Reply Wed 17 Feb, 2010 01:12 pm
i sink titanic cuz im sicc
when i kick
i see dead spirits
i spit lyrics
triple 6
tie u on a crucifix
with ur face dented u dont exist
cuz ur invented
blood is what u be scented
cuz ur bent
got sent to heaven like a present thatz lent
got kicked out for killing a reverend
sent to hell came back acting different
and i be shooting you over and over again
with my black mac 10
i wont pay the rent
instead itz 187 on ur head
Reply Wed 17 Feb, 2010 03:15 pm
here we go..

how the **** you steppin up,
back up before you get fucked up,
watch your lip puff up,
my lyrics wake up spirits,
quit using my ****,
im pumped to beat you,
dont mean no harm but its the truth,
my flow makes nigga's raise the roof,
get your lips split,
while im smoking six spliffs,
slap you with the back of my right hand,
keep your pimp hand strong,
the **** you spittin is wrong,
its time for war,
now your seeing what im here for,
put your head on a platta,
shotgun makes you splatta,
listen to the giggles can you hear the laughta?,
listen close cuz the diss's are at ya...
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Reply Wed 17 Feb, 2010 11:43 pm
been a minute since i been here still fuckin lyrical
wanna get famous you gotta let ya spirit show
one line at a time i'ma splice it till it rhymes
i'ma murder you so good no one'll think ya tryin
ha, and i do it for my dreams
one shot at a time cuz i do it for my team
nate and fuckin josh i'm the one that brings em up
and i'm runnin outta music but i swear my act is tough
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Reply Thu 18 Feb, 2010 06:44 pm
if ya wonderin where ya head my axe might of slipped
and ya run ya mouth but you bout to get flipped
i'm the lyrical assasin ya'll niggas just harrassin
juggalo from the south side i won't let this **** ride
got a prob wit me then you better step up
lets make history and turn the world corrupt
lookin like u bout to say somethin don't interupt
before you pop a few lines you might wanna check yourself
lookin like a gay dude with aids who can only masturbate
i'll bend and twist your mind give you a little show
stomp you to the curb make you my little hoe
stompin you niggas like you roaches
and i just killed ya'll cause you soft like hostess
Reply Fri 19 Feb, 2010 12:54 pm
this hood hoe get rid of ya bitch flows,
cuz the toe tag will catch ya foot if the clip blows!
you better keep a tight lip tho, cuz im a lyrical physco. niggga you clypto!
i'll split ya lip an twist ya wrists bro,
you cant murder me on this **** cuz im a sick joke!
pull out the fifth of vodka, nigga im ready to drive!
i'll have you thumpin in my trunk screaming, i DONT WANNA DIE!
bitch **** your life, i'll cut ya throat wide open an gash your eyes!
im a devil in desguise, a warrior in the sky's!
homie i'll unload a clip in the mist an spray all of your guys!!!
fuc all of your lies!,
im a dog with steady pace, steroids got my muscles deranged!, get me out this cage cuz i'll rip ya face right off your bones when i rage!
Grande Prairie straight reppin this hood im reppin my thugs!
blood walkin down the streets with guns an drugs!
blades an needles, seringes full of muck!
HIV infestedniggas on the block!

Reply Fri 19 Feb, 2010 03:46 pm
i'm the devil in the flesh some call me satan
still flashin by while all these niggas hatin
i rise up on my feet let the pistol get to sprayin
unload the whole clip won't be no delayin
you like fish out of water just hopin to die soon
and if you **** wit me i'll rip your eyes out wit a spoon
lookin like the aliens from men in black
you drive a hoopty while i bump in the caddilac
with your bitch here in the fuckin back
you keep talkin **** then she gonna get smacked
hell i'll dump the dusty bitch right in a fuckin ditch
drive up to your crib let you know how it went down
it won't be funny but you'll never wanna **** wit a wicked clown
Reply Fri 19 Feb, 2010 11:20 pm
nigga im the actual satin..
ima attack you an blast a date an, ima cast the rapin, rappin ina a basement!
full of clowns like you spitten disgraces, nigga **** you get back to the basic!
ima a criminal nigga get wasted, clip blown out flip the otha clip an waste it!
you cant **** wit a nigga in the MATRIX!!!! c'mon now!
while im spitten this flow right, im grippen the soal pipe!
you cant **** wit a freestyle this diss is written straight from the holes fight!
cuz you roamin dogs get crow bites haha homie flippin dope right!
i get that coke up in the bag straight soda in that bag, i cooked that **** straight till the freezing cold come out that bag!
im crack nigga, ktownhustla spitten back nigga,
ova on the track get you smaked nigga, no holding back while i attack a NIGGA!!
you fools is all white like all night, you glowin bitches i can see you in the lime light!, my homie it wack but im from an all tight
hood but you all like, i should buy that all Night, crack got me dull sight,
mofucka im dull sighted,
no turning back from the night when the bull solid,
ya head demolished, you white folk betta get my lugs polished!!
hood thugs just chronin for my chronic,
i got more crack an money faster then the speed of sonic!
BOOM nigga one clip dropped to ya stomache!!

Red Wall Blood mofuckas,, straight outta Grande Prairie Alberta.... bitchesss
Dudu C
Reply Sat 20 Feb, 2010 01:17 pm
red wall blood, with red blood on the wall
Grand Prairie, home of some damn fairy who
ain't nothing at all, he just likes
talkin' ganksta like he's 50 Cent and all
he's ever doing is running the streets
But he's pry some wanksta who still lives
with his mom beggin for her to make him something to eat
If he is as big as he talks I bet he's just a mad fatty
born to a crack daddy that raped him, that's why he's so sad he
has to tape them, so he can relive the moment of what
happened to him in the basement, man face it, you're
rhymes are wasted because they fucked up
I can't help it that when u was little you got butt fucked
You dumb slut, that's some **** luck when you upchuck
Chuck's nut, what the ****'s what? chronic i'm on it,awestruck by how
my words buck, hedgehog sonic I'm beyond it, you stupid recyclin'
rhyme schmuck, you suck, just quit, please tell me there's no more
after this ****, you should kill yourself now, grab ones of ur
guns, POW!, oh damn wow, what happens now to this rappin' cow
moo moo nigga, haha woo woo nigga, who knew nigga
that this mothafucka's a wigga, crazy cracker rapper
spitting faster than these blacker rappers
just keep flappin them flappers, I can make you assholes
crap in them diapers, they'll be readin' ur name
in the back of them papers, Alberta there has been a murda
of someone we never heard of, ktownhustla's a busta bitin'
rhymes cuz he wants ta be someone else, we all know that he sounds
like a pranksta, the jokes on you boy, cuz I out rank ya.
lil trickster
Reply Sun 21 Feb, 2010 06:16 pm
look at yall dumb ass pussies hidden behind fake lyrics im real off the topp
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Reply Sun 21 Feb, 2010 08:12 pm
@Dudu C,
wickedly wack bro you sound like a cracked up hoe, you have a terrible flow you sound like a fat black kid that can't get **** even under the mistle toe, so let me tell you somthing chump stop trying you must be stumped you will never be anything in this world if you ******* feel me ill make ya eyes bleed and yo stomach rumble then looks like a little fat black boy gonna take a tumble, uh yo when im drunk nigga i stumble but treating you haha makes me feel humble !! ~Btw im white Wink
Dudu C
Reply Mon 22 Feb, 2010 08:02 pm
I'm whiter than you
but I am twice as true
Ur whole verse will get ran through
like shampoo an conditioner in my
golden locks, **** man, white, black, brown,
it doesn't matter only if your sound rocks

I'm a blue eyed hippie just sitting, chillin'
sippin' whiskey, laughin' at this bitch
tryna diss me, whiteytightey, i'm harder
than you relaxin' in my nightie, that's right b
with a fly girl beside me, I'm so high that I think the sky
is inside me, you'll never find me without a good buzz on
Cuz my grandpa owns the liquor store, and we got fields
where the buds grown, YA we keep that cycle going cuz we armstrong
All day long, it's the same song, stuck in your head,
You know the feeling, is it something you dread?
Not me no never, cuz I live for this **** forever,
I just like to see the words put together, something smart,
something clever, I'm waitin for the day to see better,
Whether you like it or not it, it don't matter the
color of your skin, but it's gotta be thick in order to win

Your rap was generic like Great Value
add some substance and you might learn how-to
break it down like I do
Wickedly wack when you try spittin' back
you shoulda previewed ya track
before you posted that crap
Take notes from this rap, asap
Matter of fact, you stumbled in
to a trap that'll leave you blacked
up and bruised at places you never knew that
could be damaged, here's a news flash
you's trash, but ur humble so i bet u knew that
Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 01:43 am
@Dudu C,
DuDu C
what could you do to me , other than **** talk
and trip on me well u try to crip walk
crypt walk this zombie into a grip lock you the type to snitch talk
bitch talks for the salon , rich talks for the don
snitch talk its a bomb bewteen his lips locked
in liquid nitrogen
a healthy mind a sick kid to ignite the pen
got a ring an a crowd you wanna fight with him
you 2 goofs the kun klucks wouldnt even wanna white with them
rednecks and broke ass mo fuckas wipe with them
**** tickets
your whineing like a bitch who aint get dick yet
ur all the way in her belly button wondering why aint ya dick wet ?
you salty mo fuckers can get off my balls
when sex addicts of the world are going through withdrawls
splits jaws and spit raw its law
who the **** told you could be whack , dick ?
larenna bobbet hatchet thrown into the act bitch
your ru paul half bitch
ur two balls and pussy and wonder why i laugh ritz
fallen off the plate fed to the vermine
i'll beat you in flash call it a pee wee herman
alcaholic malt liq altered sermon
preaching to each thing thats hearts beating an arts breathing
cool demons and hot angels on those dark evenings
start weaving your destiny , cause im believeing the best in me
im leaveing with a breath in the air on a cold day there'll be a lesson there
its not a questions of fare , you couldnt afford it
like mother earth couldnt abort it
she's making sure her babies supported
take her babies daddy to court , kid
a dusty judge that snorted away his memory ,
couple billion years later father time be like remember me
that mothafucka with the energy the one who flips the lights an it be
a good reason we keep the lights low ,
i have the fattest rhymes but you need lipo
when it comes to blood sucka's you type O'verweight on the digital scale
my literal subliminal
5 year minimal
just to break the code in this individuals tales
im the kid that will prevail
the kid that killed the whale an used pinnocio to set sail
your lies can finally flow in the ocean sea
step on shore at olympus as posedions emotions breathe
a human clothed lion ahead of the pack
im the mother ******* professor remember who said that Smile

Look of Disapproval
Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 04:59 am
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Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 01:23 pm
If you’re strong like a football team, how come there’s one of you?
That’s like pitting against the L.A. Clippers " they’d be stompin’ you!
The front liners would run at you, the quarterbacks would be shunnin’ you
And you’d spend the next half hour lookin’ for your runnin’ shoes
See, rhymin’ “sergeant” with “urgent” wouldn’t work - it couldn’t work!
Every day, there’s a recombinant resurgence of useless turks
Comin’ together to form a group of stupid jerks
And especially ones that swear once too, too much
Which all boils down to just one thing: dude, you suck!
Obscene language nowadays is your forté
Go to the club, pull a bitch, talk **** and get some foreplay
Frank Sinatra did it his way, you wanna do it your way
But confrontin’ me about it, you’re just goin’ the wrong way
You endlessly talk about what you did and make a big issue
Smoke drugs, run from the cops, blaze a big pistol
Rape a bitch, get her pregnant and name the kid “Crystal”
Well, I say you should go home and take your dick with you
Erm .... you say I don’t own this “PC”? This guy’s fuckin’ borin’
It’s a Dell laptop, and I paid 500 for it
So don’t tell me I’m cheap, I think I’m worth quite a lot
You make jokes of my username and smirkin’ a lot
I don’t even need a key to get this whole world on lock
The only time I **** up is when your girl is on top
I’ll take your platinum rhymes and turn ‘em into flops
I work the type of magic that would make Merlin go pop
Yeah, I think you know what it’s time for
Time for me to crap all over you in rhyme form
This is not a case of FreeAgent versus Sick
It’s a rap battle: FreeAgent versus Dick
You name yourself “stylekid” ‘cause you claim to come with finesse
Your grammar is atrocious; you’ve just come with a mess
I just killed you, I haven’t slaughtered yet
Quite frankly, you’ve just stirred up the hornet’s nest
You can spit your swear words until you’re blue in the face
While I’m in my BMW with your girl shootin’ goo on her face
So I’m a pain in the ass? Your haemorrhoids are flarin’ up
Like a cancer disease tearin’ this boy’s parents up
Either I’m a Turk or a Sanchez?
I can’t be both Turkish and Spanish
I perfect the language so this jerk understands it
Start a war that would make this jerk go to the mattress
Work the magic on this fool, hopin’ he’ll vanish
Put a spell on this ************ and hope he gets banished
You wanna call me “pussy”, when I hop off of the tree
Better hope I don’t scratch you, or you’ll be runnin’ off with the fleas
If I was Barack Obama, you know what I’d do?
I’d make a change of my own and get rid of you!
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Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 02:26 pm
The way this is going, we’ll take this battle to Hell
Whoever heard of an MC who battles himself?
You’re a Tamil Tiger? What are you doing rappin’?
Isn’t there some Indians you should be attackin’?
I’m fightin’ a man who uses suicide tactics
A typical fascist and do-or-die bastard
I heard the **** you guys get up to is major
Your gang’s so big, the belt size is the Equator
Talk about wieldin’ a samurai sword
Turn this rap battle into a genocide war
Puttin’ 9mms in each other’s faces
Fill the world with gun-runners ‘til you’re out of space
Oh, by the way, a gun’s quicker than a knife
So I’d probably shoot you first before you stick me in the eyes!
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Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 03:17 pm
Listen here, “Lunatic” " you’re startin’ to lose it
You didn’t finish the last line off ‘cause you had a huge fit
Meanwhile, FreeAgent’s on some loose ****
A sharp dude pickin’ off people like a toothpick
You can talk about me ‘til you fall into a slumber
You couldn’t pull a 2 if you were good at doin’ numbers
You don’t need garbage, but you talk rubbish
A grown MC actin’ buckish, **** it
I’m comin’ after you, so you better run for your life
Oops, I came to the wrong guy " maybe I should come in your wife?
You can chew gum all you like
But you don’t wanna try me " I don’t taste very nice
As far as “ExTra” goes, I feel extra special
If your bitch was German, she’d be eatin’ my pretzel
You wanna talk about weather? Well, here’s a broadcast
A great big blizzard’s comin’ after your ass
100 degrees and droppin’ below freezin’
Wrap up warm, or you’ll talk out of your asshole sneezin’
Yep, FreeAgent spits the rap that he’s writin’
This MC he battles sounds whack when he’s rhymin’
But I’ve got plenty of stacks which keep pilin’
The FreeAgent got his own back and he’s fightin’
With a style so mental, it’s gonna send Lunatic BACK TO THE ASYLUM!!!!
Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 07:10 pm
bitch you talk **** keep moving your lips
before i take yo bitch and bang her between the hips
yes im crazy and a little bit krookid
i took the whole world and shook it
wait till i go back to the asylum
when they see me, i'll say hi to em
you think you know everything, ignorance is bliss
you'll never keep my mind tame, give my dick a kiss
take you to my krookid room
wait and see what i do to ya
i feel sorry for you though
cause i turned you out yo like a hoe
bitch i think im extra sweet
so come here and i'll give you a treat
im a big MC in the house
yo bitch cant even get me aroused
as i feel her up and down
my face will always wear a frown
never **** with a wicked clown
or he'll come kill you in yo town
i will come through with a hatchet
and see yo soul then snatch it
as you sit around thinkin "what if"
i will hit you like a scratch and sniff
**** with me if you dare
or i'll scalp you till you have no hair
but if you sit and stare
i will bang yo momma over there
dont **** with krookid
you girl's cherry i took it
when the cops showed up i booked it
the never found me so i knew
the won't catch me till i'm through
take you to the deathmatch
i'll have you know i dont deal with pimp scratch
knuckle up, knuckle up, before i make the shotty buck
cut you up and put you in the dump truck
before you die i'll blow you a kiss
right as your about to suck this
yes im fucked up, mucked up
then i'll make you throw up
bitch i'll throw you through glass
you like a bitch nigga bleedin out yo ass
think i got a hit list
straight from the start to finish
bitch i shoot and never miss
do like i do the rest
shoot you in the chest
i have to be the best
cut you open and take yo heart
cut it up and eat every part
finish up and clean the plate
bitch its your only fate
your life i won't prolong
now i'll go to hell where i belong
live with the firery demon
then he'll choke on my semen
go home you ain't nothin
i spit so good i'm nuttin
dont ever talk **** or i'll leave you split
bitch i'm done
you dont want none
i can lift a ton...so i'll throw you to the sun
before i go i say bless you
right as i kill you and yo crew too
Reply Wed 24 Feb, 2010 10:42 am
krookidrapper says he’s done, but I’m not quite finished
He foams out of his mouth like a pint of dry Guinness
But toward the end of his lines, he develops a Jesus Christ image
Talkin’ about “blessin’ me” and “give me a kiss”
I’m lookin’ at your wife, you’d better give me the bitch
Like a drug exchange, I was happy to slip her the dick
Until I exploded and left some liquidy **** on her tits
As far as my momma goes, you couldn’t even try to bang her
If you were a stick of dynamite attached to a firecracker
This is Bonfire Night, faggot
And I’m in the field ignitin’ the Standards
I should get a six-foot snake, set it on fire and watch it light up this bastard
Hell yeah, I’m movin’ my lips a lot; don’t even try and stop me
I’m runnin’ up the stairs like Rocky
Punchin’ out baddies and MC’s who try and top me
And it’s obvious krookid is trying to try me, so I’m gonna knock him out a bit lively
You talk like one of those Olympian black statues
Talkin’ about you gonna throw me to the Sun, but you can watch me take the Sun and throw it right back at you!
Watch you fall in your own fire, I got your whole home wired
I should straighten out krookid and tell him he’s bent
Then brandish a knife from my pocket and sever his chest
This is the type of **** that he will never digest
How many times do I have to keep tellin’ MC’s to shut the **** up until it registers in their heads?!
Reply Wed 24 Feb, 2010 01:19 pm
u dudes just babbling ! scrambling for a scrabble win !
freeagent, kroo kid, whitey n dudu c , and the look a disapproval
look you've all received the book of diss approval
your brown eyes need fist removal
this approval reccomended by proctologist across america
ur stuck up an full of **** its a loss of character
you stare at ya , self
so much you have a mirror fetish
shatter your dreams this kid right here said this
making better batter it seems, wanna take it to the extreme
freerun the next beam , u lack self esteem
u whack n have selfish dreams
you whacked having shellfish dreams
relish the catch up when you muster da gas
mustard gas in my crop dusters pass
i trust ya fas but you need to slow down b4 the cops bust ya ass
people bus ya ass , so u can use the train
use ya brain , not talking bout these losers stains
on ya jeans get off ya knees and use ya shoes again

now your thinking about professor

how the **** could 4 of u loose to him
u use ya ass and when ya gasd i use a lighter pen
zues truth in the booth so frightening
lightin them with soul lightning and igniting them Blasts caps
of lsd an start having flashbacks
hit you with a dose a dmt as you exit your last act

on ya first night at the apollo Razz
for u cock suckers probally wouldnt be to much to swallow !

Reply Wed 24 Feb, 2010 05:55 pm
Now the professor wants to intervene in this conversation
And right now, he’s doin’ a lot of hatin’
The contempt he depicts in his lines show that as confirmation
I should cock the glock and blaze him
Stab him with the sharpest blade, throw him in a prison some 1,000 blocks away
Use the key to lock the cage ‘til the monster’s caged in
He wants to be clear about his rhymes, this clown’s got ‘em down
Whether they be adjectives, clauses, nouns or pronouns
He doesn’t recite them out so aloud
Highlights them in bold type so they stand out from the crowd
The way he’s rappin’
So suavé in his approach he expects to get all the ladies clappin’
Wants us to sit back and watch him blaze in action
Well, I’ll just throw up a middle finger like Eminem, I’m a real shady bastard
But the thought of professor taking on all 4 of us, dog, that’s a big safety hazard
You wanna talk about shellfish? You must be overdosin’
Talkin’ about mustard gas " that’s what it feels like when you hold the coke in
Such drunk talk, it seems like someone spiked your Coca-Cola
Now you’re layin’ horizontal, spewin’ your guts out and rollin’ over
I should put you out of your misery and dump you in the coldest ocean
With eels and crabs crawlin’ in and out of you while your asshole is open
You claim to be a professor, but nobody’s comin’ to your classes
Except for Sex Ed, where the action happens and everybody’s cummin’ in the asses
Bitch, I got the type of flow that’ll have you run a hundred lapses
‘Til your heartbeat stops, you run out of breath and your fuckin’ lung collapses
As soon as I’m done, your ass is mine
I have to say, comin’ on here takin’ us on, you got some balls but you’re past your time
When you’re dead and gone, the whole crew will build you a massive shrine
And along the bottom, it will say in big letters: “PAST YOUR PRIME”!
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