The rules are changing, we are going to start showing the assholes the door

Reply Wed 27 Jun, 2018 09:13 pm
In any event..."hiding something"?

I'm "hiding something"?

What? Like I'm really one of the Flying Wallendas or something?

What the hell does that even mean, that I'm hiding something?

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Reply Wed 27 Jun, 2018 09:15 pm
Lash wrote:

Think about that for a minute.

And do yourself a favor—don’t think about it using text on this thread.

Think about what?

I have no idea.

Please put this into words, because the above means nothing.

what does "don't think about it using text on this thread" even mean.

Reply Wed 27 Jun, 2018 09:26 pm
You’re having problems communicating and understanding.

It’s not funny, and I’m not going to try to capitalize on it.

Good luck. I won’t be talking to you again.
Reply Wed 27 Jun, 2018 09:44 pm
Lash wrote:

I won’t be talking to you again.

Thank God.
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Reply Wed 27 Jun, 2018 10:10 pm
chai2 wrote:

No. That's not what I've been asking her McGentrix, but it's what she's asking me.

To recap for you, Lash as told me I have been having imaginary conversations with her, and then posting what she has said from my imaginary conversation.

When I asked her to show me where I said anything like that, she quoted me saying
"Something lash wrote a few posts above was a revalation to me as to how she, and others see trolling."
Which is absolutely true. But, she sees this as me somehow having a conversation with her.

So, in Lashs mind, she interprets the words "lash wrote a few posts above" to mean the 2 of us were communicating back and forth with each other, and not the fact lash made a general public comment.

Since then, she just keep repeating that, never giving any examples, because they don't exist.

As I can't give an example I'm hiding something, because there aren't any.

Oh, I see. I thought you were talking about the Setanta allegations.
Reply Wed 27 Jun, 2018 10:17 pm
Maybe you should reread the stuff you think you understand, or not, ignorance can be bliss.
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Reply Thu 28 Jun, 2018 12:36 am
Is there something wrong with you? She has already admitted that she described Plump as her president--now she's just quibbling about the context. The reading comprehension in this thread has become very bizarre.
Reply Thu 28 Jun, 2018 03:40 am
You lied that I said the Republican Party was my party. The comment I made about Trump was sarcastic, as you know.

You've been too cowardly to show the quotes, and lacking the character to tell the truth.

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Reply Thu 28 Jun, 2018 06:23 am
Setanta wrote:

I suspect you don't really know Max's history at this site.

I think I'm pretty familiar with it. Yes, if you post something even remotely positively mentioning women, you can count on him racing in to refute it. Is that because of his honest beliefs or because he wants to provoke a reaction? I think it is the former. He really believes the positions he takes, really disagrees with yours and wants to discuss it. I'm pretty sure I can go down any thread he has been involved in and he will not be the first person to start calling people names. If you make an argument, he will respond to that argument (as opposed to yelling "you suck" or screaming out some some diversion). That's not trolling unless you consider trolling to be supporting a loathsome position to the best of your ability. Note that on issues other than women, Max also argues vigorously and I would say in a manner than very few would have objections to.
Reply Thu 28 Jun, 2018 06:36 am
I concur that Max is arguing genuinely felt views.

However, I don't think your characterization of his position is accurate. He isn't trying to refute positive things about women. Rather, he is opposing positions that are unfair to men.

And he is right to do so.
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