Reply Thu 7 Mar, 2013 03:00 pm
I know, but it's insane. Not the best, in fact, it's not that good
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Downloadable Content
Reply Thu 7 Mar, 2013 03:16 pm
Some Great Songs:

Mos Def- Mathematics
J. Cole- Lost Ones
Immortal Technique- Dance With the Devil
Blu & Exile- Show Me The Good Life
Common Market- Tobacco Road
Lupe Fiasco- Words I Never Said
Kid Cudi- The Prayer
Raz Simone- They'll Speak <------------ LISTEN TO THESE TWO
Yonas- I Could<------------------------- SOOOOOO GOOOD

Reply Thu 7 Mar, 2013 04:18 pm
@Downloadable Content,
I love mathematics although auditorium is one of my favorites by him

I never listened to the j cole or kid cudi one

Dance with the devil gives me chills even though I've listened to it a million times and "you never know" is the only song that has even gotten me to almost cry lmao

Check out things are looking up by classified pretty good feel good song
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Reply Sat 9 Mar, 2013 12:38 am
http://www54.zippyshare.com/v/9871412/file.html <<< go here and listen Wink
Reply Sat 9 Mar, 2013 10:06 pm
i love it man need to make more **** like dis
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Downloadable Content
Reply Sat 9 Mar, 2013 11:09 pm
Ugly almost always looks better in the dark,
And it looks more alluring when you look at it from a far.
And you know how hormones go when your 18 and spring starts
The first girl you fall into you don't ever wanna be apart
Your not using your head and your hearts dumb
And if you've been there I know you feel that beat even when theres no drum
So that natural beat really plays a big part
Theres a whole lot of stupidity when you're born with a big heart
Big Scars, From Big Cuts, From Big Wars, you wouldn't give up
It was you against each other and the world so you forced yourself to be tough
Cuz My momma always told not to play in the dark
And not to play with fire but I had to feel spark
Cuz I grew up being that child who spoke up the most in class
And if I didn't understand something you knew i would ask
Until the teachers got mad, I got cussed out in the science class
My social studies teacher yelled at me then she ripped a giant map
The teacher broke a ruler when I asked her why in math
They didn't teach us applications so we used those skills for crack
I can't get those years back,
Playing in the dark,
And You know whats the ironic part
I was searching for the light by dwelling in the dark


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Reply Sun 10 Mar, 2013 02:51 am
I've seen enough wack rappers lets get back to business/
Ur garbage on the floor gotta clean up this mess/
I'm sorry to inform u that aint a rap it's a crime/
Cuz it's so bad it's illegal also a waste of time/
I'm tired but need to get my game on/
Need to start fire better get my flame on/
When rap start to expire u be the one we blame on/
Wack rapper they start to get there name gone/
Like stfu u sound like a female/
And got dumped by ur bf with an email/
That's what u get talking bout Jesus/
But he don't like u cuz u have to many diseases/

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Reply Sun 10 Mar, 2013 03:36 am
Sick and tired of my mother screaming for no reason
She's barely breathing, puffing heavily and heaving
There's no believing - her stress, I can't conceive it
And it seems that she's the only woman I have beef with
You know sometimes when you're sitting at home
Always trying to find something to help you settle your hormones
Your grandmother's bitching doesn't help
Right now you've got no friends, and you're all by yourself
Work to the bone just to keep the place clean
just to see your parents come home and let off steam .....
"The kettle's got marks, the microwave's dirty
Why wasn't the washing machine setting put to 30?
What have you been doing since you rose this morning?
Always on your iPad, in your room drawing
On that computer every damn day
Not a day goes by that you don't put it away!
I'm stressed, I'm tired, I work 24 hours
It's not like I go round the field gathering flowers
And yeah, I'm your mother, I have the right to screw you
As things go now, I'm torn between the two of you!
**** this! I don't know what the hell to do with you
My mind is messed up like a motherfucking Rubix Cube
I got a headache, it's bad for my health
I think I'll just leave and you can look after yourself!"
And just when Mother Day's coming
March 10th, I plan to buy her something
Chocolates? Nope. Flowers? You kidding?
She's got plenty of those, it's a jungle in the kitchen
What about a card to say how much I love her
Appreciate all the care that I've been getting from her?
Hugs, kisses, crosses at the bottom
A couple of X's, that shouldn't be a problem
Happy Mother's Day, momma, I love you
Even though sometimes you give me so much trouble
Thanks for putting up with a tolerant person
I understand right now how much you're hurting
How you work so hard just to support me
We get by, even though the weather gets stormy
Don't ignore me, Mum ..... I might be absent-minded
But I still respect you, and I'm bad at hiding it
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Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2013 07:44 am
Out in the world, danger is what many see
Due to people filled with anger and jealousy.
Real world?? I created my own
As I sit and watch isolated at home.
Leaving school wasn’t my intention
But Its because of all the built up tension.
3 minutes after a class I couldn’t recite the lesson
I smashed my skull into a wall intill I bashed my head in.
Satan can make you famous, why do people resist
you have to be like me, when your best friends don’t even know you exist.
still kids threaten me, your goin harm me?? How
friends aren’t real, there just people sent to calm you down.
but Drew man, he aint got no more
a world of opportunities?? He aint got no door.
thoughts in my head “ what am I going to do” my hands are full
never fight with the world cause when it hits your left with a broken mandible.
Rapper? Hopeless vision, I realize this home is prison
I’m not mad because this was my own decision.
I just had to leave, I felt like I was having a heart attack from stress
**** Mr. Wright’s heart problem I’ll force his cardiac arrest.
Spanish class haha man I was always a clown
But she didn’t yell at me she made her point by picking on me and putting me down.
My words hit your heart bitch, she can only take so many its weaken her
My sisters mental disorders don’t’ make staying home any easier.
I left due to stupid teachers, and social anxiety
But I didn’t notice my only foe was inside of me.
I’m All alone, isolated from humanity
By Staying home I hit the brink of insanity.
Walking away from school I felt the grandest
But Then I realized I used to school to escape the madness.
Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2013 05:30 pm
while we all are bein on the real , here ya go

little bit of me
little bit of e
sickest of the beats
is all i need to get me thru an evenin
when im heated when i get a peice of my peace
then i eat, i feast i never can be beat
im always me, im never somebody else
never grab for the gun on the shelf
never put it to my temple
never ever sentimental
my heart is never on my sleeve
honestly im everythin ya want to be
dont deny it ill riot and settin everythin on fire
when i walk by it better start hidin and cryin
watchin everything droppin and dyin
and i am on im top of my game
a lot of cocks in the fame
to chicken to say anythang
a little borderline, of course they lyin
pitbulls are bitin, and they say i am crazy folk
jus cause i take a axe hack my dashboard when i pop song is on the radio
its amazin yo
how some jus wants to blow, wants the fame, wants a name
wants the money, wants the cash, wants the honeys, wants the ass
and that is jus past whack this whole game is on a fast track
to the dumps nothin is lookin up cause
plenty are brainwashed thinkin we're already at the top
and it sucks for the real and sucks for me too
cause ill never get the respect i deserve mainly because
no one is willin to open there mind for somethin new
Reply Tue 12 Mar, 2013 01:37 am
Reply Tue 12 Mar, 2013 07:43 am
Like this one. Send it to me.
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Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2013 02:18 pm

(To the tune of "N.Y. State of Mind" by Nas)

Welcome to the city of prominence
Where everybody becomes dominant
Each and every day

[Verse 1]
The Britons listen to the rhythm that I'm kicking
My admission, commissioned, to spit about this living
Committed; I'm like Del Boy, dealing in goods
Selling my quality to every trusted cat in the hood
Life is like a market stall, every deal is a deal
It's no wonder so many people have cribs on the hill
Living like kings, doing their aristocrat thing
up in their mansions, eating everything the pantry men bring
Horses sprinting on courses causing collisions
with millionaires in top hats and riches, with silk and flower bitches
And I'm from where the poor lavish, in the outer district
A neighbourhood for working-class folks and misfits
who take a middle finger and flip it
Who don't take criticism very well, they're so quick to flip
I was raised in a bustling city
Shuffling pretty like a couple of kiddies jumping so swiftly
Never tasted cups of tea 'til I was five years old, a young one
fed vitamins for the summers to come
We were a big family then; my Dad owned a fabulous Benz
190 E-Class, dashboard was swish
Travelling different places is like a walk through a theme park
Car dealer stores was the only thing I peeked on
BMW's, Jeeps and Fords, then onto the Lamborghini cars
Flashy lean sports vehicles that got my dream on
Various encounters with large churches and cathe-drals
with big paper posters screaming out, "Jesus Is Lord!"
Almost got killed by the Bridge, the building was pissed
Ran back just in time to see the big yachts skid
Skips with my father, my mother's friends and her brother's kids
Admiring the river banks and monuments laying far yonder
in the horizon as the sun is rising
The views are mesmerising, the element of surprise charmed my eyes
Just goes to show that when you live in London
You never live a lie 'cause everything that happens is a fact
Money is power in a slum like that
The man in the suit controls the whole body from front to back
kinda like a Soho slut blowing dick in the alley
The process is ongoing, there is no finale
Within the walls of dominance, street life is defined
I imagine a life of class when I'm in a London state of mind

London state of mind

[Verse 2]
Check it
As the Big Ben chimes and the Parliament fights
I'm talking "Lock Stock" with Marcus under post office lights
As I look at every single letter with a London address on it
Twickenham, Sutton, Harrow and Dollis
My heart starts to pump and my hairs stand on end
What if I went back to school and saw my Whitmore friends?
What have they done now? Graduated from college?
Married with kids, at work or uni gaining some knowledge?
Blazing a .40 at a rave or a party
Around Wembley Arena seeing their artists at their favourite concerts
Riding home in private taxis until late in the morning
Staying out like domestic cats displaced by the father (cat screeching)
I'm a wanderer, going back in time like a historian
And seeing what the streets were like before I got to walk them
Never liked to be away from London, it was boring
That's when the emotions begin attacking me like scorpions
And the stings have a hell of a feeling
Hurt like grazes on my kneecaps that take several months of healing
A Londoner who's been homesick
since his childhood days, look at the distance and then fold quick
Yo, his Mum and brother still chilling in Harrow
While the young kid is away crying tears by the barrel
in his children's apparel, drenching his underpants unhappy
He wants to go back to his family
In London where he feels much happier, naturally
The city where his Mummy and Daddy be, the borough is his faculty
Within these walls, street life is defined
I imagine an urban life when I'm in a London state of mind

London state of mind

One love to all the Londoners
All the friends who have lived there all their lives
Even though some of us have passed on
London will always be in our hearts
Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2013 05:39 pm
your like Kobe Bryant with a mic, ya act like your scared to pass it me
Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2013 06:00 pm
Lol I litterally just wrote a Kobe line kind of the opposite of yours

got so much passion right If I make a track son you know it'll be the classic type
Ill never take and L, Ayy B C D know I'm holdin 24 hours never pass the mic
Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2013 06:32 pm
A lot less straight forward too lol
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Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2013 09:26 pm
And you're like Shaq on the mic
Missed a few free shots which made the audience laugh 'til they died
I Jazz it up like Utah, Blaze it like Portland
I'm like a Rocket from Houston, I fast pass you in the Knick of time like New Yorkers
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Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2013 10:50 pm
so, i'm back in the game,
had to take a break from the strain,
turning my whole mind insane,
losing control of my brain,
making me come too close to ending the pain.

not sure what i'm really trying to say,
just bored and writing **** trying to get away,
it's not like any of these pointless rhymes will pay,
but it's a good enough excuse to waste today,
maybe, eventually, it'll all just up and fade away.

'cause i'm indigenous, you a immigrant getting deported,
yeah i took a break, but don't get that **** distorted,
still spit sick **** that makes you wanna record it,
put it on the shelves and the whole town bought it,
just look at yourselves, i put out fever and you caught it.

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Reply Thu 14 Mar, 2013 06:28 am

Cats and dogs, scratch them all
Split them like cabbage with my massive paws
Pop the gat, heat them like Tabasco sauce
How the hell do I go toe-to-toe up with them anyway?
At the launderette or at my local Indian takeaway?
While I'm taking away my poppadoms and chutney
It seems all these animals want a problem, don't they?
Okay, I don't wanna play, I just want to walk away
and sit in front of the tell-ay and eat what I brought on my plate
Can't I do that without them making huge scraps
with their two hands, jump off until one of them lose their caps?
And by "caps", I mean "kneecaps" - believe that
I bet if I went up to one of those hoodies and hit them up with my punches, they couldn't beat that
They can batter and bruise me
Hook me, then run away and lose me
Encounter me in a dark alley while they're snoozing
Put their kids to sleep and they're dreaming about boogeys
They came to "Boogie", Wonderland" like Earth, Wind and Fire
Driving all their Nissans with urban in their tyres
And they expect muppets like us to admire
"Wow-wee! Look at those wheels burn up the entire
avenue!" while standing there like statues
At-choo, these cats and dogs have caught the street fever
They're probably all beaver leavers
They might pimp it like Don Juan
with broads, but really they love their cars more
And that's not a surprise to me, is it?
Nope! Even Goldie Lookin' Chain wouldn't believe it
Eminem emulators, Jay Sean imitators
I'm the instigator of these extra-terrestrial aliens
Asians, Caucasians, Jamaicans
Oh, now you think I'm being racist? Who told you to say this?
I love all bitches of all races
Big, tall, small, ginger with long braces
as long as they have some nice tits and foxy faces
Who cares? What their history and farm traces
don't matter to me
As long as their attitude is standard to me
without the use of ghetto personality
Reply Thu 14 Mar, 2013 05:15 pm

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