Does she like me? (we're both girls)

Reply Sun 25 Oct, 2015 04:39 am
So let's start at the beging. xd There is this girl that I really like. We have many mutal friends and our whole group always hangs out together during lunch. The weird thing is, that even though we see each other everyday and have conversations with all of our friends when we're around each other we never really talked. That went on for a year. One day I hear her standing behind me and saying "im just gonna hug you now." And so, we stood there (she hugging me from the behind and having her head on my shoulder) hugging each other for the whole lunch. Exactly the same thing happened 4 days in a row. Does this mean she likes me? She came out as bi this year and she knows I'm a lesbian. I really like her and dont know if shes just being friendly or if shes into me.
Reply Sun 25 Oct, 2015 06:42 am
She certainly seems interested in spending time with you.

Why not ask her for a soda or something after class and see what happens? If it's nice and you have fun, say something like, "I had a really good time. Let's make the next time a real date. Say, this Saturday night?" And see what happens.

I am suggesting the soda and ambiguous date/nondate to start, as it gives everyone plausible deniability. E. g. if you have a lousy time or she doesn't seem interested, then it was a soda and it was friendly and everything's cool. You haven't mangled the friendship.
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Reply Mon 26 Oct, 2015 09:53 am
It sounds like there is definitely mutual interest and at the least you can be friends, and perhaps more. Why not either exchange numbers or get together for coffee or a soda and see if you hit it off.

If it turns out that there are romantic possibilities that would be great, but friendship is valuable too.
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