Why did he "casper" me?

Reply Thu 14 Jan, 2016 03:28 pm
Any thoughts on that? I gave him every excuse possible not to spend time with me...

No. It's an ego thing with me

You are 48 years of age, don't play games. I mean that nicely.

If a 48 year old woman had sexual relations with me, we'd been on 4 dates and each time, she's trying to then get rid of me, so I offer breakfast, $20, something because I am interested and at the end, she still doesn't bother calling, has an ego and just had sex with me, in my opinion I am done. I don't need to be treated as a booty call.

It works in reverse as well.

(Edit) I just read the rest of your replies.

You are angry that he didn't call, so now he's a dick-head. Read the above, it's more than likely you created this scene of non events, as you ensured they were all non-eventful due to EGO, ditch it.

(Edit) 2 - I am a female, so my above paragraph is "if I was a man and you did that to me".

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frosen marwa
Reply Fri 15 Jan, 2016 02:52 am
you didnt do anything wrong the prob is in him not in you be sure trust me
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