old post updated ( i am thinking of confessing to her)

Reply Wed 28 Oct, 2015 03:27 am
I just met this girl sometime this week in my parents house. we haven't met since a very long time ( since we were kids) she initiated a conversation with me several times. she asked me questions and we laughed a bit. when she was talking to me she was preening her hair back and forth but that could be because she has a habit of doing so. I felt from her eyes that she is interested but i still had doubts.

a friend of mine gave me her number, i prank called her and this was the conversation

me : hhhhh it is a prank call
her; I knew it is prank call it was obvious who is this?
me; I am X
a moment of silence
she gasped happily
her; ahhh why you did this to me hhhhhhhhh why why
her is this your number
me yes it is
me; how are u doing
she was really enthuasiatic and happy
her; I got a cheap flight to my country for three days this Thursday
me; I thought we could hang out on thursady
her; mmm my flight is at six o clock, why dont we go tomorrow
me; mm i can't
her; why you can't you have other commitments
me yes I do
her no problem we can go out anytime during the week after i come back

I texted her during the week and asked her do you want to hang out on Thursday and she sent me message after 1 hour ' ''yeah certainly and I would love to ''
i asked if this time is ok
then she sent me a reply within 2 minutes
"" yes yaaaaay"

the date lasted 1 hours ( half and hour in the car and and 1 hour and half in the restaurant). we had lots of fun. at the end of the date I asked for the bill she offered to pay the bill and she insisted. I insisted too and I paid the bill. she was like promise me that next time I will pay the bill. i was like yeah she said no promise me i was like i promise.

when we went out she said thank you for the dinner you saved my life. we talked for some time we laughed. when I dropped her home when she went out she said thank you so much and we will meet next week ( she is out of country for 5 days)

I asked her out on a second date I sent her this

hey crazy girl !! wanna go next Sunday to "..." ?

she replied after an hour exactly

Ok !!! call me after an hour to set the time and everything

we met another time we laughed alot ( it was 3 hours in a restaurant ) and 2 hours in a movie. during advertisement a female celebrity was promoting a product and she asked me do you find her beautiful. and I was like she is not my type. she was like whats your type then. I dropped her then she said thank you so much for the dinner and the movie and everything. she didnt mention about meeting up.

I texted her 7 hours ago. and I asked her out to go to the beach next week on a third date. I didnt get a reply. she may be running out of credit because something similar happened when I tried to set the time of the second date. when I texted her to go out on a second date she replied after one hour. but when I tried to set the time the next day she didnt reply for 6 hours and I called her she seemed happy and she said that I could not text because I was running out of credit. I tried to call request you but it failed and she seemed eager and not hesitant to meet. when I dropped her home I told her call me when you reach inside she didnt have credit so I called her.

I called her she has a very terrible flue and I was like how are you feeling now she was like very bad i was like I should leave you now to take rest she was like "noooo you can still talk". I told her about the message she said yes I got and how many times I told you if you want to say something to me just call me. My eternal problem is having no credit and she was laughing a bit I didnt get anything from that message i told her do you wanna go to the beach on saturda she was like yes we o on Saturday if I am fully recovered
and then I ended the conversation.

I called 2 days later to check up on her she replied and I asked her how is she and I asked her if we are on for saturday and she was like I dont really know it depends how I go in my studies I cant promise . i was like if you want to go out just call me she was like ok

I am really frustrated and I want to confess that I like but I fear that she is not interested since I feel she kinda rejected me ?
bobsal u1553115
Reply Wed 28 Oct, 2015 05:54 am
You read too much into everything. Keep it the way it is during your dates: casual.
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Reply Wed 28 Oct, 2015 11:32 am
I agree with Bob - you are thinking too much.

You and this girl are at the beginning of something - Maybe!

There's a lot of cat and mouse during this time. Push and pull.

Try to not overthink everything.
Reply Wed 28 Oct, 2015 11:58 am
yes I guess it is you are right about the cat and mouse game. I confessed to her that I like her and how this will ruin our friendship. she was like I am in a serious relationship and I really consider you as a friend but you are a gorgeous person and the fault is mine not yours. but I really enjoy the time we are together and I sill want to see u and go out with u trust me this is best. and i am happy when i am around u

Reply Wed 28 Oct, 2015 12:05 pm

so she's in a serious relationship and seeing you on a casual basis


she's certainly clear that you're a friend, not a boyfriend


hopefully you are fine with this and will not try to go past the point of friendship


edit : you do understand that you're not dating her, right? you're hanging out with her, not dating.
bobsal u1553115
Reply Wed 28 Oct, 2015 01:19 pm
Well put.
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Reply Thu 5 Nov, 2015 02:20 pm
If you really like this girl, be confident with yourself and tell her what you feel, don't be afraid to be rejeted, the worst thing she can do is say "no"
Reply Thu 5 Nov, 2015 02:39 pm
She's in a relationship. You're not giving very good advice there.
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