EnGlish Language Racism in overseas asians and the pacific

Reply Fri 5 Feb, 2016 08:37 pm
Halo, ciamar a tha sibh, everyone? People usually talk about racism based on the colour of people's skin, black, white, east asian or south asian. People usually think that when an area or country is diverse with different skin colour, there is no racism! However, that is wrong because there is racism as nations are now not so linguistically diverse.

Some people in the pacific, usually think that if you can't speak EnGlish well then you are abnormal. As an east-asian guy born and raised in the pacific, I often get racist questions asked by some brainwashed EnGlish language racist east asian girls and pacific people of any ethnicity such as "Do you understand simple EnGlish?", "East asians can't speak EnGlish, but are good at math, aren't they?", "You do not talk much, do you?" "Ching Chong Chinaman can't speak EnGlish, only Chinese and Japanese, is it?" These are some stupid EnGlish language racism towards guys of my race!

Some east-asian girls in the pacific are brainwashed EnGlish jerks and traitors, that HATE guys of their own race in the pacific. Some Pacific people of islander, south asian and English-lover brainwashed european origin are usually more EnGlish language racist towards east asian guys than compared to east asian girls, since these people are lustful with east asian girls and assume that these girls are much better in EnGlish. When in comes to migration from island countries to Australia and New Zealand, the east asian girls are more accepted than east asian guys because EnGlish brainwashed racists of any ethnicity are lustful with them and assume they are much better in EnGlish!

Well fine! It is okay if I don't marry any east asian girls, but I won't marry any EnGlish language brainwashed Pacific people of any ethnicity(Islander,South Asian or English brainwashed europeans) either. I would rather support the Welsh and the Scottish of Great Britain, some who also hates the EnGlish. We all can speak EnGlish, remember that! But we do not like EnGlish and I HATE the EnGlish language! I think that some east asian guys born in the Pacific and Pacific people of any ethnicity should join me and the Welsh and Scottish AGAINST the EnGlish, because they are the ones who created EnGlish Language Racism in the Pacific and the world (which is also the Ching Chong Chinaman can't speak EnGlish Racism)!

Now I also know some Welsh and Scottish Gaelic language as an pacific born east asian, whatever EnGlish accents I don't care, whether Australian, British or American, I HATE all accents of EnGlish because they seem to be the same with not much change! Although I speak EnGlish, I HATE all accents of EnGlish language but love the Welsh and Scottish Gaelic of Language of Great Britain!

One day, I hope that some East Asians guys from the Pacific and some Pacific Islanders should join me to go to Scotland or Wales and make William Wallace and Robert Bruce 's army become a bigger army and support anglophobia against the EnGlish and the EnGlish language racism!
HATE NO ONE BUT ENGLISH-BRAINWASHED RACISTS BECAUSE THEY STARTED IT FIRST! THIS IS REVENGE NOT RACISM! There is currently not much Scottish or Welsh culture in small Pacific Island countries, but there is East Asian culture which racist people like to make fun of! Together with Welsh and Scottish culture and language, probably no pacific or asian culture, language or race would be made fun of anymore!

mar sin leibh an-drasda, feumaidh mi falbh!
Reply Sat 6 Feb, 2016 03:17 am
Linguistic performance has always been a social marker both within and between ethnic boundaries. To assign such a phenomenon as simply 'racist' is merely to display ignorance of the complexities of social behavior.
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Tes yeux noirs
Reply Sat 6 Feb, 2016 05:12 am
Some teen dweeb is feeling butt hurt because he thinks all the cute girls are laughing at his English. What he doesn't realise is they are laughing at him.
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