Reply Tue 14 Apr, 2009 08:47 pm
@slim sinba,
slim sinba ,you sound like a barney breastfed crack
im a one man army , you look like you just read the act ,
of invasion
amazeing you used your moms make up to cover your abrasions
but your t shirt wont cover your lacerations
u use a dildo for masterbation
hey doc kavorkian pass the patient
hey doc doom blast the patient
in a locked room in the dungeon passed the basement
receiveing sub-human classification and a tube for breatheing
a bag to **** in
turn you to a bag for hitten
give you a coffin 2 sizes small n made you fit in
first phase decomposistion now stage 2 hit him
humiliated in round 1 by stage 2 u quitten
lifes a battle you gotta fight ya self
difference between me, u , an em is i like myself
you aint at the height my elf

cmon listen im serious i'll keep battleing but if you dont quit biteing i'll get you booted !!! Have respect for other emcee's and there work !!!

peace out

yours truely : your local street leader n peaceful warrior
Reply Wed 15 Apr, 2009 07:20 pm
**** you bitch you think your insane?
************ i OWN this game,
you aint hard, you aint tough,
you look more like a crack fed scruff mcgruff,
taking a bite out of crime, but i pull out my heater right and then serve my time,
and im doing fine, with my crew behind me we rule the world, and i stuck this screwdriver into your spine, cuz bitch i love to rap but you are the emcee that smokes WAY too much crack, like lil wayne bitch your just a fake in the game,
or mabie eminem, but im the cannibal jester and im taking yall fake bitches down, well that all for my raps lets see what crap comes next, now step up or put the mic down, IM OUT!
0 Replies
Reply Wed 15 Apr, 2009 10:55 pm
Im calling you out you trick ass clowns, none of you fools have a clue how to break it down.
My rhymes be flowing, while ya'll just sit there blowin'
while I sit back tokin n smokin
Im on fire watch me ******* glow, **** it, your all dyslexic your all god damn slow, not even bein acknowledged by a nappy ass hoe.
You think you're tough, you think you're a thug
Least my curtain matches the rug.
Step over 10 of you for one of me, see, you're just direct product of some old
b yotch
Put your rhymes back in the cage
Lil bitch, if I was the crowd you'd be boo'd off stage

0 Replies
tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Thu 16 Apr, 2009 04:50 pm
ok iam back again ready to be slayed
0 Replies
tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Thu 16 Apr, 2009 05:14 pm
i slaughter mother fuckers like saddam with blood
on my hand i look with my evil glance read my ****
because you aint **** ill make ya rape ya moms and kill
ya dads i am god spitting out **** like venom
making the earth shake as i walk talk
my Nike's jumping on faces
my knifes poking out ya eyes Satan's
by my side here i go again its all the same
wee got cats biting flows ill be put on death row
because i Bern bodies watch me flow like blood down ya moms leg
so check it my demonic ways will send ya insane
ill put ya to shame ya styles are pretty ******* Liam
i have not put **** down its a test
to see ill wait for a bite wait for a battle we will see
how evil i get and as for the professor ya still battling in here
ya story teller fake arss biytch i am coming for you son
i am gonna destroy you once and for all
you are going down once again wak arss fool
ya spit **** like a baby
ya dribble like a baby its on once again but its all
pointed at u professor so professor hit me with ya best shot well ****
Reply Mon 20 Apr, 2009 07:37 pm
@tHe CrUsHeR,
ummm, wow what did i read here,
the crusher, oh gawww im scared
ur ah lame, and ah shame, i think a dame,
if im not mistaken, bout the vagina between dem legs,
it's been ah couple of weeks, n bout three days,
im so bored, n so so much swag old spice, has nothin tah say,
i will kill you in ah battle, so im'a be ah critic,
u ryhmin like ah roach u sicko, so when the champion approach,
u hide n get low,
get out of the walls n garbage can,
lemme stop tah think, to stop n wait,
pause da whole forum,
got da pen n da lead like ah can of paint,
umm, idk u wack, no makin sense, bug eye **** head,
go do some chores,
never come bakk here again..asshole.
thats da way i roll,
gangsta lean...word.

hahahahahaha! lolz
mc Joker
Reply Tue 21 Apr, 2009 03:47 am
well you have some balls,
ill give you that,
but fool your no mc,
**** u cant even rap go home,
try again one day it might be good
like the **** ima smoking,
this dane oviously burnt your ass,
and all you can do is start small talk,
you got a long way to go,
its not are fault your gurl is a ho,
ima sorry i hafta diss on you so hard
but your ass aint nothing but a bitch ass wanna be
so go back to licking your mommys nipples
hell maybe you will learn
my name is joker
ima midnight toker
and to me your nothing but a joke
a good laugh
but idk maybe your actually trying
Reply Wed 22 Apr, 2009 04:19 am
@tHe CrUsHeR,
there have fun peace hip hop 4 life

you said it yourself its all a bout professor
call um out professor
put a brawl in ya heart have it crawlin out of habit fallen out my mouth magic
u listen to to much necro "death murder rap"
heard a that
bring the dead back life its still a fact of life you dont bring words with fact
lift the axe
cut the ambillical
**** the ambilical
what i wasnt born with a ambillical
you want me to string you folks on kindleing smoke
pinoccio rope
the pope the dope
have um all you still have no hope no faith
no open gates
the doors closed do not open for fakes
ok krusty clowning the only time you get pies n cakes
im a hip hop hustlah defying fate
this is a retorical question could you possibly be a wise mistake
the doc pump ya ma stomach after what she tried to take
her suicide died she produced a reason for the use of cyanide
when you were formed she died inside
you werent warm ,mom a barn door
you slipped out of torn fragments of a farms floor
her intent on drinking cement still wouldnt make you hard core
when you pups learn to bite you wonder what bark for
when you have a billion people backing u you'll know what to march for
thats why i march forth
victorious aint it glorious the end of the story thus
what do you mean are score my art form before we cuss
this is a 36liner ,dont think i cant make a fourty bust
this is hip hop you cant mess with fourty of us
ya shorty love us
favorite lable wanna record me and love us
you'll still be here when im long gone you can record me dust
get off my jock satan jesus christ thats some horny lust
thanks for the free promotion
this is my world an my database ok crater face your free to move the ocean
only way you would ever tied or be able to do a title wave
i do that with vinyls sign ya spinal with some vitals
haveing something real to say has become vital
this is called what time it is when we sundial
your girl looking like my stack of porn compiled
she says i come in three tastes
hot hott and hotter i dont come mild
when its comes to spittin in n an emcee's face
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tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Thu 23 Apr, 2009 03:15 pm
here i go ill let it flow like a river filled with blood
dragging ya name through the mud professor your up first let me play with ya blood
they will put ya body in a black Hearst listen to my tongue
as the **** i spit is venomous i whispered in Judases ear watch as i
hay professor this **** ain't about u Ive read ya crappy rapps
but i do gotta give ya some credit beacuse credit is due
hay kids its true
he has been on here for a long time now wow this
cat has not got a life now this bitch is in strife now
i don't care for any other battler here beacuse
ya fake wanna be rappers rapping the money
**** rapping the funny ****
so Ive one against all u beacuse i did not mention
i am sick a i am ******* off now who cares
you ya name ya all lame
i cause it to rain fore i am ya massire my spirit
flies hire i rule this empire with the iron fist ill save
ya life like shindlers list or ill gas u in a chamber
make you do slave labour totting my gun watch
out ya Betta run
Ive watched the fear in eyes blood ties i get in the
minds of the weak my **** is still uneake
eleate i eat off flesh ill travel to Bangladesh Ive
sat with the black monks
Ive put bodies in trunks i don't give a **** shucks y'all
are fake but ya all cool its only fun now but when
ive herd mother fuckers rapping about mango's lets
tango with my knife get a life oh ya wanna ****
keanu reeves please
what lunatic why ya eating dick cheese geeezzzzzzz
new be fresh meat
ya rapps are pretty craps with the hats on the
craps shakem up chakem up throw them in a
circle of homeys and watch me brakem with a
seven a 7e11 hang on ice cube whats this **** STOP
ya thought i was a biter a thief it ain't me its u ya know
its true so professor u ok dude ya been on here for long time but i
can rewind this **** like a tape its all cool **** it
Reply Thu 23 Apr, 2009 07:37 pm
@mc Joker,
Hek No, U Did not come here to diss me,
cmon who is this fool, ah bum, or someone high on pcp,
no way, no how, Mc joker.. pathetic,
Im not Sympathetic, to bumz,
i only characterize those in synthetic,
fresh knitted fabrics,
not woven fleece, or hemp in it,
dont try n come dis lunatic,
U crazy, i'll dip some Def6 in ya dome,
like ice cream when ya put ah spoon in it,
bitches im not spooning ****,
juss ah bitch like ya girl n momz, holdin up mah balls n dick,
mah dick is thick, mah balls is large,
not big, but round enuff, if a slut suck it leaves her mouth scarred,
Im not from this planet, but mah world is not far,
You the type to get ah bitch n the front seat of ya sisterz car,
im the type to put ya bitch to sleep, i give her the maximum,
u dont give enuff, more like da minimum,
sorry dog,
i can rhyme, a little to good, n off da dome,
juss remember, i can rap go home.

hahahahahaha lolz.

0 Replies
Reply Thu 23 Apr, 2009 08:10 pm
@tHe CrUsHeR,
ok Crusher, ya little bugger,
i juss wanna "pell" like you, but nevermind,
i'll waste mah time tryin to rewind,
when u read this name, it rings like fuckin chimes,
where da heck this gun come in, u aint never catch ah crime,
or did the crime catch you,
n the only way u get out of jail early is by snitchin,
now i aint gonnna front, i didn't see that extra bull about me in that rapp,
but u sound like ah whole load of hot **** combined wit childish crap,
look juss like u said i steal ****,
well listen pussy, **** you, n drop dead,
cuz u aint sayin **** to me on this thread,
nada you fuckin chocha,
i'll grab tha pistol make ya ass scream HOLA,
cuz u gonna be at ah 7e11, juss not on earth,
u aint gonna be saved, not on no shindler ****,
im on some, hitler ****, Blitzkrieg n U More Like ah Cotton Fist,
u soft as ****, n keanu aint the only one thatz bout to get beat tha **** up,
n muthafucka ice cube says stop n so does everyone else,
so dont use that line, and take the vagina off tha top shelf,
im'a stop right here juss like this, cuz i make femine bitch niggaz pee on themselves,
n i think i smell urine...

is that you faggot!
tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Fri 24 Apr, 2009 06:00 pm
i was drunk ******* around on line that's why i get
a little drunk and start
trying to type **** down what did i ******* do
ok i was drinking the devils wine i stabbed my brother
i sat back a luffed as i watched him cry i looked in to the fire
and thought i am the massire i got a bit of wire and inserted
it in his check the stereo was playing immortal teckneek
i poked his eye out 2 this was when i was drunk of the devils
wine i feasted of brains and eyes
Ive baptised babies in blood washed there face in mud
who cares back
on track with my bro i raped his ho as he is lying in blood
with my video recorder on recording this **** i knock myself
out no doubt
in the morning i woke when god raised the sun only to find the
damage that i inflicted i seen the video recorder oh on i
plugged it in
to the p.c to find blood on my key board and brains eyes and
a glass of wine
on my desk is a mess ok oh well back to the video
camera i hit play
only to discover my body was taken over by
demonic bionic spirits that's why
i lay with my third eye open in i don't know what to do
its true they say Ive got scitsophrinia well that's
whats in the media tha crimes Ive done is not fun
what do i do when my mind shuts down
and the spirits take over
how can i do such a thing should i plea with
god i killed our dog and eaten our bird Ive
nailed my mom on a cross i made well played
Ive hacked my fathers legs and arms off and
mended his wounds so his brain works but no
arms and legs i get hookers with aids to ****
and suck me og iam unstable
with a dead body laying on my kitchen table
its our priest well at least i am alive only the
strong survive

is it a dream or reallety or is it the devils wine i should not battle when drunk sorry peoples i always do it and lunatic yes wtf
Reply Fri 24 Apr, 2009 10:51 pm
@tHe CrUsHeR,
um, that was very gay.There is no excuse to type so bad especially if u drunk of the devils wine.

ok last warning mah nigga,
type correct, or dont type at all,
and use ya words right,it doesn't make sense even wit the demonic recall,
luffed u need to look up the definition to it,
thats juss ah fancy word, of sayin to turn ah ship,
i dont care bout no wanna be satan n ****,
or some dirty water that u drank from mexico,
i can't believe, u thought it was the devilz wine, more like piss,
From ya grandma's camel toe,
ppl like u i wanna smack n ****, wit all dis blood,
eastside Og five star red stone ridah, i Soo-woo it up,
i advise you to go have some of ya momz period about 2 cups,
now im'a gett of diz hatin ****,
get back to me, n mah metaphors,
cuz when i come thru da door,
get u stepped on like rugs on the floor,
im'a ah animal, the way i **** make bitches scream "No MORE!"
the Dick Big, so iz the gun, Nickel Plated,
situated, in ah placement, juss in case i have to pop son,
Fly like the wingz on ah eagle,
i'll make you fly wit da pump or da eagle,
i make niggaz think twice, before they come towards me,
it aint tha 70'z but im quick tah show the piece,
it's not irrelevent, of mah intelligence, to control mah street,
Watch out For Me Def6 Is The ReapEr,
So Dont Go n Wet Ya BEd sheets,
im quick to bite ah nigga head of like treez n beaverz..

hahahaha playa....lolz

0 Replies
crusader boss
Reply Sun 26 Apr, 2009 02:47 am
your rhymes are wack
my rhymes are tight
tighter than your moms vagina
you aint strong you aint tough
scooby doo could mc better than
how does it feel im pimping your hoes
not earning me the right amount of cash
smack em with my pimp hand
Reply Mon 27 Apr, 2009 12:10 am
@crusader boss,
OoOoOoOoO! mah gosh how garbage!
sike nah that was hott as hell mah boi..
u got the devil sweatin...lolz
0 Replies
Baby J
Reply Mon 27 Apr, 2009 01:06 pm
@crusader boss,
oh em qee dis site wen dwn hill since i left!!!! yall niggaz really dink you knw hw it feel ta b in da cold world..u hav no idea hw it feels ta b gang bangen n goin thru life wit a mom who wus nvr therr and a father who tried his best but had a alcohol problem!! ima tell u a lil sum about me and my life wit out my and my sister and my babyboii..u aint felt hurt untill u done gone thru it!!

What's up HomeGirl, Billie, or do you prefer BITCH.
Moms out of the question since you were nvr ther fa shiit.
So pick your title please,
HomeGirl, Billie, or Bitch or we can keep it interesting and i can call you all three.
Anyways, lets skip the small talk and cut to the chase,
so little time to chat but got much to say.

I've been waiting on this moment I've been dying for this day. To get this **** off my chest and watch the pain go away. I'm giving it cut and dry straight from the heart, About as real as it gets. Right here is where it starts.

MY letter to a mother who didn't bother.
I could never understand how a woman could just up and leave her own flesh and blood like that
with all the money, food and clothes while she throws her kids on da street like a bumb holdn a hat..beggn fa money.

Excuse me for asking but what kid of woman dose that. Not a woman at all just a coward with no heart.
A mother who didn't bother with happy birthday cards or merry christmas calls.
I remember those nights when you would beat on me so fuckin bad you often left bloody silhouettes on the living room walls.
"Quit Hurtin ME" those weren't voices in your head
but despite the cries from your children who saw every ******* thing that you did.
Even as im grown i can't escape the screams
"Please somebody help this woman is going to kill me."
The sounds are horrifying they torment me in my dreams.
Flashes of black and blue floating down and red liquid streams.
A Letter to the mother who didn't bother.
To come with and explanation as to why she did those things.
You wouldn't believe
me if i told you as a toddler late at night
i would pray "God give daddy the strength to pack up and take flight.
Prayers do get answered this i know is true
cause 3,000 miles later here we are far away from you.
But still this anger lives no matter what i do.
I even tried drugs; i did coke just like you
the only difference is i give it up i love my kids I'm not a joke like you.
So sit back relax kick up your feet
and read this is a letter to a mother who didnt bother, to worry about his children's needs.
Where were you at when we were down on our luck,
Living in condemned houses, shelters and out of our car trunk?
1 boy 1 girl and one dad all crowded in one room
cause the summer heat quickly faded and the winter came soon.
Before we knew it we were out on our Ass
because with no money even one room isnt a guaranteed to last.
So there we ere 1 boy 1 girl and one mom quickly packing our bags tossing them in that station wagon that had barely any gas.
Traveling from city to city and town to town
in search of a soft warm bed and place to lay down.
Dad did what he had to do for us to get by.
While you're bitch ass was out getting fucked by a bottle just to get high.
This is a letter to a Mother who didnt bother or give a damn rather her kids were dead or alive.

I can remember about $3.00 ago, thirteen years have passed but i can still see you as you came through that front doe.
You approached my older sister and put her on your chest trying to buy her love, like she was a $3.00 hoe.
That was your oldest kid in case you don't know.
Then you looked at me and i had excitement in my eyes. "Bitch you don't get **** "That was your reply." Hey Homegirl i can't even lie that **** ripped me up like on of those ginsu knives.

As i got older i began to realize
that $3.00 ain't **** and can't make up for all of the hurt, pain and lies.
So keep your three dollars and buy yourself some time.
This is a letter to a mother who didn't bother to be in her childrens lives.

I remember those days when i was going to school
listening to my friend's talk about their moms and the fun things they would do.
"My mom bought me a cool bike. Hey mine got me one to."
i would quickly walk away with nothing to say about you.
No camping, or even fishing trips, just drugs, neglect, Broken ribs and fat lips.
I was quick to learn those things are best left unsaid.
I replaced the truth with "Hey my mom is dead"
it's not to far from the truth. I'm just keeping it real.
BITCH your're a walking dead woman how does it feel.
You never gave your kids **** just took and and continued to steal.
A letter to a mother who didn't bother.
Jesse doing fine she get more and more beautiful each and everyday,
after all you put her through you could never take her beauty away.
Im doing ok got a job making decent money.
Got a beautiful son also who thinks everything is funny.
i alredy graduated man aint it funny how fast the time passes.
Im your youngest trying to make it big, "Rappin & Written" passd my english classes
And im doing time right now
been down for two years, one more left and im out.

A letter to a mother who didn't bother.
Thank you so much for giving me something to sit and write about. Jesse and I are doing real well.
Justin & Baby J does these names ring a bell.
Thats my little boy my bright star will soon light up the world.
These are the percious names of your one Daughter and her son and i can bet you one thing.
I will never walk away like you did.

I will give him something that you never gave to us 17 letters homegirl unconditional love.

I will pick him up when the world seems too tough and carry him through like a real parnet does.

I will teach him loyalty, honor, dignity, and respect. I will explain the ups and down;s so he'll know what to expect. I can write for days about the things i will do but the one thing i won't is be anything like you. A letter too a mother who didn't bother.

I never knew the power of a mother's hug but i do know the damage being strung out on drugs.

You've cause a lot of pain and done some wrong in your life but its never to late to make things right.

I can't say i hate you that wouldn't be fair. I just resent the fact that you were never there.

A letter to a mother who didn't bother.

BabyJ aka Your Daughter

p.s From a daughter who will always love the mother she never had

~Baby J Edweezy out, we out here~
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Reply Wed 29 Apr, 2009 04:45 pm

join "the movement" its a gathering of hip hop community leaders producers emcees dj etc .... come join
0 Replies
slim sinba
Reply Sat 2 May, 2009 05:43 am
no mean t **** u guys up but

r u a weed head or a dick head
cus ur all saying the same **** that he said
u guys must get feed
cus ur talken so much **** its funny u aint dead

this cant be a neverending rap battle
u guys r have a tea party not a battle
ur raps are idlie
it like u all suersidle.

just u all stay shh
befor i have to put back in ur mums tush
i know were it is cus i was the one who made her trim her bush
so stay down and ******* sush
0 Replies
Reply Sat 9 May, 2009 05:04 am
im done with all you ball lickers
this ones for you homies malt liqour
drunk monkeying around the shaolin town
backyard bruce lee
junkyard jackie chan
weapons a choice looseleaf
a ballistic diss style an loose teeth
in the trenches gripping wrenches
i'll keep the flow under control
you hot heads can warm the benches
im urb curb an suburb smokeing the herb
smokeing the word
never broken my word
broken my world just to find the missing piece
fought the war
fought the morge
sleep with the dead ended up getting head from the brains of the outfit
oh is that your skin jump out it
feel good in mine i'll tell you something about it
graffitti my piece treaty on ya piece you beedy eyed beast
breakdance an make romance when i make yo ho dance no pants
no cant stop the devil from getting to the damn top
thats mans job
my duty of valor call to civic duty
i'll take ya civic an ya cutie with the booty
could act like its and act
like attracts like
give um the mic thats what i like
millions of others have discovered this other state of thought is it a way ya taught on ya mind today ya got tommorow's troubles solved and blueprinted
ya'll walk to the finish line this dude sprinted
what r u doing kid
no longer doing cid shrooms or coke
still make a whore choke
for some more coke
survival of the hit this
no witness no time to look back if its survival of the fittest
where ive bin surviveing is the least of the beast which trails you
hope ya senses wont fail you watch the mirrors dissappear looking around more grounded then most these bomb boys

Reply Sat 9 May, 2009 05:37 am
dont be stupid , took the intelligence quotent
thought it wasnt relevant made no sense
needs to be more potent
sat with some scholars and some gangstas
listen pages are bullets we live in the battle field wont blank ya
more likely freestyle debris honey thats the way its gotta be
in this colony
pinnocio have your limbs fallin free
cut the strings
enough common sense not to buck a king
buckle up or buckle down
grab ya teddy bears cuddle up ,just kidding you can chuckle now
.fists up knuckles down
cross my heart an hope to die
when i open my eyes
to dope n demise
to broke to see the rise of eyes an sighs of suprise
old friends unable to see through your desguise
went from bagging the fries
to bagging the high
how many wings does it take for dragons to fly
1 first class ticket to wherever i wanna kick it
breakdown the white pickets
break sound barriers with white chiclets
chickets make the dick wet
its set im just wondering dog why aint you bitch yet
you aint rich yet
naw but i got the music its about the music
about to loose it a mouth to use it
move east west north south to music
behoove bitch
get ya feet on the floor
till your heart dont beat and you cant dance no more
with hoes an there cancur sores
when you have one the next day it aint sexy dont thank your whore
spank your whore
in the face tank ya work
but dude dont shank ya whore
thats what shanks are for
miley cyrus's teen angst probally what you get hard for
im a bboy you wanna box i walk the streets of cardboard
playing 52 pick up im out the door an ur pickin up card four
out before you got in your girls mouth
ask ya girl she'll tell you about how i out perform
out her form
opening her up to more possibilities well keeping her outer form
just like you sipholous the only think about her warm
you wanna tip of this the tip of this gave her nipple twist a triple twist
now it drips to piss
good thing she was dead i dont know how if i could live with this

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