Really don't want to get friend zoned this time!!!

Reply Fri 4 Dec, 2015 08:12 pm
Well I must have the least game ever because I found a way to get friend zoned on tinder. Soo I went on a date with this girl on tinder and she's practically my dream girl so I dont want to **** it up. I've only had one girlfriend and I have almost no dating experience. She laughs at all my jokes and we can talk about anything although there where plenty of awkward silences during the date. She always replys to my texts within 10 min but I always text first. Idk if I'm in the friend zone or not yet, but I want to get out or stay out, any advice?
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Reply Fri 4 Dec, 2015 08:29 pm
Ask her out again and have a nice time with her. Have a conversation, do something fun, that sort of thing.

If you're in the friendzone, you will have had a nice time with someone. If you're not, you'll have had a date.

Go beyond texting. Have an actual date and do something - and by that I mean something beyond just dinner.
Reply Fri 4 Dec, 2015 09:40 pm
Thanks for the reply man. I definitely will ask her out again. Why not dinner tho? Just too generic?
Any examples of some dates beyond a dinner date? I'm terrible with coming up with date ideas, especially in winter!
If not tho I'm sure I'll come up with something.
Reply Sat 5 Dec, 2015 09:11 am
First off, I'm not a man (although I can see why the pink bunny suit would appear manly). Wink

Dinner is lovely but it is pretty pedestrian. Show some imagination and it will be far more memorable. It does not mean you can never, ever have dinner, but expand your horizons. To wit:
  • Roller skating or ice skating
  • A movie
  • Mini golf
  • Walk around your downtown area, window shopping and looking at the Xmas decorations, stop for coffee or cocoa
  • Concert
  • Local theater
  • Poetry reading at a local coffeehouse or book store
  • Tabletop game night
  • Painting or pottery class (yes, you will get dirty; that's part of the fun)
  • Comedy club

There are dozens more but that should get you started. Navigate over to Meetup and look at whatever is available in the area that people are passionate about. You don't have to join any of the clubs, but that might spark some ideas.
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Robert Gentel
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Reply Sat 5 Dec, 2015 10:27 am
"Friendzoned" is just a teeny-bopper way of saying someone you consider a friend is not romantically or sexually attracted to you.

Guess what? The overwhelming majority of people are not going to be romantically interested in you. That is life. Even if you are an attractive person people don't walk around throwing themselves romantically at each other and are a bit choosy about how this happens.

The biggest takeaway should not be how to get the unrequited feelings you want, frankly there's not a whole lot you can do there other than the basics.

What you should do is realize that you can't control this, and that you need to be willing to move on if you don't get her to feel the way about you that you want. It will happen many more times in life and there is no magic secret to make people feel the same way about you that you feel about them, unrequited feelings are a fact of life. We all have had "dream girls" or "dream guys" that we had a phase about. Sometimes it works and a relationship is born. More often it doesn't and the secret is accepting this and moving on. Not trying to will it to happen.
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Reply Sat 5 Dec, 2015 06:58 pm
On that first date, did you happen to ask her about her interests/hobbies/activities?
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Reply Mon 7 Dec, 2015 11:04 am
Making her feel jealous is the perfect way to correct your situation.
Seriously, man, you even don't have to cheet.
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