Brisk walking and jogging

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My age is 38 and i have no problem, just a bit fat belly and in order to reduce it I have started Brisk/fast walking for last 15 days for ab out 3.5Kms in about 25Minutes

I brisk walk for 3 minutes and then jog for 1 minute

After few days i have started to feel some pain (i can still easily brisk walk) during Jogging and therefore i have stopped Jogging and ONLY doing Brisk walking for the same 3.5kms in about 30Minutes

Please suggest should i stop Jogging? should i stop walking and start swimming
Reply Wed 26 Aug, 2015 06:49 am
Talk to your doctor. In fact, you should always consult with your doctor prior to starting an exercise program.

In the meantime, you may find that your shoes need to be replaced. Since you don't specify where your pain is (your earlobes?), then no one can really say, but you might be surprised at how quickly you will need to replace your footwear if you work out regularly.
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Reply Wed 26 Aug, 2015 06:58 am
I echo jespah's recommendations about shoes.

It's worthwhile to go to an athletic shoe store with a knowledgeable staff
and get shoes that work well with you and your style of exercising.
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Reply Wed 26 Aug, 2015 07:52 am
Firstly, if you suddenly go from non-exercising routine into exercising at the speeds you jogged and/or brisk walked you will often times quickly experience some lasting pain.

Before starting an exercise program
See your primary care physician to determine your heart health.

Prior to each exercise session:
1. Warm-up routine...2-3 min stretches and raising your heart rate BEFORE you start
2. Brisk walk at a rate that gradually increases to a rate,,,equivalent to 3.75 -4.0 mph (5.0-5.5 kph) if brisk walking IN THE BEGINNING.
3. If slow jogging, then 4.5 mph (7 kph) is a more reasonable rate.

Stretching and stiffness
The problems with pain that you experience is that your muscles, bones, joints and tendons are stiff and inflexible and not used to the strain. They need conditioning and it doesn't happen overnight.

Problem areas
If the pain is located in your shins, those are called shin splints...very common. It will feel like your shins are on fire. There are stretches to help with that...but you need to slow down so as to not make it all much worse. In the meantime, you'll need to ice them and take anti-inflammatory meds to help bring swelling down.

Other pain areas
Ankles, hips, lower back, feet: follow previously mentioned advice. Stretch and warm up to help warm your body up. See your doctor for more details.

You need to respect your body and don't go too fast too soon. The speeds you wrote about (around 4+ mph walking and over 5.2 mph jog) is/are way too fast for a starting newbie.
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Reply Wed 26 Aug, 2015 08:25 am
Furthermore, follow George's advice about finding and wearing an appropriate new pair of jogging shoes - ones that have good support and cushioning in the heal and are suited to your feet (toe-in or toe-out/pronation or supination).

Read the info at the following link regarding your foot type and your foot strike / alignment and foot support:

"If you suffer from pronation or supination, or are seeking to prevent its occurrence it is important to follow the information in this article. In addition, adding a few simple stretches to your fitness program will also help. To get started on a safe and effective stretching routine that’s just right for you, check out the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility."
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Reply Thu 27 Aug, 2015 07:42 am
(unwraps and eats his Reese's Peanut Butter Cup minis two at a time)

Do more faster quicker. No pain no gain.

Love messing with health nuts, meanwhile the anneurysm they don't know they have bides it's time until one day...Smile
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