How to convince him to be only friends ?

Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2015 06:23 am
Well, here's my story ...
I met this guy when I was visiting my mother's country, and I knew it , it was a love from the first sight ! and mostly from his side, well yeah he's a good looking, so cute and a romantic guy.. but deep inside I know he's not the one, before saying why let me tell you what happened ..

He got my number when I was there and started texting me through whatsapp , I replied nicely , that was in the latest 2 days of my vacation there. When I got back home he called me to check if I'm ok and that he will miss me, he was so happy when he found out that I'm single (BTW I'm 26 and he's 29). And without a preamble, he told me that he loved me and he wants so much to be with me and even to get married !
I admit it , I liked him , physically he's definitely my type! and the way he's talking with makes any girl melts down ! but unfortunately he's not the one for me, the thing is that I'm an engineer while he (for some circumstances) didn't even finish the 1st grade ! he can barely read and always send me voice notes, my parents will never accept this Sad neither do I.
The other thing , he's still looking for a job, he's totally broke and not ready to start a real life. while I have a good job in here. I told him about those points and others actually , he didn't accept this as an answer, he got so crazy and started crying like a baby ! begging me not to leave him Sad and that he will work so hard in the coming year to get ready to ask my hand for marriage. Well he changed since he met me, he used to make allot of troubles, having random sexual relationships with girls, and smoking along the day and many other "bad" behaviors , but now he's not , he changed all of this , and he's crying as he's afraid to get back to this if I left him, I told him that I can be his friend and support him but he refused, he has that feeling of love which cannot be changed.
We forgot about being friends for a while and started a real love conversations, i don't know why but I couldn't help it ! he's so nice to me, I don't think that I will ever meet a guy who would love me that much ! who would literally die to be with me at least for a day in this life !
But everyday ,, I just can't stop thinking, where are we going ? yes I love him and very attracted to him, but not that much that will let me forget about the difficulties we have and just go with him, especially the education point, when I remember that I'm talking to guy who can barely spell his name this driving me so crazy, no matter how I love him, nothing actually attract me like an educated man, that's what I mostly love!, I don't want to lose my job in here neither, I'm also thinking to prepare my self to get the Master degree so I want to stop all of this but I don't want to break his heart Sad this will kill him ! , I tried before but nothing worked out , this might break my heart too, but to finish it now is better for sure , or what do you think ?
Another problem that he's from another sect which is definitely will not be acceptable to my parents.

Please help me Sad
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Tes yeux noirs
Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2015 07:42 am
Just finish it, it was a mistake. Do whatever it takes cut off contact. Block him calling you or sending messages. Stop speaking to him, don't reply to messages, forget you know him. Is there a chance he might stalk you? You owe this man nothing. If it "kills" him then he was going to die soon anyway.

Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2015 08:05 am
You don't owe him a lack of heartbreak.

He's a big boy.
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Tes yeux noirs
Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2015 09:02 am
@Tes yeux noirs,
If it "kills" him then he was going to die soon anyway.

In fact, how come he reached the age of 29?
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Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2015 09:07 am
JoliaRose wrote:
.. but deep inside I know he's not the one

He got my number when I was there and started texting me through whatsapp , I replied nicely

you made a mistake by responding to his texts

block all contact and move on with your life
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