Reply Fri 9 Jan, 2015 01:07 am
haha Wink im just brushing off the dust on the pad..

tampax open ya third eyes , pussy need an eye pad
nut **** the devil with the hands of gippeto my bad
im from my dad moms double O G ...
aint that a son of bitch... doggs know me
running your lips .. you should go catch your clit
deafest yet , the deficit definite
blessin eternally resting in burgundy , dont let it burden me
burning trees ... turning seeds ... turning leaf till they leave
grown into a new breed ... green... grown like weeds choco chunk dunks
gotta whip up a new batch butter ...bang so hard
viagra put me on contract ...
**** you through your moms ass
shiiit ... placenta get a whiff of who you ******* with

everyday thinking bout wage , ware war , for kings over things most can barely afford , a ford ,accord, a cord wrapped around your neck the tie on the guy on the next forbes. cheque ,necks check these nikes ... step ...
chin check these mics yep ... yep I slept with no roof over my head concrete beds still stay fed ... make bread never break bread with a fed .. fed up with all my brothers dead , hold my led up , hold my head up ..maybe write some of these wrongs , crazy might cause someone to do something right .... Ive fucked up trice
rhymes so mean
im fuckn nice
grind so clean
im cut n slice
coach cut me once
senor senior year
im back in jordans dunks ...with a lil flare before the dunk
get my slice of pie..baking some cake baked
listen'n to busta aint no bustah my busters caked
Can a cannabutter in canada brother ..
you need to smoke more till im understanding ya stutter
so down lookin up to saten understanding a brother
brothers standing with brothers
instead of standing on eachother
shooting there mouths off pulling cannons on each other
we need to reach others d scover more ways to love another
mutha **** a undercover unless shes under the covers then we nuttin aint nuthin ... she said something bout cuff'n, I dont front , gave her the night stick till lunch still drunk trill skunk the air .
Make ya feel so good put ya ones in the air
one love

one love baby ... one love ... ; )

Reply Thu 15 Jan, 2015 03:14 pm
took some time
watched as the cops tried to clock me
Glock me .. in a field of poppy's
no flanders ..just simpsons and springfields
acid rain wash away the kings reign , how do you think spring feels
cut my hand on my pen ,blood on the page .. still
make no move towards the steel
till my last bag a teal ...
feel like I got bag appeal
make a deal
make a mill
bin spinnin winds since sinning was a thing
bin The Thing .. before fantastic four was fantastic

bin putting knucks up since pups ,, sluts got me dunkin nuts ,, like dunkin donuts cept I keep my crispy cream...dont put cream in my coffee , wont put my cream in a coffin ..wont put my team in a loss n my regime flossin harder then a dental office this dude looking at my prophets ... nastradamus ...necronamus ..n im honest .. n my profits ... worn like a pro fit ... warm like a ocean ... dead bodies floating...

so hard viagra making pills out the blood I spill
blow hards , and crack heads dont wanna spar
know who you are , no car ... i'll drive over ya arse
over ya art .. over ya R .I .P
over ya overies in V.I.P.

smoke a G skunk mixed with some G funk
Play G strings like Dre with NWA
ya'll still on Dre . I have 3000 reasons why im better then andre
ladies wanna Mac dre ... Homies wanna mac pro
I Cant Front ... all my homies in the back row
gettin stepped on like burnt tobacco
Burned ass holes tobassco'd ... you aint cool slick
just covered a tobaggon in vaso
bash skulls and clean up the asphault with bath salts

Reply Thu 15 Jan, 2015 08:02 pm
hip hop a hot cross a Biggie an Pac's loss
like Jesus shot from a Kun Klucks Glock intravenous
vampires in sunlight I mean this , got you thinking genius
Brains so dirty you thinkin seamen dudes think conceited
wrote bars behind bars where cons see it
baby hallaluyurrr, virgin mother will they conceive it
**** this rap game I dont need this
its a choice , roll the rolls royce of voice
make some noise ,to many quiet
talk behind the back , ya grind is whack
my grind is wax ,timeless tracks
art the grimey cat for you bitches that dont know 90's rap
puffin that nighty cap aphdrodite after the rap flow blow up from rap shows instead of shrapnel pop another capsule instead a poppin another cats skull at the adams apple ...if adam has an apple eve must have some trees
lets plant a seed an grow into what ever we believe , Leave soon as were grown through weeds n stones,

Reply Sun 18 Jan, 2015 07:24 am
Retelling my anecdotes like seamen when they've had a smoke
has never proved so nerve-racking; they seem to treat it as a joke
Ostracised and outcasted much like OutKast
I was unlikely to outlast, 'cause I was highly outclassed
I remember when I was in (*Mrs. Lowton's*) science class
I was partnered with (*Afrah*)
no-one would even try lab-partnering with a man of my character
Everybody who cracked up rathered I just died sad
buried under dry land
Back on the surface, I was walking around nervous
I never worked with a girl before, I was uncertain
Then my autistic instincts encouraged me to flirt
But she burst out shouting and and turned my conscience curtains
What the ****.....? Is every certain chick always this scandalous?
All they want to do is act hard-to-get and slanderous
Everyone I've ever had a crush on fucks off
to marry someone butt-strong and leaving me lovelorn
I swear to the good Lord if I had a double-shotgun drawn
I'd put a hole in the dames and blow their husbands'nuts off
Lay back on the couch, smoke some good bud and bust off
while I watch them burn in hell, getting butt-fucked and bucksawed
Writhing in fire, pryed with some pliers
Squashed with a pile of big tyres
Pecked at by ravenous ravens and fried up on wires
Don't like what I say? Good!
Now you know what it's like to be told something painful
So stomach it and stick it on your navels
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Reply Sun 18 Jan, 2015 07:25 am
I ride for my family
My friends and my faculty
My homies long-lost
And for my brother though he ain't never did Jack for me
But I don't give a dick in a fanny
F-U-C-K, That is the word
I'm a nerd just trying to prove some manly worth
to every ************ out there who carries a purse
to put their loose change in
after they've purchased some new trainers or some cool braces
to hold their tooth in places
These are the truest statements
spewing from an Asian
who's truly a drooling portrait of that dude Raymond
So who's to say that I ain't good enough?
Dude I'm great
like a skateboarder giving that half-pipe a motherfucking rude awakening
(skating sounds)
Back to the topic in question
If I'm really this much of a send
Then why haven't I managed to find a friend to send messages to?
Is it that time yet?
I guess I shouldn't fret
I've got plenty of dogs to Ride with even though some of them drive me round the bend
like a water pipe that's underground
Then again I've always been underground
Riding the trains from one place to another
putting up with all the other passengers there
No wonder I can't reach for my bag and my chair
Because those faggots are there wearing the ragged of gear fixing manic stares at the man sitting square
on his ass, smoking a fag while he's staring out the window
looking at the atmosphere
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Reply Sun 18 Jan, 2015 07:27 am
I don't wake the neighbours, I send the neighbours to their wake
I make noises loud enough to place the players in their grave
I'm dead to the world just like Jesus when He got crucified
Nailed to the Cross, erected and left under the moon to die
I postulate as much as a girl cries when she ovulates
whenever I want answers straight
They come by and formulate
Pedantry is one of my autistic traits
That's why instead of saying **** you, I bite a thumb at you the broader way
(do you bite your thumb at me, sir?)
I got an adept mind that's Shakespearean
I emerge in Thy midsummer night's dream and stab thee with Macbeth's knife
Now you've lost a lot of love in the form of blood and gone into labour
Like Juliet when she got repudiated
(you're not my daughter!)
Constipated, my life is so complicated
I'm always looking for dates only to end up with ones that're rotten and wasted
If I waved a rap book right in front of you, it'd be at a face value
but you'd still stand there and behave casual
I'm still retarded, still being hated and disregarded
Lower than one who lands a job as a Santa Claus in the kids' department
You won't appreciate a kid who's honest
But you would date a prick who drives a Mercedes and carries a thicker wallet
Whoever said you hookers were perfect? I shouldn't be nervous
I'm not a pervert, I'm more like a ministry service
the way I deliver these sermons
I was born a Christian on purpose
Giving my heart to the one who birthed the Earth is well worth it
Hard-working brother from a conservative mother
A divorced parent who's got no other than a younger son to love her
I got a brother with three kids, one of them is surrogate
Playing Prime Minister like he runs the ******* government
Stubborn social bureaucrat and an atheist
who's so Satanist he'd start a mosh pit with God's angels and still come out unscathed
That is what I put up with for so many years
I might as well have sat down all day and grown so many beards
A self-accompanying man doing battles with himself
Tackling his own worst enemy, smashing him with shelves
Racking and stacking him, smacking him and strangling him with an AV cable
And driving him headfirst through the commentator table
I'm a harassment to myself, sexually, psychologically
Sensually, mentally and psychotically
I'm spirited enough to spook Scrooge with the ghosts that visited him on Christmas
and have them return the next night and stab him with Todd's scissors
That's what I could do to these hoes who don't behave
Who won't wave, who don't have the heart to undergo a change
Who keep casting low gazes on me like I'm an addict on a blow game
or I'm an illiterate faggot who's got no brain
I'm so hyped up that I'd run over Cyclops with an I-ROC
Travel back in time and lob a clock at Timecop
Come back to the present and smack every thug out of their skin so fast
They won't have a future to set their eyes on
Reply Tue 20 Jan, 2015 01:17 pm
I Just came back from hell,lifted the devils pitchfork,no need for it now,cuz I'll pop this square flat with the metal.. that's a clipboard!!!,caught him coming out the knit store no need to exit the whip boy,my bitch bout 6"4,I put her legs on my shoulders while we *******...her feet still hits floors,do we got KIDS?that's a COPY..ages?TEN FOUR,face it they racist..why y'all still displaying them timbs for??my rage can't fit in a cage I'm raps mastiff..big dog!!,I'll bring you to your knees in front of your chick bastard...that's engagement cuz I'm pissed off these dude can't keep it a the 99 cent store..thinking they lips soft as im getting licked off by two space cadet Asians at the days inn..that's lift off..gone..out
Reply Tue 20 Jan, 2015 01:17 pm
grind like a skater taking the elevator , L's a Vapour what you want me to tell a hater ..revelator beasting now aint waitin with saten to rebel later ... you can smell I cater to my cake making it baked .. . party at my own wake with an 8th of grape.with 8 eights of trip grade great no shake, now where the bass , put 2 tens in ya face hear the twens shake ..

Im here , what do you hear, lend me yo ear ,
my friends my foes chemicals puff medical
shiiiit gotta let it go ... go get the gold
gold sold fo platinum , coal in the sole running on them any mo
these tracks turnin diamond ,learned the science
burning ions earning grindin turning eye's n
turning heisman till I earn a island,murder midas
eat a handful of Burger midas .
Ya'll can beef my shits gold
You can get Roll'd faster then a Royce
its a Good year they tired.. keep that pussy moist
..Wet willy her silly ya feel me,
, dont pull out the milli and shoot
aint no big dealy shes really cute , philly hoot smoking
guile suit , jimmy broke like achilles kill the mood
dont feel me who , give a nut
asylums full
I aint kiddin fill my sippy cup ...with a sixty well im feelin sixty sluts fillin fifty up to there fitted flow **** up the physics
puffing up some wizard .. sipping up some slizzzarrrd
swishing swishers... switching scissors to cut the gold ribbon
run **** , thats how my soul livin
rap star nascar knows my tracks mo driven
rap flow rippin
the sixth sense out these apparitions
sit back n listen , count your blessings
shoot if you have to count your ammunition
count the people you love
and the fam u missin
before you blam a christian
or anyone trying to cross your path or vision
with some bullshit blasphemism

Reply Tue 20 Jan, 2015 01:18 pm
Great work Ills I wanna hear some more recordings Smile your on some shiiit
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Reply Tue 20 Jan, 2015 01:19 pm

Raw as always some beautiful inlays in this and soo meannnnnn
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Reply Wed 21 Jan, 2015 06:07 am
From within a thug's mind comes criminal thoughts
Money, pussy and drugs ..... these defile him in the heart
The sins are so dark you could cover a lot of chocolates with it
Temptation has its evils and and we've all been caught up in it
Take moi for instance, I've lusted for a lot of women
Especially the hoodrats wearing short skirts and knickers
Broads who are promiscuous, whores who are delicious
and would give someone a lick and kiss and they call that frolicking
A lady into drugs will take you for a mug
and rape you like a thug and run away with all you've got
She'll engage in any sex for the sake of getting plugged
And by "plugged", I mean injected with a blade full of stuff
That's how they're cut up rough, the powder makes them tough
And when you mix them both together, the whole environment blows up
****, if I ever got into that sort of foreplay
I'd shoot myself in the head to save my mother the heartbreak
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Reply Wed 21 Jan, 2015 07:36 am
Watch me sound-bomb, do the dirty on you like a cow's dump
Mess up your speakers until the feed's cut and your sound's gone
That should shut you up, talk smack and I'll **** you up
worse than being jumped by 6 hooded thugs in a slum
I'm sore numb, I was born dumb, but I'm humble
The type to slip, trip and fall and make my butt stumble (Ouch?)
and I can't get up; I need a chick to help me up
but I can't seem to pull one when I'm pushing, I get fed up
My self's messed up from the lead that I've been swallowing
Bit the bullet each time I get provided a clobbering
verbally and psychologically; for short, I'm logically slaughtered
All of the letters have dropped out of my pocket
(A, B, C....)
That explains why some of the time I can't find the words
just to say I love someone, so maybe a lip-lock can ignite the nerves
I'll look at a girl happily if I like her curves
And be straight with her, and take extra care that I don't swerve
and hit a brick wall; **** all the slick walks
Just a simple talk with a sassy chick makes my dick tall
Don't blame me, blame what I am and who I am
I'm just trying to be honest; don't shoot a man!
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Reply Fri 23 Jan, 2015 07:29 am
Never in my life have I met a harlot so arrogant
This prostitute's had it, a lifetime of sucking on carrots
has corrupted her and transformed her into a cock-sucking addict
and now she's got to go through the trouble of a pre-nuptial marriage
On second thoughts, **** a marriage; give her a horse and a carriage
Let her ride in that until the chicken falls on her back end
That gives a whole new definition to the wheels falling off
Because her heels were knocked off course
soon as she keeled off that horse
Now she's a diva on fours, you should see how she crawls
She's like a snake in the desert, you should peep how she swallows
She wallows and gobbles like she hasn't eaten for years
And when she's done with the donkey, she ups and cleans off the tears
That's how a ho puts up a show, that's show-business for a swinger
The way she does it slow and moans, you would think that she's a singer
But you know the old saying, it isn't over 'til the fat lady sings
or in this case, until she falls and breaks her rings
And by "rings", I mean the ass that's got the anus in the shape of it
Then again, that's how it is when someone rapes it
So you don't need to GET engaged because you already ARE
A match made in Heaven, 'cause you've fucked that whore to the stars

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Reply Mon 26 Jan, 2015 01:38 am
dont give me no jazz I want the funk
slamdunk krunk gimme dat dat skunk
run rrrrumpa pum pum on a drum
numb went from crumb ta getting bread
fcukeed up stumbling ta bed , mumbling
stomach rumbling , these monkeys got bars like a jungle gym
geurilla in ya villa freala skills a vanilla atilla till i peel the
appeal out the manilla ma will a steel still steel bra
**** you like cecilia wheels I wield on hermes heels
peel the rubber since I went to hubbard could reach the cupboards
its bin getting gutter since we bin getting butter
its bin getting gutter since weve bin milkin utters
cows and our mothers
cops always try n **** you , they got thousands undercover
media can stop the cock block on top spot ,
hip hop got thousands undiscovered

Wink HIGHpro

Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2015 12:28 am
to whom shall I apologize for all the lies
who gonna give a **** , what sluts want the nut to
so its **** them and double **** you
and a dub i puff two
Bitch who you tryn to ruff ruff too?
I aint ever duck these cluck kluk crews
aint playn duck duck greygoose
ppl like your a douche
im like dude u want me to clean up these pussies
juice , in my drank ... suit in the bank
never tie , forever dank , aiming high shoot angel eyes
from here till now till cayman islands , came in wyling
left my name in the veins a science , searching in vane
when they banging sirens , when I bang I aint banging silent
im banging a gang a violins orchestrate my ends .hazing diamond
who feel amazing I am , till the trident of poseiden change hands ta midas .

HIGHpro dro dro

smuuks again
Reply Fri 30 Jan, 2015 02:34 am
Hi everybody,
Its Smuuks,i have roughly recorded a verse if yall listen to it and give your thoughts onit,it would mean alot to me
0 Replies
Reply Fri 30 Jan, 2015 07:09 pm
I'm so crazy; how so?
I'm so crazy I can serenade eighty babes while breaking tapes, making shakes
Baking cakes, bathing in the greatest lakes
until I'm laden with baby hakes
with a face like an Asian takeaway
I act like a bar of chocolate and make a Breakaway
Reserve my music like a product paid on layaway
So pay some respect and appreciate the statements made
Show some love like a hen with eighteen babies laid
My words bring pain like a group of racy ladies raped
and hang emcees like a pair of baby drapes that's graced
Kick it like a goat gets enraged and breaks the gate
It's your fault, you shouldn't have gone and made that grave mistake
Get seen to, let the nurse raise and tape your face
Let you skedaddle with brand new lady trainers laced
When ILLustraight breaks it on the stage, they wave and rave
louder than animals on the farm who sway and wail and bray
Jesus came into my life, that's why I erase my state and pray
Ask Him to forgive me for my ways, my prayers save the day
Don't care about tomorrow, but about what's taking place today
Today I'll date a baby-faced lady swaying gracious-lay
And I don't care if she's a Haitian, Jamaican
Mauritanian, Albanian, Cayman or a palely Asian babe
"Hey hey hey" like Albert in his greatly rated days
Congregate and liaise with mates and sing away to "Amazing Grace"
Reply Fri 30 Jan, 2015 11:14 pm
despondent sonnets phonics super sonic psalms is atomic palms is nastradamic lines acrossed it quatrains centurys of knowledge acknowledge it ,abolish or polished as christopher wallace strippin a wallet so I get in ta college, rappers getting not pissed , im the shiit ....give the trip 9 a flip .. always watch my six , sick no matter how they defining it , my grinding diamond tip, rhymeing leave ya hyman ripped ,every line a heisman grip ... so cold make ms clause strip on the north pole , she helen kellerd beat that pussy with morse code till she snow globed... Oh No, Bitches ... keep acting old yeller ... id rather sit in coach wit yela rolling to coachella yelling hoes get cut off at the ambillical , baby you think im crazy inking rabies ,thinking incan gravy , maybe maybach before may, may crash the nasdaq, add a cymbal to my next track , as a symbol necks snap ... !!!CRACK!!!..... -HIGHpro
Reply Sun 1 Feb, 2015 09:56 pm
taken satens ceramic throne im on some hot **** , fly as some hawk **** when I hawk spit ...ya'll ******* beefing , keep sucking ox dick obnoxious
nauseous throwing up in mosh pits , assholes wanna talk ****, rock the mic so hard it'll bring tupac ta life, to drop a cyph... drop the mic ... peace the **** out , or see what happens when I beast the **** out , knock ya teef the fuxs out ....step up pull ya nuts out , f'd up i pull ya guts out ... kick your butts out...
smuuks again
Reply Sun 1 Feb, 2015 10:14 pm
yeah voice sucks i know,i gotta cheap mic so that a reason too but thanks for the feedback
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