a consise history of russsia since independence

Reply Mon 26 Oct, 2015 11:10 am
hey guys.
I have a history homework about russia in 1914, and the teacher gave me 9 pionts to complete. So one of these pionts is to write a very consise history about russia since the independence, but i don't really know what to write and i don't really understand what i should exactly do:/
Reply Mon 26 Oct, 2015 11:13 am
Lil have you tried Googling
Reply Mon 26 Oct, 2015 04:13 pm
What does Russia's alleged independence have to do with Russia in 1914? Russia was still an empire in 1914, and there was no revolution there until February, 1917 (by the Julian calendar, March by our calendar). It's kind of difficult to answer a question which is not based on reality. Russia was independent in 1914 when it was the Russian Empire, it was independent in 1917 when the women from the St. Petersburg (then called Petrograd) munitions factories marched down the Nevsky Prospect, leading to the abdication of the Emperor Nicholas II ten days later, and it was independent in October, 1917 (November by our calendar) at the time of the Bolshevik revolution. I suggest that your teacher's question is nonsensical. Without knowing what your teacher means by "independence" in this context, it is almost impossible to give you a coherent answer.

Here are some links that might help you:

The revolution of February, 1917.

The revolution of October, 1917.

Also of great value in understanding the revolutions in Russia is the book Ten Days that Shook the World, by John Reed. Reed was an American journalist who was in Russia working on an "in-depth" article on the Russian revolution (the one in February) for The Masses, a highly innovative American socialist magazine, when "Red October" took place. Reed already knew all the principle actors, and was an eyewitness to the October revolution. Reed is buried in the Russian necropolis in the wall of the Kremlin.

Is your teacher perhaps a communist or a socialist?
Reply Mon 26 Oct, 2015 04:16 pm
Well hey I can see about helping you out as much as I can, I know quite a bit about Russia from 1904 to the end of WW2. First off what do you already know about Russia during these time periods? I just want to know what we have to build on.

Plus if you want to learn a lot about the times I suggest watching the movie Doctor Zhivago, it's a really great film that will really bring you into the times. Though beware it is pretty long so have some popcorn on hand. ;3
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Reply Tue 27 Oct, 2015 03:39 am
Setanta wrote:

What does Russia's alleged independence have to do with Russia in 1914?

That's what I thought.
Reply Tue 27 Oct, 2015 09:26 am
This shows I do not know too much about history or is it that I did not really understand "alleged independence"
I thought it was a reference to Nov,9th 1989 when Soviet Union imperium fell.
Reply Tue 27 Oct, 2015 09:57 am
That's what I would have thought, but even that's a bit shaky. Did it become independent or just lose a load of territory?
Reply Tue 27 Oct, 2015 10:20 am
Without checking anything I would have called UdSSR independent under a dictator.
At some point after Nov. 9th it lost a load of territory which means some countries again got independence. Russia is independent now with Putin as head of state.
Or what?

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Reply Tue 27 Oct, 2015 03:01 pm
It never occurred to me that the fall of the Soviet Union was what was meant. But Russia was, however one might despise the government, independent both before and after the collapse of the Soviet Union. We just don't have enough context to know that the teacher was asking. The author of the thread has not helped us with that, either.
Walter Hinteler
Reply Tue 27 Oct, 2015 03:19 pm
Well, Russia was independent since the days of the Kievan Rus'.

Many call a Russian holiday "Independence Day", which actually is Russia Day ("День России"), because on that day (on June 12, 1990) the "Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic" had been adopted.

On August 1, 1914, by the way, the Russian Empire entered WWI after Germany declared war.
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Reply Tue 27 Oct, 2015 04:02 pm
Any number of dates could be advanced--Peter the Great's successful campaign against Azov in 1696, which end the raids on Russia by the Crimean Tatars, for example. The question is too vague.
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Tue 27 Oct, 2015 04:43 pm
Same question occurred to me, also.
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