Is married man telling my friend the truth?

Reply Fri 23 Oct, 2015 02:19 pm

I am asking this not for myself but out of concern for a friend who is dating a married man. From others experiences I would love to hear your opinion.
They met at the beginning of the year through Tinder. He gave her also a fake facebook profile which months later he admitted was fake coz nobody knows his or his wife's situation.
He told her the classic story that he is getting a divorce at the end of the year in December coz his wife doesn't want a divorce and is making it difficult (so how does he know that in December it will be fine?).
Also, he went with his family overseas to visit their family (told my friend most times they weren't together).
Now, he told her that he wants to move out and is looking for a place. A few days later my friend heard about an apartment for rent and told him so he told her that when he will start looking he will look into it.
He also told her that they finally told the children that they are getting a divorce. My friend's psychologist says that this is a sign that he is telling the truth as otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned the children.
Do you think that this is true coz he wouldn't have mentioned the kids otherwise?
Also, i find it strange that she had to practically force him to give her his number about 2 months ago as they communicate and still do through messenger under his fake facebook profile.
Reply Fri 23 Oct, 2015 02:50 pm

She's already dating a married man, she's already in it. If she gets hurt, be there for her, if she doesn't be there for her, that's your position as a friend, not to question if he is real or not and try to persuade her to move in any direction.

I'm sure she's a big girl.
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Reply Fri 23 Oct, 2015 05:36 pm
For what reason would you believe a lying (to his wife at the very least), secretive (hidden accounts), controlling (the communication), cheater (obvious)...would be telling his bit on the side the truth?
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Reply Mon 26 Oct, 2015 10:40 am
Every thread on here written by a woman who is sleeping with a married guy states the same thing. Man has lousy relationship with his wife/wants a divorce but makes up excuses why he has not moved out and started divorce proceedings. So yeah, he is a piece of **** sleeping around on his wife and why your friend would trust anything he says is beyond me. Of course, personally, your friend is also a piece of **** sleeping with a man she knows is married. Tell her to go find someone who is more available, like, oh I don't know, a single man?

(In case you are wondering, I tend to have strong opinions on this type of thing. Sorry if my words offend you. Or your friend.)
Reply Mon 26 Oct, 2015 11:21 am
+1 from me right there. That friend of yours needs to say bye to this man, and look around for somebody else. Preferably of the unmarried kind. And even if the man is married, one without kids who get caught in the middle?
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