Reply Mon 17 Nov, 2014 10:23 am
they can just forget about me
and I`ll forget the **** they said about me
for every one that doubt me
the false friends around me
who act like there above me
backs to my face shrug me
talk smack an play buddy
who were never around
to say Hi when I was down
Now I stay HIGH , always down
alot of these pussys flowing meow
think im kiddin ¸
these kittens crossed like nicole kidman
I used to give a ****
now I give a butt
a kick if it talk to much
I use to give a ****
Now I give a nut
if a prick wanna bust
holding the game down
I wont give it up
I`ll shiv it up
six six six it up
liqs lips mix it up
liqoured up
zipper down
lick her up
rap illiterate
fact I dont give a ****
ass I will give a kick
if you act beligerent
never drop a dime
but heres a little sense
never drop a nine
people want evidence
residence resonance decadence
we use to be so bright ,its like life turned out the lights
we havent seen mecca since
blood spilt in the pools of knowledge
we give our heads a rinse
doc im off my meds again
mind my buisness on my edison
tesla testin a taste of his own medicine
electro therapy
shocking how he rock`n
the looseleaf with bruce lee skill n dexterity , pac`n
so keep playing possum
I keep staying awesome
blow up like a race in boston
I aint racing a racist
I aint raising enraged fists
I am raising an iron maiden
hold led zepplin like this pencils a weapon
roll up like im blazing
with the fire , pack`n papers
and a pen for you to write what happened haters
as for them gave all they had left couldnt get right with ya maker
ignite jamaica
tell um im wright brothers
high so fly with that W right! gutter
fly so high with that M might flip another
cannibutter stutter till im double U ....

HIGHpro 2014 nov 17 calgary alberta canada

Reply Sun 23 Nov, 2014 09:56 am
Yo professor, this is my bro gamma. he want to battle....

Imma sick mxiture of Socrates and Einstein
my cerebral has no flaws, its possibly a divine mind
9 times anything you can conjure with Mine Diamonds, Imma fragment of Nikola Tesla, Thats what I told the professor, i hold a spectre thatll put a hole in your vest sir, yes sir, ripping off your chest fur, the tech burst and make ya neck hurt but lets play guess first.
Imma the Christ of Crisis slicing and dicing ya eye with fire and ice, decapitating like ISIS , youre a little accident like mice s**t, you white b**ch, im a tyrant, mixed with a Goliath and a Leviathen, You die in, Brians pen,
no correctional facility, I have an erection willingly, that can protect my vascinity.
Reply Sat 29 Nov, 2014 09:30 am

Save the peace pray east
the all mecca
check heckla
Gravity gets lifted up in the 4x4 all blue pick up,
get chicks then takes shots with the poppa
almighty pen popper lyrical stem cropper,
drop ya, medical is proper,
kids with no father
left in the streets with show stoppa's
hustlers with those big choppa's
aiming for max commas
ready to aim them hot llamas
leaving the block in an all dead product,
massively made with no conduct,
Fluxing these grades no condom
impervious stage of no da da
left ma ma serving like maids with 2 job ba's
lets market some things with more star struck
comical brains people get stuck up
snobbier days with b cup ta ta's
impressionable pains,
don't need Cah cah
Liking the fame more than yourself does,
Keeping an image that's not even heard of,
living a dream that can make you commit murda,
give me my glass of tea, add sugar and stir up,
but thats none of my business tho,
sipping to get a glimpsing of what im missin,
mixed up, half grown business man still gettin,
messeges from shorty
in the big city
loyalty is a major, taught in all cities
petting the game
the b'itch sure do miss me
it's been a minute
so lets get bizzy and hit sixty
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Reply Sun 30 Nov, 2014 07:23 pm
high as a mutha fucka
grind like a mutha fucka
mind like id upper cut ya
third eye wide as a ma fucka
rhyme like no other ******
live mics no other buster
heinz sight no mustard buster
I aint ever f'd up
just got an F plus
for keepin it the freshest
who a god think they is to flesh us
when were so spirited
so never fear it kid
long as your heart beat
your here an hearts bleed
grown in the light of dark seeds
growing that life an spark trees
knowing half life is dark deeds
knowing rap life is spark frees
droin hash pipes dark green

High pro

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Reply Mon 1 Dec, 2014 11:40 am
tell gamma not to half step if he wants to battle me lol ... I dont accept light work ... please at least attempt to make it a challenge for me .. Wink
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Reply Mon 1 Dec, 2014 11:42 am
if your trying to battle me then tell me that your battling... dont just respond to my posts with writtens .. cause alot of people cypher here so if you actually wanna battle please call me out ...

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Reply Mon 1 Dec, 2014 09:04 pm
mic chek ya'll broken pencils .. dont care what you write yep theres no point
Im puffin on bliss , you tried to catch the fog n mist
when chemist die they pussy's die ovarian
im addicted to breaks stupid
your addicted to break fluid n say you can stop whenever you want
im having tea with moses cause hebrews it
i could quit spittin right meow n he'd loose it
he who? rubix ? squares got it twisted
ya'll can't step to my insanity souls anti gravity you cant put me down
they told me I had type A blood but it was a Type O
the type to attach a rifle to a rap ... at a live show
gettin richie like lionel , ya'll liein ya'll lions is pussy
geurilla warfare king of the jungle rookies
my dmx flow serious
your like pms jokes Funny period
take this class ass whipping to a soda factory
better hope theres not a Pop quiz
of who your pop is
look at you pissed off
with a bladder infection
yea you sick , but urine trouble
in the Hubble blowing hubba bubba burst ya bubble
hurse ya first rebuttal first ya verse was subtle
not even worth a mumble in the dirt ya dung go
take fire from prometheus , n jus blaze untill something devious
pyre ... Ya'll faggets burning for marshall mathers EMpire
Pbs wants there entire wardrobe back
my rhymes picture perfect kodak
i'll beat yo white ass till it goes so black
your momma thinks you were born like that
condoms you get worn like that
torn like that
**** I gotta go to work
i'll be back
you wanna recap
you about to be capped
and shot with your own knee caps
only time you'll be fly on the medi evac
bitches I think we need to start bringing pedigree back


Reply Tue 2 Dec, 2014 12:01 pm
**** an ideology
******* yea Eye and all ya G's
Like a Group hoe from the group home
with tabasco lube no vaso for you ass holes
first time youd drop hot ****
scat you wanna rap n talk ****
wrap your ass in plutominum bars you wanna be toxic
I smack whack domes couldnt see ya back bone with an X ray
High pack dat bong ya'll get it twisted in rap olympics ,like this isnt X games
so High im passed olympus ashin nimbus when thoughts cloud on clowns
reign of kings , wash away from rain of gods .
nickname cerebus only dogg who's down
Hell, He bin burning 2 L's
since you losers learned to spell
you dont measure up
slick rick scripts quick putting the ruler down
you were never cut from the same cloth
im acid wash ya'll brain wash
you asher roths, but half as soft
im butane wash mix an whip the butter
its gittin gutter in the kitchen brother
put my dro and my scale in different cupboards

High Pro

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Reply Wed 3 Dec, 2014 12:11 am
born with no colon , a **** I never gaveth
never see my name on the affidavit
have ta make it
if theres no chance
I'll create it
cut the fingers off a higher power
tryn put there hands in my bidness
I aint a ******* singer, rhymes open ya minds fer hours
government lobotomy's
flourine in the drinking water
got the herd beefing thinking slaughter
you bitches didnt hear , im putting my dink in your daughter ,
drinkin in your lincoln thinkin how smart she is giving me brains
nobb gobbler ...your a product of prada , gucci an cabbanna
i'll barrack your momma malia obama mail ya a bomb ,ugh my schlong in ya mammalia
I know the blu's baby like beyonce an jays daughter
never fail ta , inhale exhale bra
have an asthma attack with out a dab need my weed inhaler
vlad the impaler end tails written in entrails skys written in chem trails
and disney genitalia
know the agenda an what there trying to sell ya
theres things people are dieing to tell ya
cell ya , cellular growth with cellular phones
locked up in the cancer ward
trying to pay bills you cant afford
well they use billions on camera cords
and the courts wanna pull the plug take you off life support
aint nothing like a fork in the road
to make you street hungry
fortune in soul is worth infinite fortunes in gold
an the government trying to make weed legal
**** you an your ego
Ima grow it myself **** you n your people
trying to tax me on mother nature this is exactly why I hate ya
my tax is giving back to nature with acres you whack haters
be thankful you can breathe , paper to read ,
dont know who made you believe you had that power
its make belief , unlike this reef when my heartache with grief


Reply Sun 7 Dec, 2014 05:02 pm
lmao ... what I make a few verses and ya'll tuck tail and dont want none LMAO...

**** the cops
**** there moms
**** there pops ...(pop..pop..) gunshots
**** big brother in the eye well police scream stop
bullet to the head dead , and you still cant make my dreams stop
**** the pigs ... i smell porkchops

coming to my door
bring guns to my door
is a sign war
do i need to paint a picture
sign forbes
with a 44 call it the art of war
**** church
I aint praying for you carnivoures
drinking pale ale with the dark horse

they barearms
I hold my face up ,with bare arms
naked as the truth ... before the clean shave an suit
livin free , rock the bell's alexander liberty , slave to my nature
thanking a creator , for everytime they try n grave ya
just makes you smarter an braver ..
savour the flavour of victory
aint looking for a saviour
when noones around to save ya
you see what ya made a
kick um in the privates they think they major
pawns I played ya
well your queens in labour
I aint working for the machine
my sheen ... glow
indigo , indica
in the dro ,
charlie ... my bi polar bear has tigers blood
barbie ... my G.I. Joe , ya'll on EI ... oh
im on E.T. Glow
every finger has a point...
well rounded like my joints
make a wish
dig a well round it
build a foundation
rather build a down nation
with more spots
then dalmation's .. bitches
where cops aint got you ground tastin
down facing, anilihation
got profs taking drugs for pupil dialation
I could die today an live more life in my last breath
then you placenta getting winded , givin me neck
Next ... I wreck T's like tyrannosaurus
sippin nestea ,spittin, crunching nestle rappers
rippum , rippin piff'n spliffin im different like 2 chains
you cant Hang in front of my face... Bangs
hard as kirko ... with the heart of Curt co-baine
lifes a vicous circle i dont listen to commercial
its too commercial , when I do a verse no rehersal
moving hurse ,when he go n dirt ya'll
I gotta go work calls Wink


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Reply Mon 8 Dec, 2014 02:43 pm
pro pro pro fessor ,
know no flow fresher
**** these faggets
no homo , yessir

im like cassidy coming at diz no apathy , no actually , flow masterpiece everyones trying to get a piece of the master like a master p mass release ... these rappers aint **** fold faster then an asses crease... bon appetite
... im feasting on beats with raps elite...smoke a half every half a week ,
1 ounce of your best couldnt compete ...
only time you had brains when you were a **** seed ....
im getting brains in the front seat ... like bundy mixed with bun B ,
hungry as hannibal lector for munchies... pussies ...
pussy, hannibal lector for money ...
I aint joking like hannibal buress ...dummies ...
pay respect or die
zero never make it to 1 hundie
Reply Mon 8 Dec, 2014 03:36 pm
lost my soul , bought a new pair a shoes..
running this game in monopoly boots ..
.leave my timberlands laced like timbo an JT ,I (carry out ) every plan
to get grands. soon as this jet lands ,
im taking flight phoniex tears drip from my left hand
holding cloud nine in the right ... ignite ...
shoot I aint ever used a nine in a fight ...
except tech n were arguein bout whos next ... to blow ...
ya'll aint got the balls still sucking on my testicals ...
careful , I aint one to be tested hoe ...
my method flow , like meth withdrawls without methadone ..
got ya'll tweaking ... play BB's King on a epiphone ..
no frets ... they get strung up .. hands around the neck ...
make a chord stretch like a fat bitch in a spandex corsette ..
its (ironic) you look like alanis morisette..
my sonnets Iconic, keep ya eyes on it ..
grow faster then ron jeremys sonic ... ...Boom... lol
Reply Mon 8 Dec, 2014 04:57 pm
lol , oh you dont wanna **** with me
good, i only take orgasms with the fuckery
smoking kermit , burn it , dont dick with ms piggy
im hip hop scott le roc pac an biggie
its no biggie
ya'll do dirt , but dont dig me
they all want the P but wont get diddy
you'll get diddly if you spun like frisbee
and wont let me play with ma midi
your all beautiful none of you bitches is pretty
you dont like it , then bounce like the titty committee
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Reply Tue 9 Dec, 2014 12:13 pm
I got courage, fighting with the pride of a lion
My mind is like iron, a Popeye with the mindset of Zion
My gift is filled with God's light, when I strike at my highest
My rhymes shine, I put my rivals in a line and ignite them
I get dimes inspired, my lyrical ire entices them
Enlightening them with Bible lines that add kick like Bruce Lee's lightning
Don't make me a Number, my likes drive thousands to flight
Number 1 in my own right, I'm a rhymer in prime
Seldom divided by myself, never stop seeking His Kingdom
A Christian that accepts and hooks Jesus to my system
Now I'm up and running, I'm gunning like Rambo when he's struggling to make a soldier of himself
with the behest of his commanders
I creep and I stumble deep within the jungle meeting munchkins with muscles
That's part of the reason I've been tussled
all throughout the four seasons
There have been some times when I wished I could spring
out of this cold winter, and bring summer sunshine
I want mine like greedy businessmen with sole potential
Living on borrowed time like poor tenants owning rentals
It's guts over fear
My chest burns like Scorpion just chucked a hook in my heart and told me to get the **** over here
I pour my heart out until I'm painting claret everywhere
Blood in, blood out; my street ways are debonair
So mend me a suit and tie along with some ghetto wear
and let me wear them out on the streets so that my peers can stare
Wherever I glare, I can get respect anywhere
Asylum-seeker with an objective to sell his ware
Born with a split personality, my brain is chopped in two segments
I got a piece of some Heaven and some Hell in there
All I'm here to do is promote my stuff like Betterware
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Reply Tue 9 Dec, 2014 07:21 pm
^^^ somebody's bin working on there structure ^^^ Wink great job illy
Reply Wed 10 Dec, 2014 04:21 pm
ive bin searching deep inside of me
not many friends
but I like facts cause they never lie ta me
just another socio apart of society
I am who i am
not defined
by sex my skin colour , my nation or my mothers
when its gettin gutter for the butter
hungry mother fuckers
salt a brother
pepper fathers
cook a sister
you cant see that if you took a picture
then you need ta look harder
cause you soft
as a flacid carter
dicks start a fight
butt act pussy
assholes are sheit
but they aint ****
they more anus then a faggets game is
I aint playin bitch
all dogs go to heaven
send K-9's to cloud 9
puff on fine ,never drop dimes
hold onto your common sense
4 quarters O im feeling devine
pick ya balls up show some confidence
how else will people think , you fuckers are competent
my regards to the Chef ,, WU sincere Compliments

Reply Thu 11 Dec, 2014 07:32 am
To be or not to be, that is the question
Having a melodramatic session, when I put on a suit and kick Hamlet's head in
Then make his body Shake with the biggest Spear
Aim for his heart and stick it there much deeper than a tragedy with King Lear
This is a sad rap, it's supposed to bring some tears
So why the **** would you dance, prance, sing or cheer?
This **** is eerier than witnessing a bitch get slit from ear to ear
while they're upbringing their kids and living there
The streets resemble a Macbeth script
Somebody's always jealous and has a motive to kill just to get the best chips
And I'm not talking about chubby little brothers
and some hungry motherfuckers with stomachs like pregnant mothers
Super-Size things the American way
Walk around butt-naked like some Lebanese babes
and then they get raped
There are seven ways to sin and I've just named
about more than half of them, that is how things are today
**** is a shame like a pile of doo-doo with a guilty face
like it just did something bad, and crapped it all over the place
Bitches taste it, Christians hate it and Satanists make it
But there's a saying, **** happens
especially when you're constipated
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Reply Sun 14 Dec, 2014 08:28 pm
some say to rap you need confidence
I **** up n recieve compliments
Ive bin spitting alot
ripping the crop
spliffin the top
better watch my six n cops
trying to see if I fit the description
I aint boostin no more , still flippin
fill prescriptions ,ill rippin
mics ,for my homies doing life
mike still real ya'll know me
still pack no steel
**** yo mass appeal
this aint about how you rappers feel
if it happens , then I'll have ta deal
I gits ta scrappin , throw the easel in the garbage
**** these artists dont get the picture
heart is the hardest thing to harness
ya'll harmless, armpits you aren't ****
put tar pits inside of target go buy yourself a carcus

but these is all jokes
crack ya'll yolks
sunny side up
they over easy
get my butter up
lil cheesy
keep it greasy
steezy ... doc bboy with a couple CC's
easy as E every line pedigree for ya'll bitches
when im picking weeds that aint in ya'll ditches
or work release program
dro grams ... bumpin slow jams
no damns given , zero fucks to add up
what you need
I dont give a **** what you want
this is what you bleed , breathe ,feed,
if your not as hungry
survival of the fittest
is alive an well in this country
cops, judges, lawyers - witness
a demographic hit list
kinda thoughts make me wanna get so high grab olympus
packin nimbus take my shot at the rap olympics
just to see where my ass would finish
then I realize the propeganda has my salamander brain
fighting for top bannana , going ape **** ...with the answer
its time for evolution **** these revolving door revolutions
thats not a solution ..cops constantly breaking an rapeing the constitution
who ever let the po loose on earth should be charged for pollution
shooting first asking questions never ... keep my head duck down
moving verse passion quest endeavours ,keep my head stuck down
aint ever stuck up ... less its my dick ,,,, then bitch ,, you fucked up
nut up in your clit ... bleach it after so you cant have a baby rapper
with a rabies rap slurr... more soldiers in my balls then the navy
in the mess hall . serving baby gravy ... she loves a man in uniform
I love smart sexy girls that arent crazy .. yea... I love unicorns


Reply Mon 15 Dec, 2014 08:47 pm
i go hard in the paint
heart in the paint
art in the paint
artery n the veins
audibly more then I outta be
oddity do it cause it gotta be ,done
anomoly , pray I aint got no god in me, son

I get high ,
I get down
I dont just get by
I buy the whole pound
roll up my soul now and smoke one with a higher power
unless you have the power to higher hourly wages
dirty but i aint sleepin with you maggets
spliffin sages ... leaving mary jane body bagged quick
by the time , cops smell a fragrence
its emptied as your cadence
whether fbi or your tryn get me signed , i dont **** with agents
say this to sadist , your to pussy to make a great hit
sugar ... no grape mix .... sweet what else you tryin to hate Bitch
get slapped with my nutsack looking like saggy ape tits , go ape ****
you aint **** ... keep your bases covered ... I keep my basis loaded...
shoot its a home run wherever I floated ... this holster
just to heavy for you to shoulder ... posers still aint posing a problem ,
lil bit of acid , should solvent . got a problem I aint here to solve um , sal um .. im good man ... ...
all in .. what you aint playing ... joker , this aint no winning with fist ,go fish
its a hit n a miss , well im swimmin in hips ,women n tits ,
with ya bich playing strip poker .. shes says you hate when your given lip ...
i said thats bull **** pussies a hippocrite ... but I dont give a ****
I piss on your scripts
chop ya arms off throw some wrists in your scripts
cuff you a line of my **** ... youd overdose or get sick ...
soul looking for an exit... till i pull the plug on your next trip
this was a lesson nothing less than ...
is he bluffing ? won the jack pot
so you'll never know who had the best hand
doesnt matter , cause dealers on the next hand
long after they fold ,casinos sold .
memorys stay rich in the blood
bet your life on death thats the best guaruntee yet
odds are in your favour
savour every flavour ...
one thing we know of history
as with love its bittersweet
genuis's never sleep...
so wake up , and live your dream

Reply Mon 15 Dec, 2014 08:58 pm
bill nye ill rhymes fill minds that feel mines -HIGHpro
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