots from your spine to spleen
your finest jeans, covered in organs whilst my lighters steamed
so you hide your team, try to forget, just light your green
by night it seems, somethings lurking in your hood and you might be seen? people call me animal, coz i will bite your team
but please dont hesitate despite my theme
a lyrical and physical genius, i write supreme
this fights extreme ,
but when the strally is your mouth, ill end it quick, or you might just scream


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Reply Thu 6 May, 2010 05:22 pm
@Odd Socks,
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Reply Thu 6 May, 2010 05:30 pm
@Odd Socks,
yo odd socks
nice name cuz yo lines all sucks
rhymin lik a kid,mein what tha ****
go back to school,u might then sound like young buck
am dissing you,and making u some mocks
ma lines harder than some ******* block
so heavy that it cant be carried by a truck
dont h8,jus ma way of saying good luck

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Reply Thu 6 May, 2010 06:05 pm
open up, open up
why tha 4ck shul i open for,
you acting amature get back to yo mama son,
am dissing you aint showing yet my gun,
I dont mean tha tool i mean tha one that i showed yo mum,
tha same 1 tha made u born,
make pussies releases gum,
If u tha best rapper in tha game,den tha game mst be lame,
i aint sayn m tha best,bt hey ma lines are mre paid,
if your lines make oda insane,den dey aint had bout me mein,
am using yo own line to dis on you mein
,U h8in on niggerz blings,cuz yo shine never reach tha ******* celing,
talkin bout tha streetz itz the **** tha makes me feed,
i never say am okay, u can call me greed,
Ma linez is hurting you,you be wishins tha i creep,
talking bout petals they smell so good,
your lines stink like an old nicky boots,
L.K.S Gangster,BnB souja
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Reply Thu 6 May, 2010 06:06 pm
close it boy
im the biggest fool
you think you so good
putting a couple of beats together
well boy
you just met your match
you better tuck your tail and run
cause im in the hood now
go under your blankets and whimper
cause ill scare the **** outa you
im scarier than nightmares
i make blast bigger than bombs
and guess what,
im the meaniest cat in the jungle
so if yous smart,
youll back down outa rapping,
go home and find a nice lil desk job
Reply Thu 6 May, 2010 07:56 pm
u embelish with ya overzealous rhymes you all think ur hot dogs so b4 you relish what ya got you need to catch-up (ketchup)
u think this is hard to do ima barbwire on fire barbacue ur get up
Im baked but your fried like the colonel
starve emcee's of popularity in the cornfield ur a kernel
you get popped in the war field ur a turtle helmet with a hole in it
this is hip hop flow some soul in it
some midas dro some gold in it
rolling it
honein it knowin it in the zone n it's
growing fit to seize the moment
that freeze enemies an opponents
emcees that lack energy or don't mentally have the components
eventually centuries of sensory evolution
u think u would have enough sense , to check the pre tense relax why you always be tense were the alien that most resembles volcanos we vent
invent and reinvent so theres many reasons to create but no sense in being tense as human beings we need to realize thats nonsense u on the fense prof cough got emcees on defense you think he's sick hope ya anti bodies have strong defense or just like ya will gone defense white picket ya chicklets standing on your doorstep my hands on a forcep operateing rhyme at high capacity my hands on my girls corset make the floor wet why ya asking me
magicians don't reveal there tricks , pimp's do , im neither, what do i gotta do to convince you
whats a god ta too,to convince you
knifed up a cyph an ginsued
give me three seconds i'll have it done in 2
give me these weapons
rhyme the mind and a finish line see what im running to
its something in you
that gives you the strength to stand
an open the universal memory banks of humans
remember me thanks , u have a cents a
what you doin
don't let anyone sensor
what u doin
it starts with a thought next thing its a movement
one foot forward two steps ahead of what u doing?
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Reply Fri 7 May, 2010 05:26 am
Lil 16yr your dad's so short he does backflips under the bed/i believe in respect for the dead,in fact i could only respect you if you were dead/maybe in the next life,you'll blaze a way for us/you might've seen me in the zoo,i was the one feedin you peanuts/ugly kid,they want to move halloween to your birthday/your dad's stupid when he read on his job application to not write below the dotted line he put 'O.k'/is your mouth full of wet toilet paper cuz your spit is so unclear/your arms are so short,you have to tilt your head to scratch you ear/man you are a subtle as a flying brick/you're a real carefree guy,you don't case as long as it's free/Ha!/and when they were givin out heads,you thought they said sheds,and ya asked fo a nice BIG wooden one/you should do some soul searching maybe you'll find one/they say-let your smile be your umbrella,but with those teeth i wish it never pains/if brains were bird droppings,you'd have a clean cage/the sounds of tireless voice is the internal price i raw for knowing you/you such a big gun in the office,they're planning to fire you....Lil 16 **** man i aint even a rapper but i beat ya,**** you should quit rapping
A Curious Lime
Reply Fri 7 May, 2010 12:56 pm
yo yo yo you think your all that
but no your a prat
im gonna come down on you hard
like i did on your mum in the front yard!

Thinking your MLG pro?
well dont mess with me im like a pave low
got a kd of 2.4
your wishing you had some more
mate, i will cut you some slack
but i will still dig hard on your mum on that mat
your fat.

switching things up
go pee in a cup
you think your hard
but really your as flimsy as a playing card

this is from your main man A Curious Lime
your right im pretty dang fine.
Reply Fri 7 May, 2010 03:41 pm
me, lil man 16 years old, the proffesor and mic-holder are the only people bringing it on this site, you other ametuers need to step your game up!
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Reply Sat 8 May, 2010 03:45 am
@A Curious Lime,
Curious lime check it: we don't use the word failure around here,we use your name instead/you so old if i asked you to act your age you'd be dead/we hear you a lady killer,they take one look at you and die of fright/you so stupid,you'd argue with a road sign/STUPID!/at your house you have another word for manners:STAR-VATION/if you were the answer,it must've been a stupid question/i refuse to enter a battle of the wits with you,it's against my morals to attack an UNARMED PERSON/your rap is crap ma lil bro could do better/you're an unintelligent and abnormal freak of nature/people clap when they see you,but they clap their hands over their eyes/you so fat,people jog around you for exercise/and man nobody says that you dumb/they just say you were 21years old before you learned how to wave GOODBYE...Haha you heard charlie,up your game son
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Reply Sat 8 May, 2010 07:05 am
hahaha, yh
when im metophorically speaking im phsycoligically teaching,
this reading thats causing me hurt and greiving
in my mind its...killing me and i cant blurt the feeling
but its taking over now, causing dirt and theiving
i need rehab, i need t0 start the healing
but if it takes over ill leave your brains on the ceiling
it causing me to sell, yh days of dealing
but if the pig police catch me ill have to leave them squeeling

damn i think im good enough for the rap scene, especially for a 15 year old in the london

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Reply Sun 9 May, 2010 04:11 am
@A Curious Lime,
Curious lime i'm beating ya at your own game,you fake/you inspire the slogan,'a mind is a terrible thing to waste'/the are times you have something on your mind,cuz you wear a hat occassionally/money means nothing to you,when one asks you for money,one gets nothing/i heard you changed your mind,what did you do with the diaper?/you have the vocal modulation of a railway-station announcer/son i'm cold as ice,plus the flow is nice/everyone confuses you with a hockey player,they all tell you,'you stink on ice'/they say travel broadens one,you must've been around the world/and wow,you seem to be the greatest thing since they reinvented unsliced bread/listen clown this is a bullets fly zone so get down/cuz ever since you appeared in your family tree,everyone always wanted to cut it down/you ugly you can look up the behind of a camel and scare the hump off it/haha/this is an A B conversation,so you can C your way out of it/yeah Curious Lime you must've have a low opinion of people if you think they're your equal, and man i'm looking forward to the pleasure of your company since i haven't had it yet
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Reply Sun 9 May, 2010 05:46 am
Thought i was going to let you run away like that, check:listen man ima say this once and for all/you so heavy that a picture of you would fall off the wall/everyone word from me make you shook/you fat and have more 'CHINS' than a Hong Kong phone book/my rhymes is takin over so stay put while i do the mic-check/do you ever wonder what life would be like if you had enough oxygen at birth?(nah)/you simply a shiver looking for a spine to run up/you're a proof that God has a sense of humour/a half-wit gave you a piece of his mind,and you held on it/you the kind you have to look at twice,the first time you don't believe it/you must come from a long line ass creepers/i don't think you a fool but what's my opinion compared to thousands of others/you've kept your youthful complexion,all spotty and full off pimples/you have a face like a million dollars,all green and wrinkled/you like a mountain,people jump over you rather than going around/you so ugly that when you got in the bath,the water jumped out/and you so clumsy,you get tangled up in a cordless phone/your personality is split in so many ways,you go for group therapy your own
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Reply Sun 9 May, 2010 12:13 pm
Yall guys left on page 478?

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