Should i take my emotionaly cheating bf back?

Reply Fri 11 Sep, 2015 05:12 am
Hi guys! I need your help!
I have been together with my ex for 3 years now. He is my soul mate, we our each others best friends & love each other endlessly! We both have had our fair share of mistakes. He had a co-worker who he told me had a crush on him but they were nothing but friends. She posted pictures of them saying he was her mcm& they would snap chat each other 24/7 even when I was around him. I told him to stop talking to her & I found out several times that they were still talking when he told me they stoped. But every time he would tell me that she didnt mean anything to him & that he would put an end to it. A month later I went on his snap chat account & opened a convo between him and his cousin who he has been snap chatting everyday but it ended up being his cowork under is cuzins name. I read some msgs before he come in the room & took his phone away from me. He told me they were just really good friends & that he was sorry for keeping in touch even tho I told him to stop talking to her, he ended up showing me theyre convo which ended up being harmless, he then blocker her from everything & I took him back. Fast forward a couple months we are doing great I'm learning to trust him again & eveythings better. One day out of curiosity I wanted to go through his snap chat. I ended up coming across the msgs he & his coworked had& they were completely different than the ones he showed me the msgs she showed me were fake, we had a whole relationship with his co worker. They would tell each other I love you & everything. He swears it never got physical & so does she. He only kissed her on the cheek & forhead & meet up once or twice out of work. They haven't talked in months. This was very hurtful to see since we were doing so great but his huge lie ended up coming to light. I still love him & want to be with him but I know if I take him back I will not be about to sleep at night. I have no trust in him left, but I hate to let 3 years go to waste & leaving him seems impossible since we built a life together. I don't know what to do. Thanks for reading sharing any advice is greatly appreciate
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Reply Fri 11 Sep, 2015 05:53 am
You don't trust him, and he's not trustworthy.

This is not someone who loves you endlessly; this is someone who doesn't think twice about hurting you.
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Reply Fri 11 Sep, 2015 09:26 am
Tells you one thing, then does the opposite trying to hide it from you. Sounds like a real keeper if you want to get hurt down the road. You really want someone who treats you like that?
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Banana Breath
Reply Fri 11 Sep, 2015 11:57 am
It sounds like you understand the basics. Yes, he is emotionally cheating, no, your attention isn't enough for him; yes he is compelled and deeply interested in that kind of contact with others regardless of whether or not it's physical. I don't expect that will change for him. Consequently you have two choices, to either accept him as is and know that you will deal with this "problem" as long as you're together, or move on to try to find someone who better meets your needs. Since you're clearly pretty agitated about this, I suspect moving on is probably the better choice.
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Reply Thu 17 Sep, 2015 11:21 am
That whole story does not sound like somebody that loves you endlessly and that you are each others soul mates.

If you have been in a relationship with a man for three years and this is the kind of situations that you find yourself in, then it is not a good sign for the future of your relationship.

It is very difficult to accept that this may not be the person that is going to give you the mutual loving relationship that you are looking for and no doubt deserve. It will take time, but you have to leave all the detective work and the hurt feelings behind and use that energy to heal yourself and prepare to find somebody new.
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