How does someone get over rumors and gossip and lies about them.

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How do I get over my anger towards what people say about me to everyone? Which isn't true and they do it to hurt me and make me mad so everyone likes them and talks to them instead of me. Also it was to protect them and their lies from being reveled to everyone.
I know I should have confronted the person but when I do they refuse to tell the truth because they have the other people already on their side believing them and bothering me on things I never said or did, so I have no relationship with anyone anymore, but I am still mad, I never did nothing to these people, they still lie and get everything they want and don't care about me at all it's all manipulation, but I never pay people back so how do I get over my anger and handle lies about me being spread? I have been cursed at, hit, called names, harassed, threatened, about everything imaginable because a boy I went to school with named Travis did nothing but lie about me along with his friend Megan for years and involve more people from school, his family, my family, his friends from outside of school, etc., I should have gotten a restraining order, but at the time I was confused to why they were doing this to me, I guess it was because he liked me and I didn't know and he made lies about me standing him up because he was to much of a coward to ask me out so he thought it would be better to put me down and he got attention from everyone feeling sorry for him, to this day his sister and dad still involve themselves same with his friends putting me down and telling me how he like back in high school has other girls he is with but wants me, gross and too bad. That is not how you ask someone out and they get mad at me for not loving him? He never loved me only himself and he wanted numerous girls and friends and everyone to like him he got that while they put me down, he got that, yet they want me to baby him and love him too? I obviously don't so they need to leave me alone, which they never will, they never will tell the truth about me, and he will never stop bragging and bringing another girl he has been with to come talk to me and tell me all about their fun together and how nice each other are...??? Yuck, no one has any decency, if they are together why would I join in I am married now and I have been sick of this since middle school. I have moved on, but I am mad about everything they have done to me and said to me, he was never bullied nor lied about he thinks he is mad I never brought my boyfriends nor husband or family to harass him and call him names he has been with more people than me same as their friends and they call me a slut. He is still friends with these people and they all agree they have never done nothing wrong to me and I shouldn't be mad and forgive them, I wish I never met him or anyone he knows and I can't believe the lies after lies just for control and attention. Obviously no cares about me but loves him and his family, he already knew that from day one that's why he can't stop bringing girls who have a crush on him tell me about it, yuck. That was supposed to make me like him while he brags about being with them but asks me out at the same time, I don't care if he is what people would say insecure poor him, he is not a victim, I was he brought girls over to lie about me and call me a slut because he made them mad flirting with them then telling them to ask me out for him, that caused so many problems and he knew it, and he does it again and again, fights, verbal abuse, harassment, lies, made up stories I said and did, etc. which angers him and everyone he knows cause he tells them the made up stories and believes them.. It's all hearsay and delusional lies and to get hit in the face over a boy and jealousy is just stupid. No one had even admitted how wrong they were and none of this should have happened to me, but again no one cares,instead he walks around saying back in high school for example with everyone I was having sex with everyone so he was mad, first of all the girl Megan tried to get me to with people cause she knew he liked me and like everyone else was jealous and made lie after lie about me up and he chose to even listen to her she told him she liked him, so have him hate me and like her, that was obvious and he knew that, but he enjoyed along with her to pretend everything so said was true so he would have excuses asking me out with other girls because I am a slut. No I wasn't and that's why I didn't go out with him and he had more girls and guys and his family saying to me to this day he is so nice, etc. then why does he still cheat. I am not a slut and no one has a right to lie about me or treat me that way or say that I am, in reality the other girls were, that's why they also had to lie about me cause they felt dumb they have a crush on everyone and sleep around and at the end it doesn't work out for them, so why should it for me, no one was going to do me a favor and get a boy who liked me to go out with me and it wasn't their job to, but they should have said no and never have lied about me and pretended to be my friend and the guys should have given me a chance and believe in me if they loved or even cared for me. I never doubted anyone I cared about or hurt them in any way, but that's what made me different and why I want nothing to do with them. It just makes me mad cause to this day it wasn't right their is still more to this story and everyone still pities him and gives him other girls, if it was supposed to make me jealous to talk to him it didn't do that instead I am mad cause I don't care and they bring them over to tell me about it and tell me they are prettier than me, I am not jealous but being bullied and frustrated because this is dumb, they are stupid, and none of them have their own life to deal with and own man to marry or have kids with or anything, probably cause it was too fun to think of another dumb way to make me mad. Why would I degrade myself and be with someone who is a jerk and doesn't care about anything more than his looks and popularity and gossiping about people and making rumors all day along with the dumbest girls who join in and do the same. I have a right not to be talked about but people who gossip about others have no life of their own and do receive pleasure discussing and upsetting others behind their back all day. They don't feel bad or responsible for lies or ruining someone's name or character or problems it cause they know it caused me damages and that's why they do it, that's bulling too. He has also along with the girls tell me who I can and cannot talk to or go out with that is bulling and stupid why would I listen to them. They are control idiots who want everything for themselves and will do anything to get it, and they want someone to look up to them and admire them, I don't need to be told what to do and I don't get to have friends or talk to people or date when they all do, that's why the whole time they have lied about me to control me and get me not to date someone they want or like but they like everyone and have to want everyone to like them more than anyone else in the world. I am tired and mad at these kind of people and have his stupid friends and family tell me I am wrong or I have a crush on him, he has asked me out so many times like his sister said how many more times does he need to, yeah, I don't know know cause while he does he is dating another girl, and no one thought this was wrong besides me. I hate him his friends and his family, I am so mad about all the things they have said and done to me, they have come to my jobs and said lies to me while his son flings out of control and no one even cared about me. My own family has lied about me and to them and they still won't tell the truth so I am fine with being done with it last thing I heard he is going out with another girl he went to prom with when she had a baby in middle school by another guy who had anywhere from 2-3 STDs so he has them too. I really want nothing to do with them but I am tired of their lies saying I am a slut etc. Hello, I have been to college this girl dropped out in middle school was no surprise an unfit mother and is just crazy besides dirty. They all have numerous mental and psychological disorders should have restraining orders on them and be in jail, I might have had my car vandalized by them the list goes on, well now I can't do anything besides call the cops the next time it happens, but how do I get over this past, everyone from that school says they wanted to be my friend but that's because they were trying to sleep with this guy so again I try to tell people they are not my friends they have put me down and don't care about me but they don't listen and say they want to be my friends when I work around them. I don't forgive them because I do remember the past and they are not admitting even to this day the kind of people they are and again they are envious people who want everything especially attention drawn to them and flattery all the time. People like this want anyone I date, clothes, money, etc, and then try to ruin anything good of mine or anything I am trying to accomplish and call me down and give me negative views to discourage me so I don't get ahead in life, that's envy so I know that doesn't change and everyone I knew besides my husband and kids have treated me this way my whole life. Now I am just mad or just empty or frustrated. I am just mad also because every time I am with someone, but now married, him and his friends or family have to make a big deal and let me know about it, what he is trying to compete with me I got married because I love my husband he just dates people to try to show them off and again make me mad try to lower my self-esteem and upset me, I want them to know they need to get over themselves I don't care or I would be showing up around them and tracking them down instead of having them do it to me, again I don't brag about who I am with and make a show out of them while I brag and act like an idiot. What would someone in my situation do when his family friends and girlfriends and him try to upset me, just me state they don't impress me leave me alone, he asked me out too and I said no, you aren't special or unique for dating him because everyone besides me has?
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These people are unimportant. Stop concerning yourself with them.

When you graduate high school, you can leave them all behind. In the meantime, lay low, keep your nose clean, and don't feed the drama.
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richardsonholly29 wrote:
I am married now

I have moved on, but I am mad about everything they have done to me and said to me

they have come to my jobs

Hello, I have been to college

I got married because I love my husband


you're married

you went to college

you have a job


talk to your husband

don't worry about all this other bullshit

seriously - ignore those people

if you are having trouble getting over stuff that happened in high school or ignoring the people now, consider talking to a counsellor for some support on moving past all of this

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Reply Wed 28 Jun, 2023 02:22 am
Ignore them it pisses them off even more. Plus they look stupid when they are grasping at straws.
They are the ones who will end up paying.
Reply Wed 28 Jun, 2023 08:50 am
Hello, that post was written in 2015. I'm pretty sure she's moved on.
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Reply Thu 14 Sep, 2023 05:29 pm
LOL!! You think gossip and rumor spreading stops after HS? I beg to differ.
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