Depression after night together

Mon 9 Dec, 2019 04:08 pm
Have you considered looking at the date of the stuff you are replying to?
Region Philbis
Mon 9 Dec, 2019 05:04 pm

Tue 10 Dec, 2019 08:53 am
@Region Philbis,
other than therapy or other support groups.. sometimes voicing things outloud helps oneself with whatever you may have hidden underneath.

i'm going thru my own things atm, and i feel it a good vent to write all that and helps me figure out my own dilemmas and struggles i go thru.

it also helps to see that what i'm going thru isn't a solitary thing; that it happens all the time and everywhere. your mind may know it, sure... but your heart sometimes feels isolation to a degree that can be blinding.

So that's why i do it. Smile

i'm aware that the people going thru this stuff, are prob years past the events. But thanks for your concern. Good luck to you.
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Thu 12 Dec, 2019 09:55 pm
I don't know what to say for I haven't been in such a type of relationship but if you are already aware then you must have stopped seeing him.
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