Obama's approval rating

mark noble
Reply Fri 1 Jul, 2016 08:55 am
Fructose switches off digestive-associated inhibitors. Monsanto (Monsatan) have gene-spliced this into gmo's.
We don't have them (except in cattle-supplements) (UNREGULATED) in the UK.
So, avoid dairy products-derivatives thereof from walmart (asda) and other food chains - And obesity (plus antibiotic-immunity) need not rot your body and brain.
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Reply Fri 1 Jul, 2016 09:30 am
revelette2 wrote:

Yes, but which one has more calorie content? I am betting it is the fructose corn syrup. But I'll look it up later.

Per gram, refined sugar does.
cicerone imposter
Reply Fri 1 Jul, 2016 10:58 am
Here are the past presidents approval ratings.

I think Obama's approval rating will be in the top half. Why? Because our economy is good relative to the worlds economy.
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Reply Sat 2 Jul, 2016 05:29 am
those are the reasons the like or dislike obama?
i see no reason to dislike him in that list
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Reply Sat 2 Jul, 2016 05:31 am
or dimwits?
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Reply Fri 14 Oct, 2016 03:58 am
Guess these high approval people aren't fond of clean water and don't mind that our corporations are attacking native Americans and tearing down their sacred burial sites.

They don't have my approval.


Obama sucks.
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